Jeremy Renner In Critical Condition, Fans Are Sending Love and Prayers

Jeremy Renner may be facing a long road to recovery, but it seems like there are plenty of fans supporting him as 2023 begins.

Per a January 1st report by Variety, actor Jeremy Renner suffered critical injuries during a snowplow accident in snow-covered Reno, Nevada. Renner's rep announced that he is currently in critical-but-stable condition while confirming that “his family is with him and he is receiving excellent care.” No further details were given.

There's been an outpouring of support for Renner in the past 24 hours, as fans having taken to social media to give their well wishes to one of the most well-loved actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

MikesRambles took the opportunity to reference Renner's Hawkeye MCU character when he offered his support for a speedy recovery:

User MelonieMac proved in a social media landscape that often breeds sarcasm, sometimes authenticity and kindness is the best way to show support.

A heartfelt token of appreciation from a fan is sometimes all that is needed to support a celebrity in their time of need, as user CoyJandreau showed:

It seemed that Jeremy Renner developed quite the reputation throughout his career, but his hustle could never be overlooked:

Twitter user willowhalliwell simply said what a lot of people are thinking:

User aruth1994 is still reeling from the 2020 death of Marvel actor Chadwick Boseman, and hopes Renner makes a full recovery:

This particular user has a hometown connection to Jenner and offered up her thoughts and prayers:

User bambooney took a different approach and lamented the fact that if the ill-fated Jeremy Renner app was still around, it would be an invaluable tool for updates regarding the actor's condition:

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