Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Are you looking for a keyword research tool?  Have you ever heard of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool?  There are lots of different Keyword tools, but Jaaxy is one of the best options to choose from.  I use Jaaxy for my keyword tool, so I will tell my experience and opinion with this program!

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website.  Jaaxy.com
  • What It Does: Keyword Research Tool
  • Cost: *3 different options (will discuss in detail below)
    • Option#1: 30 Free Searches Trial Period
    • Option #2: Pro Level (The best option for almost everybody)–$19/month or $199/yr
    • Option #3: Enterprise– $49/month or $499/year
  • Recommend: YES 

What Is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

If you are reading this review, chances are you write content for a website or blog.  I'd bet my lunch that you have heard about keywords and how important they can be.  The Jaaxy Keyword Tool helps show you keyword phrases that people are searching for (or not searching for) and how many other websites are ranked for the same keyword.

Using the fishing analogy, writing internet content is like throwing lots of different lines into the water hoping to catch the fish.  You can only throw so many lines in at once (you need to sleep & do other things in life, so it's impossible to type content 24/7) so you want to use the best “bait.”  This is where Jaaxy comes into play. Think of Jaaxy as your grandpa, the resident expert fisherman, who can tell you to use a worm or minnow.

Keyword tools help you identify the “low hanging fruit” to give you a head start in the ever competitive pursuit of getting ranked on the first page.

At this point, I'll preface that keywords are important, but it's not the silver bullet to attract readers to your blog.  The main element is being personal and helpful.  Keywords are an indication to what potential readers are searching for & the probability of you attracting their attention.

Jaaxy (and any other keyword tool) isn't guaranteed to give you first page rankings.  You might expect to read that in a review, but I'm trying to be as honest as I know how. 🙂

What Jaaxy does, is it takes the data from Google's Keyword Planner and it presents it in a easy to read format so you better know which keywords to use!  In fact, it provides more data than their program.

What Does Jaaxy Look Like?

Below is a screenshot of Jaaxy.  There were 30 search results, but I'm using the first three.  I used the keyword “Michael Jordan” for this example and will explain the different features.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


Whenever I perform a search here are the features I look at first:

  1. Keyword
    1. I look for the keyword I typed in, I will also glance at some of the other phrases
  2. Avg (Average Monthly Searches)
    1. I'm looking for a result with the highest monthly searches (at least 100, preferably 400-500 searches)
  3. Traffic (Average # of Visits IF ranked on the 1st page)
  4. QSR (Quoted Search Results)
    1. This is the number of websites ranked for the same keyword
      1. I want this number to be below 200.  Ideally 100 or lower is the best.
  5. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)
    1. This is a color-coded guide that show Jaaxy's estimate if this is a strong or weak keyword to target….it works like a traffic light.
      1. Green= Good Keyword
      2. Yellow= OK or Moderate Keyword (You can still pursue, but will be tougher to gain traffic)
      3. Red= Bad Keyword
  • For this example, “Michael Jordan” would be a bad keyword to use.  As a beginner blogger, it's virtually impossible for me to rank on the first page targeting Michael Jordan by itself.  Depending on what I am going to write about, Jaaxy is showing me that I need to use a longer keyword to have a better chance of ranking.

Two of the features I didn't highlight in the screenshot are:

  1. SEO- This is Jaaxy's ranking for Search Engine Optimization
  2. Domains- If your are looking for a domain with the keyword, it shows you the available extensions.
    1. For example, you could purchase michaeljordanmotorsports.com

Another feature I use is the “Brainstorm” function.  These are the items in blue on the right hand side that you can click on & it will bring up a new search.  *My one suggestion prior to click on any of the Brainstorm recommendations, is to save any keywords from your current search to a list, as the brainstorm search will replace your current search.

What Other Features Does Jaaxy Have?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Reviw

Above is a screenshot of the Jaaxy menu options.  I will describe other features.

Site Rank– You can see how your site, or another site, ranks for a certain keyword.  It shows you the what page on Google you rank (only shows first 20 pages)

Keywords– The option we have been using to research keywords earlier in the review.

Alphabet Soup– Like when you start typing words into Google and it has suggestions below for what you might be wanting to type in

Saved Lists– You can save you various keyword searches here, so you don't have to type in “Michael Jordan” every time you want to write about him.

Search History– Looks up your previous searches

Search Analysis- Shows your the First Page Results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for the keyword you are researching

Affiliate Program– Shows different affiliate programs for a keyword from sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Link Share, and Digital River

Brainstorm- Gives suggestions for different keywords and shows trending keywords on several other digital media platforms (i.e. Google, Amazon, Alexa, Twitter)

You can see there are lots of different tools that Jaaxy offers besides keywords.  It piles all these goodies into one website.

How Does Jaaxy compare to other keyword tools?

You might be asking, how Jaaxy compares to other Keyword tools.  To help answer this question, I have included a video below to show you?


For users of the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool, I have included an example of the Keyword Tool from them (top image) and Jaaxy (2nd image) using the keyword “Best Football Team”:


WA Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Can you see the difference?  With the more basic Keyword Tool that is included with the Wealthy Affiliate membership, it is missing the QSR & KQI.  You can research this yourself by clicking the View Result link in the Competition tab, but this still requires more legwork as to the effectiveness of the keyword.

I began with the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool and it is effective.  Now that I have Jaaxy, it has made my research a lot easier.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

There are three different options:

Option #1: Trial Membership

You can sign up for a free trial of 30 keyword searches.  Your results will look like the screenshots I have included.

Option #2: Pro Membership

$19 each month or $199 yearly

This is the best option for most users.  It's the option I use.

Your results download fast and you got all the information shown in the screenshots.  With this option, it doesn't automatically download the QSR or Domain Availablity.  This information downloads quick as well and all it takes is one click.

You can have 2 search tabs at the same time, I wish they offered more (Enterprise allows up to 5 tabs), but I suppose it keeps the Pro price lower.

If you use “Alphabet Soup” you get 15 results (30 with Enterprise)

Option #3: Enterprise

$49 each month or $499 yearly

If you are a serious blogger or run an internet business this is probably the option for you.

It provides more search results if you do the alphabet soup option (30 results instead of 15) & automatically downloads the QSR/domain availability for each keyword.  It also has faster download speeds (5x faster than free trial speed).  For the average user, these perks aren't worth the price increase.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review
Click image to visit Jaaxy Pricing Website

What I Like About Jaaxy

I primarily use Jaaxy because it is a Keyword Tool, first and foremost.

Some other reasons I like Jaaxy:

  • Displays # of monthly searches & projected # of monthly visits
  • Shows competition (QSR) & color coded KQI to indicate if a keyword is competitive
  • Can research site rank for keywords (As a beginner blogger it is exciting to see your post ranked, even if it is on page 18).
  • Multi-tabbed Searches (If I'm bouncing between two similar keywords or posts, I don't have to stop my work on one of them)
  • Saved Lists
    • I'm not a “list person” but I like keeping track of my history and keywords I like.  It makes the planning and writing  process quicker!
  • Monthly Subscription Is Relatively Low To Other Keyword Tools
    • $19 a month is pretty cheap for a keyword tool.  I've seen other sites that are about $49 for similar services.
    • They also don't flood your inbox trying to “upsell” you to Enterprise!

Things I Wish Jaaxy Could Improve

  • More search tabs for the “Pro” membership
    • Two is usually sufficient, between the access to have three or four is more convenient
  • No way to view competition websites in Keyword section.
    • Need to research using Search Analysis or open your own tab for the search engine you want to use.

My Recommendation

I don't think a keyword tool is required to be a successful blogger, but using one probably is probably a very good idea.  Finding excellent keywords doesn't mean you will rank on the first page.  Search engines make their algorithms foolproof & other factors account for rank status as well.

With all that said, I recommend Jaaxy.  You can get started with the 30 free searches to see if this is the keyword tool for you.  If it is, I recommend the Pro membership.  It will give you everything you need.  I personally don't plan to switch keyword tools anytime soon.  I use Jaaxy for virtually every post I write, even when I'm not targeting a specific keyword.

Question: What keyword tool, if any, do you use for producing your online content? Please drop a comment or question below.






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