Is Luke Skywalker a True Superhero?

A while back, I read – somewhere – a guy wrote that the first superhero movie he saw was A New Hope.

I wondered about that as Luke didn't have a red cape, doesn't carry a Lasso of Truth, a Ring of Power or run around playing “world's greatest detective.”

Heck, he didn't even wear his underwear on the outside like traditional superheroes do. He does fight aliens, though. Not the crazy ones in the skies in literally every Avengers film, but still. Figrin Dan isn't going to be turning evil and destroying New York anytime soon.

So is Skywalker technically a superhero? Or is he just a very heroic Jedi Knight? Let's look at the arguments both for and against.

Reasons Why Luke Skywalker Is a Superhero:

  • Rescued a princess from a giant space station, then blew it up
  • Used The Force to guide him, while Darth Vader was hot on his heels.
  • Escaped from the lair of a furry snowman with The Force, some gymnastics and a blue lightsaber.
  • Defeated a hungry Rancor with quick wit and an old skull. Okay, maybe The Force here too.
  • Masterminded the downfall of Jabba the Hutt, rescuing Han Solo and everyone else. Wait.
  • Sees dead people, who give him useful advice – through The Force.
  • Able to do super leaps from industrial strength carbonite maker, thanks to The Force.
  • Nearly lifted a X-Wing out of a swamp, can make robots fly. Again with The Force.
  • Became a Jedi, turned Darth Vader from the Dark Side, saved the Galaxy. Damnit, he used The Force for that too!

Claims Against Luke Skywalker Being a Superhero

  • Actually failed to defeat the Emperor who was owning him till Daddy Vader stopped the bullying (with The Force).
  • Could not have destroyed the Death Star without Han Solo taking out Darth Vader.
  • Forced little baby Yoda, er Grogu, to choose between his Mandalorian Daddy and being a Jedi.
  • Tried to kill his nephew (from a certain point of view) and destroyed his own school for gifted students – er, Jedi Academy.
  • Did not win the heart of the princess, and actually kissed his sister. And liked it. No Force here – thank the Maker!
  • Wears his underpants on the inside, not outside like the definitive superhero, Superman.

The Verdict

Luke is probably a superhero by virtue of his command of The Force even though he breaks Irvine’s immutable law about superheroes and underpants (thus further proving the worth of his superhero abilities). Yeah, it's really all about him using The Force. So Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Rey, Qui-Gon, Maul… okay, this is going to take a while… All the Jedi and Sith are superheroes/villains.

Obviously, this can become a silly argument. We're nitpicking over some of the most ridiculous details of fictional characters. As much as we love Marvel and DC and Star Wars, and yes, even Star Trek, they don't exist in the real world. Superheroes aren't real – but there are many, many heroes we celebrate in real life – police officers, firemen, paramedics, parents, the military, teachers. People who don't have superpowers, but perform heroic feats every day.  Maybe take a moment and say thanks. Buy them a coffee. Give them a gift card.

Luke Skywalker's no Batman though!


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