Is Garage Squad still in production?

Is Garage Squad done for?

At this point, Motor Trend Network has yet to confirm whether Garage Squad is still in production or not, but it seems highly unlikely.

It has been well over a year since season eight of Garage Squad aired. But MotorTrend Network is yet to confirm whether the show is still in production or whether it has been canceled.

Is Garage Squad still in production?

Garage Squad takes the concept of a car-restoration show and flips it on its head.

Instead of building crazy cars, this group of professionals, which consists of Bruno Massel, Joe Zolper, Cy Kellogg, Ron Gregurich, Paul Ritter and Gregory Quarles, helps struggling at-home mechanics who have gotten in above their heads with their pet projects instead.

The show’s premise proved to be so popular that it aired for eight seasons after its initial premiere in 2014. The show’s most recently released season aired its final episode over a year ago on December 22, 2021.

Since then, MotorTrend Network has not released any new information about the show, and has not yet confirmed whether this show is canceled or renewed for another season.

However, as time continues to progress without any new updates, it does not seem likely that the show is still in production.

Why it seems so unlikely that Garage Squad will be renewed

Before this unexplained Garage Squad hiatus, the show released a new season just about every year.

Now it has been almost 18 months without a new season or any kind of indication that any of the show’s cast members are filming for a new season.

This means that even if the show were to start filming again right now, season nine would still probably only be released in 2024. This would be entirely out of character for the show, and seems wholly unlikely at this point.

The Garage Squad Facebook account is still active

The Garage Squad Facebook page is the show’s only social media platform that still posts updates regularly.

However, all of the posts from the year 2023 link to a “Squad Blog” post about Hilary Noack, the owner of INK N IRON Automotive in Toronto and does not provide any insight into the show.

All of the comments by fans of the show asking for updates on when the show will be back have also remained unanswered.

Where to watch Garage Squad

The fate of Garage Squad season nine may be up in the air, but you can still watch the first eight seasons of the show on MotorTrend’s own streaming service.

You can also watch select episodes of Garage Squad on fuboTV, or rent or buy the show from Amazon Prime Video.