Jeffrey Daniel Net Worth

Jeffrey Daniel full names Jeffrey Glenn Daniel also known as JEFFREY DANIEL has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million as of August 2022. He accumulated most of this money through the course of a career that has spanned over fifty-seven years with still more to count.

As a career person, Jeffrey has been a man of three related trades i.e. dancing, song-writing, and a choreographing performing these crafts in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Interestingly, Jeffrey has at one point lived in each of these continents and he still does a lot of traveling in between up to today.

One attribute many people will remember about Jeffrey is that he is the man who taught the famous moon walk dance to Michael Jackson.


Work with Shalamar

Most of JEFFREY DANIEL’s work is recorded under Shalamar an R&B group he cofounded with fellow dancers Jody Watley and Howard Hewett.

In total, the group has sold over twenty-five records. Some of their early days hits include A Night to Remember, and I Can Make you Feel Good to mention but a few.

Not until the trio was approached by their producer at the popular American music show Soul Train Dick Griffey however, had it ever been their intention to band up.

Once he did though, they agreed to and so Shalamar was signed by Dick’s new record label SOLAR.

The group’s success during the time can’t be overstated. Because of this, they were able to work on projects with super stars like Shabba Doo and Geron Casper.

Shalarma’s climax was a performance at Wembley shortly after which both Jody and Jeffrey left the group to Howard.

This was in 1983. At the time they had been together for seven years.

In the time that ensued, Jeffery would be taken on by MICHAEL JACKSON’s label as a consultant.

He also released a couple of singles including AC/DC in 1984 and She’s the Girl in 1990.

Shalamar reunited in 2000 this time round replacing Jody Watley with Dick Griffey’s daughter Carolyn.

They would accordingly record new music and embark on tours together as still is the case. Jeffrey Daniel has also released music of his own during this time his most recent being Make Love Great Again (2020).

Overall, the band has received more than one hundred awards (in gold, platinum, and silver) during the course of their journey including a Grammy for Howard.


Jeffrey Daniel’s Early Years

Jeffrey Daniel was born in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, his date of birth is disputed. It is highly suggested however, that he was either born in 1955 or 1957 leaving a margin of error of two years.

As a child, Jeffery was inspired by his mother who was both a pianist and member of her church choir.

His mother would go on to influence him in several other ways as we shall see. Very little is known about his father.

Being raised by a single mother, Jeffrey’s childhood was characterized by several hardships including depending on food stamps as a household.

Food stamps are papers given out by governments to the vulnerable members of society to obtain food from shops.


Don Campbell

Jeffrey Daniel’s love for professional music came first when he took keen interest in Don Campbell and his famous 1970 street dance.

He would thus focus on reimagining these strokes on TV as his career took-off. To date, JEFFREY DANIEL holds Campbell in the highest regard as one of the persons that immensely contributed to his career growth and development.


Soul Train

Jeffrey first met Don Campbell at as a trainer at Soul Train. The programme featured America’s youngest talented R&B and hip hop performers of which JEFFREY DANIEL was among. Soul Train would go on to shape his career in many profound ways.

In fact, Shalamar initially comprised of only Soul Train persons. Howard Hewett only joined the crew upon the rather quick exit of Gary Mumford.

Soul Train would go on to contract Jeffrey Daniel at his tender but promising age for their UK version of the programme in 1985.

Coupled with other features (including one on the Top of the Pop show), Soul Train would help Jeffrey gain traction all over the world.

This eventually led to his works with MICHAEL JACKSON. Is was also through this way that he would also introduce body popping.

Jeffrey made news for instance, when in 1982 he became the first person to perform the moonwalk dance then known as backslide on TV.


Love life

Jeffrey was at a point in time in a relationship with band mate Jody Watley. That was all about it though as they would later split.

It is possible that the history of these two contributed in part to Jody’s decision not to rejoin Shalamar upon its remake in 2000.

Jody remarked in 2016 for instance, that the two had had an abusive relationship.

For his first wife, Jeffrey married Stephanie Mills in 1980 divorcing her three years later. The two have two children.

Jeffrey would then not marry until he settled in Nigeria. In 2020, he welcomed a baby girl.


Jeffrey Daniel’s Work with Michael Jackson

Following the initial Shalamar split, Jeffrey Daniel embarked on several projects solely.

It was on this embark that he acted in Andrew Lloyd’s Starlight as well partnering with MICHAEL JACKSON. Michael Jackson had closely followed Jeffrey’s dancing for which he had great admiration and wished to make some of it his own.

Jeffrey tells stories with Michael Jackson saying they started on the moon walk practice in 1980 but Michael wouldn’t publicly perform the move until 1983.

Undoubtedly, the stroke uplifted MICHAEL JACKSON to a different level. No wonder he would subsequently retain Jeffrey for several other productions.

Working with Vincent Paterson, Jeffrey would choreograph both Smooth Criminals and Bad. He soon became a consultant with MICHAEL JACKSONJ Productions and again helped contribute to famous pieces like Brownstone and Men of Vizion.

MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFFREY DANIEL were more than workmates though. Having spent a lot of time together, they would soon realize a number of common attributes in themselves.

Both had been born in the same month for instance! Jeffrey also says that they were both the kind that wouldn’t rush into making decisions.


Jeffrey’s Stay in Nigeria

Today Jeffrey stays in Nigeria a decision arrived at in part because of his mother’s guidance. From childhood, she told him that he was an African and that he would always be.

The choice to migrate to Lagos thus is one way in which he relives these memories.

Jeffrey is so found of Nigeria that he knelt to his knees and kissed the ground the first time he got off the plane and stepped onto the country’s soil.

The singer also sees Nigeria as a hub with potential to export its culture and that of the African continent at large overseas creating a uniqueness only known to Africa and its people.

Jeffrey has equally actively involved himself in the affairs of the country’s music industry including serving as a judge for the Nigeria Idol show for three years as well as mentoring several upcoming artists.

With Nigeria, Jeffrey intends to do more than entertainment though. He is equally looking at helping in infrastructure development as well as fostering social cohesion as indeed drama can only go so far.


Other Ventures

Beyond work done with Shalamar, Jeffrey Daniel worked with several other individuals something he attributes to his choreography for MICHAEL JACKSON.

As a number one brand at the time, many creatives wished to work with members on MICHAEL JACKSON’s team.

Jeffrey thus, worked with both Vanessa William and Johnny Hughes on their debut videos, Arnold Schwarzzeneger and Danny Devito for the movie Twins, as well as the UK band Incognito to say the least.