Jet vs Boxed (2021)

Update–June 10, 2020–Jet is now part of You will need to order from Walmart to get the “Uniquely J” products.

We now buy our online pantry items and paper goods from Boxed and Vitacost.

Disclaimer: I might get an affiliate commission if you make a purchase from Vitacost. Thank you in advance if you do.

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img 634eba4450de9 Online shoppers are constantly scouring the internet looking for good deals that are shipped directly to their front door.

Two leading online retailers are Jet and Boxed that allow shoppers to save money on a variety of products instead of buying them at Wal-Mart or Amazon.

This Jet vs Boxed comparison will help you determine which is the best option for your shopping needs.

Both Jet and Boxed fall into the online shopping club category their direct competitors are Costco and Amazon.

One large exception is that neither charges a membership fee like Costco or Amazon's Prime program that cost $55 and $99, respectively.

This is a big win-win when it comes to maximizing savings due to the lack of recurring expenses for Jet & Boxed if you do not need additional services like digital streaming or buying discounted gasoline.

img 634eba44350cd Review Review first started becoming a household name because of their aggressive advertising campaign in late 2015 that included their purple logos and their “explosive” tv commercials like the one embedded below.  While Jet started as an independent startup of three investors, Wal-Mart acquired the company in August 2016 to better compete against Amazon.

I have used Jet and have only figuratively had my mind blown away (in a good way).  There is a lot to like about Jet and here are a few of the reasons why:

  • 2-Day Shipping (My orders have been shipped FedEx)
  • Free shipping after only $35
  • Several options to drop selling prices
  • Access to 1000s of items across food and non-food categories

What I Like About Jet

Jet vs Boxed
A Jet shipment we received

Before I tell you the positives about Jet, let me tell you why I started trying out Jet and Boxed. The biggest reason I have quit shopping directly from Amazon is the higher cost of items & that you need to spend $49 to qualify for free shipping that can take up to a week to receive your purchase.  Anymore, I buy from the 3rd-party sellers on Amazon or eBay if I need to make a small purchase that is nowhere near the free shipping minimum requirements.

With Jet, you can buy pretty much any physical product that Amazon sells and ships from food, vacuum cleaners, shoes, power tools, etc.  I even bought my wife a pair of moccasin slippers from Jet this year.

$35 Free Shipping

For some, spending $49 instead of $35 isn't a dealbreaker, but, I usually do not order that much at one time as my wife and I usually buy several small items and often find ourselves scouring the website to spend an extra 15 bucks for something useful to avoid the shipping costs.

Quick 2-Day Delivery

Shopping for Christmas presents this year online, I have realized that most retailers have placed greater emphasis on fast shipping than just a few years ago.  My Jet orders have been shipped FedEx, although, some 3rd-party sites also sell on Jet and those orders will be shipped separately.

Prices Drop As You Shop

This is one innovative feature about Jet that I like.  For most items, you have the option to save a few cents with three different money saving options.  Selecting one of the bullet points will reduce the price.  These options are discussed below.

Jet vs Boxed
Each bullet point reduces the price further if you desire.
  • Add More Items To Your Cart

If you plan on buying several different items (cups, plates, and silverware) or multiples of one item (2 packages of paper plates instead of only one package), Jet will automatically lower the per unit cost as you add items to your shopping cart.

Jet vs Boxed
Adding a 2nd item drop my cart total 72 cents!

Most items are eligible for price savings as you add more items to your cart.  A red tag next to the item description will indicate it's an eligible item.  Had I purchased each item separately, the waffle maker would have cost $22.85  (69-cent discount) and the baby wipes would have cost $4.89 (2-cent discount).  Prices will continue to drop slightly with each item added.  It's not a significant savings amount, but, every bit helps.

  • Decline Free Return Policy

If you do not plan on returning an item, you can also shave a few pennies off the product price.  Jet and other retailers increase the price as an “insurance policy” to offset free return costs.

  • Pay With A Debit Card

While credit cards are the payment method of choice for most buyers, they eat into the seller's bottom line.  By paying with debit you can save a few cents.  Of course, check with your bank as they might pass the transaction fees onto you instead.

Areas Where Jet Can Improve

I must be honest and say that I have been very pleased with Jet thus far.  But, there are a few areas where they can improve.

  • Better Search Filters

Jet's search filters are pretty good and rival Amazon and other retailers (this is significantly better than Wal-Mart's online website).  But, one area they lack is buying shoes or finding parts and accessories that are compatible with your car or truck.  Most people will probably shop elsewhere for these products, but, if you are going to sell items like these, shoppers expect a drop-down menu to see the available sizes and colors.  Instead of having to type in the correct search keyword or look at the product titles.

  • JetCash & Credits

I'm not sure how many people use this feature, but, Jet has their own shopping portal that allows you to earn credit to be applied towards future purchases by shopping at other merchants through Jet.  For example, if you click on the Nike link you will earn 20% JetCash for purchases on that site or 3.2% for any movie tickets you purchase at Fandango.

This can be valuable, but, I personally use the Ebates or Giving Assistant shopping portals to earn cash back on most online purchases (including Jet & Boxed)!

Link: Get a $10 bonus on your first Rakuten purchase of at least $25 at over 2,000 online stores!! Review Review I have written a more in-depth review about Boxed but I will cover the highlights.  Boxed is the closest online comparison to Jet.  Both are online based and sell similar products.  Except, Jet has a lot larger catalog that's like comparing the size of Disney World to Disneyland. img 634eba4706b2f also offers 2-day shipping via FedEx and front-door delivery of fresh produce in select cities.  I am a pleased Boxed customer, but, have recently found myself shopping at Jet primarily because of their larger product selection.

What I Like About Boxed

In a nutshell, here's what I like about Boxed:

  • 2-Day shipping on every order
  • Free shipping on first order
  • No membership fee
  • “Boxed for Business” accounts save an additional 10% on each order
  • Can select two free samples with each order!

As I mentioned before, we still shop from Boxed, but, Jet seems to be better for our present purchase needs.  I'm trying to keep the bias out as we have been pleased with Boxed's customer service when we received a damaged product and our family has pleased with them as well.

Where Boxed Can Improve

Boxed and Jet are racing to the finish line in a neck-to-neck race.  Here are some ways I think they can improve:

  • Reduce Free Shipping From $49 to $35

$49 seems to be the industry standard for free shipping at most retailers including Amazon and Wal-Mart.  Jet ships for free at $35.  Several people I have talked to about Boxed have purposely not ordered from them because they could spend $49 at once for what they offered.

  • Improve Product Selection and Availability

My wife & I like to do Amazon Subscribe & Save but it seemed like every few months one or two items would no longer be eligible or were discontinued.  This is a reason we gave Boxed a try, they carried items that Amazon no longer would.  Except we have experienced this same long-term availability with Boxed.  I don't think it's as bad as Amazon, but, due to their limited product catalog we weren't able to transfer all our Amazon subscriptions to Boxed.

When comparing Jet and Boxed, the latter's product catalog is ideal for those that need office supplies and dry groceries.  Jet reminds me of what Amazon was a few years ago before they doubled down on digital streaming and Kindle products and also when their shipping was $25.

Boxed offers everything you need, but, they only have a handful of offerings for each product type compared to Jet.  They have increased their offerings in certain areas and are best for groceries, household & health items, and office supplies.

Is Jet or Boxed Cheaper?

Now for my favorite part of this post.  The price comparison section!  I will select a handful of random items from Boxed and Jet from several different spending categories that you might buy for your home or office.

Product #1: Annie's Mac and Cheese 12-count variety pack

Jet vs Boxed

Boxed Price: $13.19 (18 cents per ounce)

Jet Price: $14.30 (20 cents per ounce)

Winner: Boxed



Item #2: Dunkin' Donuts Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 40 oz.

Jet vs Boxed  Boxed Price: $19.39 (48 cents per oz.)

Jet Price: $19.39 (48 cents per oz.)

Winner: Tie
Jet has a wider selection of Folgers and Boxed offers more Maxwell House if you do not want to buy the “gourmet” coffee brands.


Item #3: Glad ForceFlex 13-gallon trash bags, 140-count

Jet vs Boxed

Boxed Price: $17.99 (13 cents each)

Jet Price: $17.58 (12.5 cents each)

Winner: Jet




Item #4: Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size 1, 168-count

Jet vs Boxed  Boxed Price: $39.99 (24 cents each)

Jet Price: $37.94 (15.7 cents each)

Winner: Jet
*Save even more money by buying the 216-count Economy Plus pack from Jet


Item #5: Bounty Paper Towels Mega Rolls, 12-Count

Jet vs Boxed
Boxed Price:

Jet Price: $18.99

Winner: Tie*
*Jet is slightly cheaper if you pay with debit, opt out of free returns, or add more items to your cart.


Overall Winner: Jet

While it ultimately depends on the products you want to buy, Jet is probably the better option because they have some products that are slightly cheaper or the prices will drop as you add additional items to your shopping cart.  Jet's wider inventory is also a plus (in my opinion).

This doesn't mean Boxed is a bad deal.  They carry brands that Jet doesn't.  You might be able to save some money from Boxed by buying their Prince & Spring brand instead of name brands like Bounty or Scott.  If you can spend at least $49, it's worth the consideration.  Plus, by shopping with Boxed you can get $15 off your first $60 purchase using this link.

Jet vs. Walmart

As Jet was recently acquired by Walmart and the fact that Walmart is probably the most prevalent discount superstore in the U.S., I was also interested in how their prices compared.

It is hit or miss if Jet is the cheaper option.  Just browsing at the various coffee brands, it is cheaper to buy Folgers from Jet, but, Starbucks is cheaper at Wal-Mart.  Regarding Dunking Donuts coffee, the small 12 oz bags are the same price, however, the 40 oz. bag is $15 cheaper at Jet.

For non-grocery items, bulk items are cheaper with Jet, such as buying 140 trash bags instead of 76, but smaller, more popular items are roughly priced the same in most instances.

If you do not want to go to the store to shop or plan to buy in bulk,  Jet is probably the better option.  Plus, depending on the state you live in, you might be able to avoid sales tax that sites like Wal-Mart and Amazon charge.

Bonus Tip: Get cashback on every Jet and Walmart purchase with TopCashback

When Jet Isn't The Better Deal

While Jet has a wide product catalog and is cheaper than most large retailers such as Amazon or Wal-Mart (their parent company), sometimes it is still a better deal to buy from another site.

I found this to be true when shopping for Tools and Home Improvement items to save me a trip to the local hardware store as I wanted to buy a tree cutting saw.  Lowe's had a better product and it was also a few dollars cheaper.

Another time it might be cheaper is when buying books or electronics.  Jet's prices are comparable to other retail prices, but, you might be able to save money by buying secondhand from Amazon, eBay, or Half.  Of course, if you are trying to meet the free shipping minimum, buying the newest money management book could be a good deal if you are going to buy it anyways.

Saving Money At Boxed or Jet

If you have never shopped at either location, first-time buyers can save some additional money from the first purchase by clicking on the following links below (I might earn a small commission if you click and make a purchase.  Thank you if you do.)


Get $15 back after spending $60 when using this link.  Remember that $49 gets you free shipping.

Jet (Now

As the Jet website now redirects to the Walmart website, you won't get first-time Jet shopping discounts anymore.

You might get cash rewards when shopping at and buy qualifying items. I always shop with TopCashback or Rakuten to make sure I get extra cashback on more online purchases.

Have you used either of these sites before?  What is your favorite online store?

Josh founded Money Buffalo in 2015 to help people get out of debt and make smart financial decisions. He is currently a full-time personal finance writer with work featured in Forbes Advisor, Fox Business, and Credible.