Is American Restoration in Las Vegas still in business?

Is American Restoration in Las Vegas still in business?

Rick’s Restorations, the shop from the first six seasons of American Restoration has closed down its Las Vegas location since the show ended.

Rick Dale and the rest of the team at Rick’s Restorations were really what made the first six seasons of American Restoration so successful.

However, the shop did not stay afloat long in Las Vegas after the show ended, and Rick’s Restorations has since closed its doors.

The American Restoration Backstory

American Restoration quickly became a fan-favorite when it started airing on the History Channel in 2010.

An average of 2.9 million viewers tuned in to watch as Rick Dale and the rest of the team restored several unique, vintage items to their former glory, every week.

Over the course of the first six seasons, Rick and his team took on projects ranging from vintage classics like jukeboxes and gas pumps to metal-working tour-de-forces like a 5 Scarab Kit Car repair.

Unfortunately, the seventh season of the show inexplicably introduced an entirely new format, with an entirely new cast.

This surprise “reboot” was not nearly as successful as the first seasons of the show and American Restoration was ultimately cancelled in 2016 after this seventh season ended.

Is American Restoration in Las Vegas still in business?

Rick’s Restorations, Rick Dale’s restoration shop, was the backdrop of most of the first six seasons of American Restoration.

Thus, fans were disappointed when they no longer got to watch Rick, Tyler, Ron, Kowboy, Brettly and all of the other members of the crew go about their usual shenanigans in this space in the final season.

As all true American Restoration fans will know, Rick’s Restorations was an established Las Vegas institution long before the show came around.

So it seemed likely that Rick’s business would be highly successful with the additional notoriety that the show had given it (even if they were mysteriously cut from the seventh season).

Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be true, and even though the Rick’s Restorations website is still up and running, the physical shop has closed its doors for good.

It is also no longer possible to buy items via the Rick’s Restorations shop tab on the website, which means that it is now nearly impossible to get your hands on a Rick-original restoration these days.

There have been some rumors floating around that Rick’s Restorations may be opening up in a different location, but none of these rumors have been officially confirmed by Rick or his team.

Moreover, it seems like Rick is pretty content working on and off, on other projects for now.

Why did Rick’s Restorations close down?

Rick and the rest of the team have been fairly tight-lipped about the details surrounding Rick’s Restorations’ closure, much like they were about the details surrounding the seventh and final season of American Restoration.

Rick was promoting a huge clearance sale for the shop in 2019. However, at this stage, he called it a “Moving AGAIN sale”.

Since it is now almost four years down the line, and no new location has been announced, it is fair to assume that the plans for this relocation simply fell through or fell by the wayside in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long was Rick’s Restorations in business?

Before this unexplained closure, Rick’s Restorations had been in business for over 30 years.

When Rick’s construction company started failing in the ‘80s, he started restoring vintage Coke machines to bring in some extra revenue. By 1983, he had already built up a decent pool of clients.

However, at this point, the business was a far cry from what fans saw on American Restoration and there was even a point at which Rick thought about throwing in the towel completely.

Fortunately, Rick stuck it out and eventually landed the now infamous Las Vegas, Nevada location, and then a few years later, the show.

What is Rick Dale doing these days?

There is no denying that Rick Dale absolutely loves restoring vintage items. And based on his long history with Rick’s Restorations, it is plain to see that the business would not have been as successful without its namesake.

However, now that the shop in Las Vegas has closed, it seems like Rick is enjoying the slow life.

Rick’s Instagram page (which still has the handle @official_rickrestorations) is just filled with pictures of him touring various businesses, restaurants and wineries in the Las Vegas area with his newly-found free time.

Rick is also not shy about sharing posts from his personal life. This includes celebrating anniversaries with his wife, Kelly, and a few sweet posts with his grandchildren and friends.