Is Lor San Tekka Actually Boba Fett?

I vaguely recall the internet being abuzz that the character we now know as Lor San Tekka was going to be a character we had originally seen in one of the Prequel Trilogy films. People threw out all kinds of suggestions.

And then the Boba Fett rumours started. And also that he was a cyborg robot kind of guy called Montrose. Or that he was a vicar.

So were any parts of this information correct? The truth is we have nothing concrete.

We do know in The Tales of the Bounty Hunters collection of short stories that Boba Fett survives the Sarlacc Pit. But that's no longer canon.

So in the Force Awakens we meet Lor San having a chin wag with Poe Dameron. He looks old and tired. He makes reference to Leia being royalty as if he knows her. There's is no clue at all that he's a retired Boba Fett.

So why are we asking this question? The novelisation of The Force Awakens suggests that Tekka is an old ‘soldier of fortune' and that Kylo Ren knows him as such.

We think that it's probably not Boba Fett in retirement as the sentiments he shares regarding Leia to Poe Dameron suggest a relationship of sorts.

And then if you really want to get into it, why does Lor San Tekka have the map that leads to Luke's whereabouts? Would Luke share such a secret with a bounty hunter that had sold out him and his friends?

Can someone please ask JJ this the next time he get's interviewed?

Update – it was pointed out in the comments the lineage of Jango and Boba Fett – the actors that played them are both of Maori descent – Given that Max Von Sydow is most certainly not Maori – it would be a strange continuation of the character in that sense.

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