Is This a Zombie Season 3: Dead or Alive?

Nine years have gone by since the last episode aired, but fans are still waiting for Is This a Zombie Season 3 to come. That's not surprising because there is no update regarding the series renewal from the studio animation, which makes it.

It is known as Kore wa Zombie desu ka or KoreZom in Japan; it is a comedy series combined with the supernatural and romance genre. Shinichi Kimura writes the original light novels, with the illustration provided by Kobuichi and Muririn. Between 2009 and 2015, 19 volumes were published by the author, followed by five different manga adaptations.

Studio DEEN took the helm to make the anime adaptation in 2011. The first season, listed with 12 episodes, was airing from June 10, 2011, to April 24, 2012. Is This a Zombie of the Dead, the title for the second season, aired from April 5 to June 7, 2012. Unfortunately, Studio DEEN only produced ten episodes for the second season. There were also two OVA released in the past; each came after the end of the first and second season.

Of course, with fewer episodes in the last season, fans want the continuation of the series. But will Studio DEEN fulfill their demand to make Is This a Zombie Season 3? Or there won't be any sequel in the future? Here is everything we know about the series.

Will there be Is This a Zombie Season 3?

Is This a Zombie Season 3

Nine years of hiatus probably makes Is This a Zombie Season 3 an unlikely case, but it is not completely impossible. There were some cases where long break anime titles got their sequel. So, don't let your hope down.

Looking at the source material, it might become a problem. The light novel already ended in 2015, and that's concerning because Studio DEEN might consider this when they decide whether there will be another season or not. As you probably know, an anime adaptation is usually used as a promotion to the source material.

But, if Studio DEEN makes an exception, it won't be hard for them to make Is This a Zombie Season 3 because there is still plenty of content to be covered. From the information we gathered, the first and the second season only adapted ten light novel books. Therefore, Studio DEEN can turn the last nine volumes into the third season.

Is This a Zombie Season 3 Release Date

Sadly, there is no official announcement about the release date of Is This a Zombie Season 3. Since the last episode was released back then, Studio DEEN has kept us in the dark. There is no update on whether the series gets renewal or canceled.

For a series to get a third season is also a rare case. Studio DEEN is also not famous for making the third season of their project. Even popular series like KonoSuba don't get the privilege from them. Well, KonoSuba gets its third season by another studio, so we can only hope that Is This a Zombie Season 3 has the same treatment.

Until then, we have to wait patiently for the new update of the series.

Plot of Is This a Zombie

The story follows Ayumu Aikawa, a high school student who is murdered by a serial killer. Ayumu is surprised when he awakes beside a strange girl named Eucliwood Hellscythe. She then reveals herself as a necromancer and has turned Ayumu into a zombie.

With his second chance life, Ayumu hunts down his killer. One day, while investigating a cemetery, he meets with Masou-Shoujo named Haruna, who accidentally turns him into a magical girl.

Thus begins Ayumu's journey to find his killer as a zombie while also working as a magical girl to fight strange creatures called Megalo.