Is there going to be another season of Plathville?

Is there going to be another season of Plathville?

Welcome to Plathville has not yet been renewed officially by TLC for a fifth season, but rumour has it that filming for the season has already started.

Season four of Welcome to Plathville has been one of the most eventful seasons of the show to date. Even so, fans were concerned that the show would not be renewed for another season.

Fortunately, even though TLC has not yet officially renewed the show, some fans have confirmed that it is reportedly already filming its fifth season.

About Welcome to Plathville season 4

Welcome to Plathville (or just “Plathville”) quickly became an unexpected hit for TLC after it started airing in 2019.

However, the fourth season of the show, which started airing three years later, has been one of the most dramatic seasons of the reality series to date.

This season featured everything from a reunion between Ethan, Olivia, and his parents, to boiling tensions between all of the Plath siblings, and even a family trip to Jamaica.

Is there going to be another season of Plathville?

While the family reunion in the season four finale episode had been a long time coming, it was not the only shocking thing that happened in the series.

Through the years, a lot has changed in the Plath family dynamic and the constant conflict finally came to a head when Kim and Barry made the shocking decision to split up during this season.

Not only was it sad to see the heads of the Plath family go their separate ways, but this made many fans of the show concerned that it would not be able to continue, considering that the entire family is now so fractured.

Many fans had voiced their concerns on social media that they felt like the season four finale episode felt more like a series finale episode and that the series would not be renewed for a fifth season.

TLC has not yet officially announced the cancellation or renewal of Plathville, and the fate of the show is still up in the air for now.

However, some fans in the Los Angeles area have recently received notices that TLC will be filming for the fifth season of Welcome to Plathville near where they live.

If these rumours are to be believed, this means that the show has found a way to continue despite the worsening division in the Plath family and that filming for the fifth season of the reality series has already begun.

With all that has happened since the season four finale, season five is perfectly poised to be the most dramatic season of the show to date.

Did Lydia Plath confirm that they are filming another season?

Although some fans are claiming that they received notices for the filming of Plathville season five, the most compelling evidence to suggest that filming for this season is already well underway came from a member of the Plath family.

Lydia Plath shared a post to her subscribers-only Instagram story on 19 October 2022, which featured the caption “Well Y’all, its official.

We start filming the fifth season next week.” However, since the username is cropped out of the photo, there is no way to tell if it really came from Lydia.

Why do fans think Micah will have a bigger role to play in season 5?

In season four of Plathville, fans of the show saw one of the Plath siblings, Micah, venture out on his own and move to Los Angeles for the first time.

Hence, some fans expect that Micah, and his modelling career will be one of the main plot points of season five.

This is because one fan walked past an older building in Los Angeles, which had been converted into apartment blocks, while they were reportedly filming for the show.

What will happen to Kim in season 5?

If Plathville is renewed for a fifth season, this season of the reality series will certainly have a lot of ground to cover. While Kim and Barry had already decided to separate in the fourth season of the show, they have since decided to get divorced.

The ex-couple issued a joint statement on 28 June 2022 that they had come to a decision to end their marriage after 24 years together, but that they would continue to co-parent their children.

This divorce will likely be one of the most important things covered in the fifth season of the show, but unfortunately, in the aftermath of their break-up, Kim was also arrested on DUI charges.

It will be interesting to see how the show chooses to approach such sensitive topics if it is renewed for another season.