Jacob Elordi Says That He Played Elvis Presley as a Victim of Fame

Jacob Elordi

Priscilla star Jacob Elordi said that he played Elvis Presley as a victim — not a product — of fame in Sofia Coppola's movie. The 26-year-old Australian actor also plays Nate Jacobs on HBO's Euphoria.

Jacob Elordi got together with Euphoria costar Colman Domingo for Variety‘s Actors on Actors video series. Although the two actors never shared a scene together on Euphoria, they crossed paths on set and admire each other's work.

Jacob Elordi said that he shot his Priscilla role concurrently with Saltburn. “I’d shoot Saltburn in the day, and then I’d go home to my hotel — I was there for months, so I’d covered every inch of the wall in photos of Elvis and Priscilla with the same thing in mind: ‘If I can absorb all of this, I’m not even going to think about it. I’m just going to live in it,'” said Elordi. “There’s no way I’m going to play Elvis Presley unless the divine comes in. Because you can learn how to dance, you can do your best to learn how to sing, and you can curl your lip thing and do those things. That’s all mimicking, copying, and letting it get into your bones. But I realized really quickly with Elvis that there’s a deep spiritual element to him.

“Something happened on the last day, when he says to Priscilla, ‘Maybe another time, maybe another place.' It’s an emotional scene. I’d been sitting with it and hadn’t really thought about it. And I just started weeping in this hotel room in Vegas. Philippe [Le Sourd, the film’s cinematographer] set up red lights outside the window so that they were a beating heart that was slowly dying, like his heartbeat going out. I looked at Cailee Spaeny, my costar, and said, ‘They killed this boy.' That was the divine coming in.”

Spaeny just scored Priscilla‘s only Golden Globe nomination for her performance. 

Jacob Elordi Played Elvis as a “Man Who Was Suffering”

Jacob Elordi in Priscilla
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Last year Austin Butler won a Golden Globe for playing Presley in Elvis. Jacob Elordi's performance isn't as glam or slick as that of Butler, who also scored an Oscar nomination. We'll find out soon if the Academy nominates another actor playing Presley two years in a row, but one thing is certain: Elordi's take on the King was very different than Butler's. Elordi continued:

“I didn’t want to do him the disservice of playing ‘The King' that the world had made, because that’s what hurt him so much. It was my job to not play into his fame but play him as a victim of it — to play him as a man who was suffering. Because with great figures, we never really think of them as suffering. In pictures, you see bits and pieces if you look closely enough. We act like it’s all fine that he died the way that he did, but it’s not. A little boy died. The weight of that sat with me. I never wanted to throw my hips around and curl my lip and smile and be sexy, because the way that Priscilla sees him is a man who’s suffering. And she loves this man.”

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Priscilla is still playing in several hundred theaters nationwide. Jacob Elordi also stars in Saltburn, playing in theaters everywhere.



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