Americans Wonder if Trump’s Space Force is Actually Real

As the alleged Chinese spy balloon continues to slowly fly over the state of Montana's airspace, many Americans are growing impatient with the seeming lack of action on the part of United States government.

China has reportedly assured the United States that the balloon is a simple weather research balloon blown off course. CNN reported Friday that the situation may lead to a full-on diplomatic crisis between the two nations.

The phrase “Space Force” has started to trend across Twitter on Friday afternoon, inviting a litany of social media users to debate the merit — or lack of — this wing of the military, created during Donald Trump's presidency. With Biden reportedly refusing to shoot down the balloon over fears of civilian injuries or even deaths, many Twitter users have called for the Space Force to step in and clear the American skies. This has predictably led to a discourse surrounding what the US Space Force actually is, what its purpose is, and even if it exists at all.

Donald Trump Becomes an Easy Target

Many users are theorizing that the Space Force “is a giant waste of money,” and are feeling like this was all a grift by the former president:

Established in December 2019 by the Trump administration, the Space Force operates as part of the Air Force and lists its roles as including “space security” and “space combat power projection,” leading Twitter user FaithRubPol to helplessly declare:

This user helpfully points out a potentially bigger problem for Americans — not only is there a Chinese spy balloon allegedly patrolling the skies, but there are thousands of Chinese spy satellites orbiting around Earth as we speak. He goes on to openly wonder why Trump “didn't destroy them with his Space Force.”

Donald Trump has left a lasting effect on many Americans. Some have reacted negatively to his time in office. User Stornoway_Cove reminds her Twitter followers that Trump allegedly thought that establishing a Space Force was of a higher priority than a Pandemic Response Force:

Trump Supporters Are Still Backing the Space Force

Undying love for the Space Force — as well as anything Trump had his hand in – is shown off here by this Twitter account:

While Twitter is unsure whether or not this user is being sarcastic, ACTBrigitte has officially gone on the record by saying she believes creating the Space Force “was one of the most brilliant decisions any President has ever made.”

User GovtsTheProblem gives a possible explanation as to why the Space Force hasn't taken any action against the spy balloon. He theorizies that the Space Force is simply just too “busy with woke gender classes” to shoot it down:

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