Is Jimmy Perez Cassie’s dad in Shetland?

Is Jimmy Perez Cassie’s dad in Shetland?

Jimmy Perez is Cassie’s reliable stepfather who raised her as his own child in Shetland, while Duncan Hunter is her biological dad, who is a philanderer.

There are many complex storylines that develop outside of the crimes that Jimmy and his team investigate in Shetland, including what happened before he moved there.

Another mystery that often plagues fans of Shetland is whether Jimmy Perez is Cassie’s dad. In reality, he is her stepfather and Duncan Hunter is her biological dad.

What happened in the story before Shetland’s first episode?

Murder mysteries and crime shows usually have twists and turns that are related to the subjects of an investigation.

However, in Shetland, some of the uncertainties and unexplained storylines relate to the main characters in the show and not to the victims of the crimes that they investigate.

Although the main character in Shetland, Jimmy Perez, is well-known to viewers as a determined detective Inspector who is totally consumed by his work, what is less known is what exactly happened in the narrative before the first season of Shetland.

All that is truly known about Jimmy’s past is that he is a widower who moved to Shetland after the death of his wife, Fran, and that this is likely the reason why he is so invested in his job.

Is Jimmy Perez Cassie’s dad in Shetland?

Although the details of what happened in Jimmy’s life before he moved to Shetland are still a bit murky, Jimmy was not the only one affected by Fran’s death and he was not the only one that moved away from the Fair Isle after it happened.

Cassie Perez, Jimmy Perez’s step daughter is at the centre of Jimmy’s life outside of his career at the police station, and she lives with him in Shetland when she is not away at college.

Jimmy is not Cassie’s biological father, but he raised her as his own child from the time that she was about three years old.

Fran, her late mother, married Jimmy, which makes him more her father in some instances than her biological father, who was not there for many of her childhood and young-adulthood life.

However, technically, Duncan Hunter, Fran’s ex-husband, is Cassie’s biological father. Duncan’s marriage to Fran did not last long, and his second marriage to Mary seems to be following this same pattern.

Since Duncan was not there for most of Cassie’s early childhood, he tends to indulge and spoil her, now that he is present, throughout the show. This causes some tension between Duncan and Jimmy.

When you take all of this into account, Cassie really has two fathers, one is biological, yet absent in her life, and the other is her stepfather, but he makes her one of the most important things in his life.

This is part of the reason that Cassie has such an interesting character, which actress, Erin Armstrong, plays in a compelling and subtle way.

Is there conflict between Cassie’s biological dad and stepfather?

Duncan, Cassie’s biological father, and Jimmy, Cassie’s stepfather, could not be more different.

Duncan shirks responsibilities, including his marriages and Cassie, while Jimmy works extremely hard, is very reliable, and has made Cassie the centre of his personal life since her mother passed away.

This is the cause of a lot of inherent tension between these two characters throughout the show.

However, what really drives the conflict between these characters is that Cassie often uses her biological father as a messenger to deliver bad or uncomfortable news to her stepfather and the fact that Duncan was implicated in a murder investigation in season six for the same type of philandering that ruined his first marriage to Fran.

How does having two fathers affect Cassie?

Although we only see small parts of Cassie and Duncan’s relationship throughout the show, we do know that Duncan indulges and spoils her because he feels guilty about abandoning during her childhood years.

This is also what makes him willing to endure the conflict between himself and Jimmy.

Cassie’s relationship with her other dad Jimmy, differs from this, because she knows that he would do anything for her, and this makes her scared of updating him about changes in her life, like new boyfriends, breakups, and other personal issues.

Balancing both of these relationships is what makes Cassie such an interesting character to watch.

Who plays Cassie?

The actress who plays Cassie on Shetland is Erin Armstrong. Armstrong’s success in other shows, such as Glasgow Girls, The World’s End, and Rillington Place, is likely what has prepared her to play such a complex character.