Is Your Honor season 2 cancelled?

When does Your Honor return?

Your Honor was originally only meant to have one season, but it was later renewed for a second season, which has already begun airing.

Limited series usually only consist of a single season, which allows you to watch the entire plot unfold in just a few episodes.

While Your Honor was originally meant to be a limited series, it was later renewed for a second and final season. After much delay, this season premiered in 2023.

The magic of a limited series

These days, most people have access to a plethora of content across a range of genres, styles, and topics, and while this does give you a variety of choices, it can also become overwhelming.

Setting out to watch any new show can be especially overwhelming if the show is already a few seasons deep and you feel like you may never be able to catch up to the story.

This is why limited series or miniseries can be such a great option. Not only are they incredibly binge-able, but they also wrap up an entire narrative and plot within just a few episodes.

Is Your Honor season 2 cancelled?

The only downside, really, to watching a limited series is that these shows are often so well-developed and gripping that you may be left hoping for more episodes that will never come.

This is the way that many Your Honor fans felt when the first season of the show ended on 14 February 2021.

Before Your Honor even started airing its first season in 2020 and 2021, Showtime originally advertised the show as a “limited” series, meaning that the entire show would have been wrapped up in a single season.

This was then exacerbated by the fact that the first season of the show ended on a major cliffhanger.

Fortunately, this first season of Your Honor was so well-received and turned out to be so popular that Showtime decided to renew it for a second season.

Most fans of the series expected it to take some time for the team that created Your Honor to figure out how they would structure an entire second season of the show which was never supposed to exist in the first place.

But no one could have guessed that they would have to wait almost two years for the second season’s premiere.

This second season finally premiered on 15 January 2023, after being pushed back even further to avoid any disruptions during the Christmas break in 2022.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the show’s starring actor, Bryan Cranston, confirmed in an interview on Dax Shephard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, that this second season will be the show’s last.

What changed for the second season of Your Honor?

There are many factors that contributed to the long wait between the first and second seasons of Your Honor, but the behind-the-scenes changes certainly did not help.

Your Honor’s original showrunner, writer, and executive producer, Peter Moffat, left the series at the end of the first season and was replaced by David Manson.

However, Mason then left the show before its second season could be completed and was replaced by Joey Hartstone, as yet another new showrunner for the series.

How many episodes of Your Honor are there?

As it stands, Your Honor has two seasons, each of which consists of ten episodes. However, the second season of Your Honor has not finished airing yet.

The most recent episode titled “Part Eighteen,” which first aired on 5 March 2023 was only the eighth episode of the season.

This means that fans of the series have two more episodes to look forward to before the show officially comes to an end.

By the time that Your Honor airs its final episode on 19 March 2023, it will have 20 episodes in total, exactly double the number of episodes that were originally planned.

Where to watch Your Honor

If you accidentally missed the news that Your Honor was renewed for a second season after all, or if you got so distracted whilst waiting for this second season that you missed its first few episodes, there is still a chance for you to catch up in time for the series finale airs.

Your Honor is available to buy or rent on platforms like Vudu and Amazon Prime Video.

Alternatively, any of the Showtime platforms, including the Showtime channel and Showtime Anytime, will also give you access to both seasons of Your Honor.

It is also worthwhile to check whether any of the television and/or streaming services that you already subscribe to gives you access to the Showtime content.

Some of the streaming services that have Showtime content include Hulu, DIRECTV and Sling TV.