Is Holly Willoughby in Midsomer Murders?

Is Holly Willoughby in Midsomer Murders?

Holly Willoughby is in Midsomer Murders season 22, episode six, which was a surprise dream come true for the English queen of daytime television.

In 2021, Midsomer Murders had a lot to celebrate, as the season marked 25 years of the hit ITV detective drama series filled with bizarre murders to solve.

Moreover, it marked the 10-year anniversary of Neil Dudgeon being the lead DCI, John Barnaby, after taking over the role from John Nettles in the role of DCI Tom Barnaby in 2011.

Therefore, the season pulled out all the stops, including in its list of guest cameo appearances which included This Morning’s personality, Holly Willoughby.

One of the star’s dreams came true when she featured in season 22, episode six, which was the season finale of Midsomer Murders’ most recent season.

Is Holly Willoughby an actress?

With a career that spans over two decades and Holly Willoughby’s earliest entertainment credit dating back to 2000, when she was the presenter of Xchange.

Willoughby is by no means an actress, but she has featured in a number of series where she portrayed fictional characters.

But even in her appearances, she was not playing roles that were far from her actual profession like on the longest-running soap, Coronation Street, where she played herself, or the hit Apple TV sitcom, Ted Lasso, where she also played herself.

Is Holly Willoughby in Midsomer Murders?

Yes, Holly Willoughby is in Midsomer Murders. The story of how the seasoned and beloved television personality found out about her cameo in the television classic is one for the books.

Willoughby was surprised during the promotional run before the season 21 premiere of the hit detective series.

In March 2021, leads Neil Dudgeon and Jason Hughes were featured on This Morning and Phillip Schofield and Willoughby were conducting the interview.

Before wrapping up the interview, and with Schofield’s prompt, Dudgeon confirmed that he had spoken to the “high up” and they have agreed for Willoughby to make a cameo on the show.

Willoughby responded to the news in surprise initially before she agreed to be a part of season 22, which was special, since it marked 25 years of Midsomer Murders.

Before her actual cameo appearance aired on the show, Willoughby attempted to downplay how well she did during her time on the set of Midsomer Murders.

She would explain during This Morning as she was with the rest of the panel that she had a problem learning the one line she had, stating that, “Well, you know, I wasn't take one put it that way. Or take two, or take ten! About take 25 I finally got the words out, but it's fine!”

But in watching the actual episode, it would be hard to tell, given her performance and the support she got from the rest of the cast in the episode.

Which episode is Holly Willoughby in Midsomer Murders?

Holly Willoughby was in season 22’s season finale episode of Midsomer Murders titled “The Witches of Angel’s Rise.”

The episode was premised on DCI John Barnaby and DS Ben Jones having to investigate the bizarre murder of a body that was found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of a Psychic Fayre.

Willoughby appears as herself in the episode and she has been invited as the special guest at the celebrations that are hosted for the Psychic Fayre.

In the episode, Jones is clearly enamoured by Willoughby. Unfortunately, Willoughby was not the unmasked killer of the episode, which would have made for an interesting cameo appearance.

When did Holly Willoughby feature in Midsomer Murders?

The turnaround from the time that Holly Willoughby found out she would be a guest celebrity appearance on Midsomer Murders was quick.

In March 2022, she found out that she had been approved to make the cameo in season 22. In May 2022, she took to Instagram to share an image of herself on the Midsomer filming set confirming she had started shooting her scenes, and in Christmas 2021, the episode aired.

Currently, there is no celebratory post on her timeline as she was promoting her own podcast, By the Light of the Moon, at the time.

Neil Dudgeon on Holly Willoughby in Midsomer Murders

Holly Willoughby was less than ecstatic after what she believed was her blunder on the set of Midsomer Murders as she claimed she had struggled with a line, and that she needed an estimated 25 takes to get it right.

But when the series lead, Neil Dudgeon, spoke about Willoughby’s contribution, he was more than complimentary about her.

This is as he shared on This Morning before her cameo aired that, “We’d do a line run and rehearse the scene a bit. We as actors go, “Oh Dorothy, what’s her name? Dorothy? What’s my line?” and all that, and of course Holly just stepped up.”