Jemal King Review: Is He Legit?

Are you looking for an honest Jemal King review?

People are increasingly becoming rich by the day. How they do it, we don’t know. Sometimes they tell us what worked for them, sometimes they don’t.

But, there is no single works for all formula, is there?

Anyway, while we are here. Let’s talk about Jemal King. Who is this millionaire? Why is his status well known?

What does he do that others don’t? So, here we go.


Who is Jemal King?

jemal king


To simply state, Jemal is a self-made millionaire. He is a normal man that worked hard and made his way up to the top.

He is a professional speaker, an author, an entrepreneur and real estate investing guru. He says that he has the blueprint for making it in real estate and if real estate is your thing maybe you can try it out.

He says that he has the team and the accountability that any one might need to create generational wealth with real estate regardless of your experience in real estate.

I know most of us are scared of venturing into any form of business because you believe that you lack the expertise or the skill or even the basic knowledge to do so.

Jemal presents you with the opportunity to make it in real estate.


Jemal’s Family.

Jemal is a married man and he has three children with his wife.


Jemal King’s Age.

Jemal is currently forty-five years old.


Jemal’s Net Worth.

His exact net worth is not known and is not available online. However, he is called the 9 to 5 millionaire by his work colleagues.

Nicknames are not everything but I believe there is no smoke without fire. He is probably really wealthy considering his known investments in real estate.


Jemal’s Background.

When Jemal was little and his dad asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said that he wanted to be a millionaire.

It is a bit odd, isn’t it? Most of us mention the career paths we wish to take at that moment. Doctors, teachers, lawyers whichever career we wanted.

As for Jemal, his goal at the moment was to be a millionaire no matter the profession I suppose because he did not choose a specific one.

The only millionaires that Jemal saw around him that looked like him were pro football players. He was inspired and he focused on achieving his goal.

In school, he worked hard and was all-state high school. He thereafter got a scholarship to play at a D1 college. He was however never drafted for all his four years of college.

When he finished college, he went home and became a police officer for the Chicago police department just like his father, some of his uncles and his brother.

A couple of years down the road, he gets a rude awakening because of an incident. One day while on the job, Jemal and his partner got a call about a curfew violation.

They went to check it out and one of the teenagers fled. Jemal went after the kid and after a while corners him.

The kid takes out a gun and fires a couple of shots which slightly missed Jemal’s head. At this moment, he wanted more for his life.

He however did not have enough income to leave the police force and do more. He therefore had to stay to earn the income and use it to venture out into other businesses.

Jemal made his first investment months later after looking at seventy-seven different properties. The first investment he made was a four-unit brick building for 125,000 US dollars.

He spent 25,000 US dollars to fix the property.

After that, the property was valued at 280,000 US dollars, more than 100,000 US dollars more than his investment.

After placing four tenants minus his mortgage payment, he was pocketing over 3000 US dollars a month in residual income. Eighteen years later, the building gives Jemal over 700,000 US dollars.

That’s just the first property he invested in. he figured if the first one worked, then he could do the same thing and it might work as well.

He then went on and invested again and he still gained. He kept going down that path until today. He became a millionaire on paper while still at the Chicago police department.

Jemal was convinced by a mentor to teach his generation everything he had learned investing in real estate so that some might have the same fortune he did which brings us to our next question.


How Does He Educate Others on How to Become Rich Investing in Real Estate?

Jemal teaches others how to become rich while investing in real estate through his course called the Real Estate real course.

It is made up of two decades of Jemal’s experience. It is however taught in eight modules that anyone can follow.

The course costs 997 US dollars or two payments of 499 US dollars. There is an extra upgrade to the Alumni Association which included ongoing mentoring.

This costs an extra 97 US dollars. There are no upsells once one purchases the course modules. There is no refund policy for the course so once you get in, there is no out.

His course modules are five: The basics, types of real estate investment, Financing options, Property management and Investment Protection. Under Module one (The basics), there are three sub modules which are The mindset masterclass, 5 rules of Investing masterclass and lastly Credit repair and Leverage masterclass.

Under Module 2 (Types of Real estate management), there are three submodules which are Whole selling masterclass, Fix and Flip masterclass and lastly Buy and hold masterclass.

Module 3 (Financing options) has no sub modules. Module 4 (Property management) has three sub modules which are Property management masterclass, Insurance masterclass and finally Renovation masterclass.

Module 5 (Investment protection) has no sub modules. These courses are worth 997 US dollars in total. You pay once and get instant access to the course.


Is Jemal King legit?

Yes. I believe he is legit. He calculated and ventured into the real estate business. He took a risk just like any business person would and it worked out great for him.

He stayed in the police force even after realizing his first investment and becoming a millionaire. He is a rich man filled with humility.

On top of that, he also created a course available to any interested person after paying the required fee on teaching people how to make it in real estate.

The fact that his advice might work for some and not for others does not make him a scammer. That’s just how life is.

Also, it is mostly on the person receiving the advice to put in the work. You need to remember though that sometimes you might want it but it might not be for you.

So, you can try out his course modules and try your luck with real estate.

In my opinion, real estate is a great area to invest in. so, as I have mentioned above, I think Jemal is legit.

So, what are the pros and cons of taking Jemal King’s course?

There are usually two sides to a story. The good side and the bad side. You need to know both so as to dive into a course of action with the proper gear

Here are the pros and cons of taking Jemal’s course.



It gives you the insight on what you need to venture into the real estate business. It is well organized into five modules and several sub modules.

Once you pay the money, you are given immediate access to the course and its content.

You pay once and you have unlimited access to the course content. You might want to revisit it later for some advice in a particular real estate investment issue you are facing and you can. Your 997 US dollars can take you forever.



It is very expensive. I mean 997 US dollars is a lot of money for a simple course on real estate investment.

It could be some advice and nothing more. It is a pretty high price and even though it is well organized, I feel some of this information can be accessed online with some reasonable research. Research and put two and two together and you have similar information except it was free.

There are no refunds for this course. Once you pay, that is it. There are only two options for you: View the course in its entirety or skip some of it and you do not get your money’s worth. 997 US dollars or two installments of 499 US dollars is quite a steep price to pay and not use.

So, a word of advice to you is that you must be 100% willing to do this because you’re either in or in.

The course is filled with video content and no real life personal connection or mentorship is provided.

This makes it quite difficult for someone’s learning journey because what if you have a question? The only way you can access real person mentorship is by paying an extra 97 US dollars.


Conclusion: Jemal King Review – Is He Worth it?

Jemal is a self-made billionaire and he offers an opportunity for anyone who might want to become like him to take his course on real estate investment to get insight on how to do it.

I hope you found this review of Jemal King helpful.

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