It Appears Confirmed that Ahsoka’s Droid R7 was in ‘The Bad Batch’

Following last week’s episode of The Bad Batch, fans have been speculating about the astromech droid that the Martez sisters had aboard their ship.

The coloration wasn’t an exact match for Ahsoka Tano’s loyal droid R7-A7, but it was close enough to make Star Wars fans wonder.

It Appears Confirmed that Ahsoka’s Droid R7 was in The Bad Batch

"Decommissioned" Recap from
“Decommissioned” Recap from

The official recap of “Decommissioned,” confirmed that the droid is, in fact, R7 (though they erroneously reversed his designation). While R7 was destroyed in the series finale of The Clone Wars, in the final moments of “Victory and Death” we do see Rex approaching the salvaged components of the astromech. Animation is a highly intentional artform, which implies that the team wanted us to know that the droid survived.

The Clone Wars, "Victory and Death" | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm
The Clone Wars, “Victory and Death” | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

So what does that mean for Ahsoka’s backstory?

In the Ahsoka novelization, which was released in 2016, we learned that Ahsoka quickly fled to the Outer Rim during the rise of the Empire, in the aftermath of Order 66. Now, it seems that may have not been the case. This wouldn’t be the first time Dave Filoni chose to disregard the novelization canon. In fact, the premiere of The Bad Batch rewrote a key aspect of Kanan Jarrus’ backstory, which had been originally written about in a comic series.

While we know from the series trailers that we will be seeing Rex at some point over the next ten episodes of The Bad Batch, will we also get a cameo from Ahsoka? She is one of the last Force users around that understands what’s going on with the clones, after all.

There is already a lot of speculation about who the Martez sisters are speaking to at the end of “Decommissioned” and the implication that we might see the sisters again later in the season (or series). Especially if they tell the unseen man on the hologram where Clone Force 99 is. Is it someone connected to Ahsoka?

Martez Sisters
The Bad Batch “Decommissioned” | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Most fans assume that the hologram was Bail Organa, if that is the case, the fact that they’re communicating with him on Ahsoka’s droid might imply she joined Organa’s Rebellion much earlier than previously established.

With the upcoming live-action Ahsoka series, it would make sense for Filoni and the team to make more definitive choices about her backstory in the series leading up to Ahsoka. When the novelization came out in 2016, the future of The Clone Wars was uncertain and even the final season in 2020 shifted the narrative choices from the Ahsoka book.

The Bad Batch would be a great opportunity to bring Ahsoka back into the storyline and connect her to the ever-growing post-Order 66 canon that is being established with the series. The Star Wars canon, much like the Force, is a living thing. Ever-changing and adjusting as new components of the story are revealed to us.

What do you think? Will we see Ahsoka in The Bad Batch?

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