Is Line of Duty season 6 the last?

Is Line of Duty season 6 the last?

Though there are murmurs, there is still uncertainty about whether another season of Line of Duty will air as season 6 was the last to air in 2021.

Line of Duty is the hit BBC crime drama series which has been a rating-puller for the studio since it premiered in 2012.

The last season of the series aired between March and April 2021, and it provided a conclusion to one of the biggest questions in the entire series.

As such, fans of the series wondered if this meant the end of the road for the hit crime drama series.

This question is still up in the air over a year after the end of season six, and while creator, Jed Mercurio, was noncommittal in his response, the rest of the cast seemed ready for whatever is next.

What was Line of Duty's main premise?

Line of Duty is anchored by its leading trio – Superintendent Ted Hastings, DC Kate Fleming, and DS Steve Arnott, along with the rest of the AC-12 team.

Every season, they work to uncover the bad cop of the season. This format has kept fans entertained as they watched each six hour-long episode per season until the bad cop was discovered.

But throughout the show’s six-season run, the biggest premise was to discover the identity of “H” or “The Fourth Man.”

This discovery came to a head in season six as the identity of “H” was discovered by the trio alongside DC Chloë Bishop, that it was Ian Buckells all along.

Is Line of Duty season 6 the last?

Line of Duty had a standardised release date despite a break between some of the years of its release.

The series first premiered on BBC Four, and then after the third season, the fourth season premiered on BBC One – a strategic move which allowed the compelling crime drama to reach an even bigger audience.

Subsequently, the season finale earned four million more viewers, reaching 10 million viewers at the time.

The years that the crime drama has aired include 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, and 2021. Hence, the series taking a break between the years is not something new.

This is probably another reason why fans are still holding out for news that there will be a seventh instalment of the series.

But it does seem unlikely when you consider the sentiments shared by the show creator, Jed Mercurio, on the matter.

Mercurio asserted that even he was uncertain about whether there would be a seventh season of Line of Duty. He highlighted that one of the factors affecting the decision was the creation of the series after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems that the biggest determining factor is whether they can gather the main cast again and Mercurio sitting down and writing the seventh season.

This was echoed through his interview with RadioTimes, where he stated, “A lot of it depends on the key creatives – that’s me and the main actors – finding new stories to tell within that universe.”

Vicky McClure on season 6 being the last

It seems that while Jed Mercurio is uncertain about whether he can gather the main team for another instalment of Line of Duty, the main cast is still holding out hope that there may be a continuation of the AC-12 and their investigations.

This includes leading actress, Vicky McClure, who plays DC Kate Fleming. In an interview with the Guardian, McClure shared her stance, stating, “I think we've all been really honest and said should that happen, we're all game.”

Adrian Dunbar on the possibility of a spin-off after season 6

Seeing as season six of Line of Duty wrapped the biggest premise of the series surrounding the identity of “H’ or The Fourth Man, the current format of the series may have reached its end.

As such, instead of revisiting this premise, Andrian Dunbar teased that if Line of Duty does not return for a new season, then there may be an expansion of the universe through a spin-off series.

Dunbar was quoted by Radio Time Magazine as saying, “There’s been talk about a movie or a four-parter or two 90 minutes. We’d love to do it again.”

Possible release date of Line of Duty season 7

Seemingly, the biggest hold up of the seventh season or spin-off series is the creator and head writer, Jed Mercurio. If Mercurio was to find the inspiration he needs, it seems that the main cast and BBC would greenlight a new season.

If that was the case, the series would have just four months to shoot the series if they were to meet the expected spring 2023 release date, as Line of Duty has traditionally been released between March and April in its previous releases.