Jewelry for Gothic Weddings

Your wedding is an incredibly important day, but of course, you know that.

So, you’re leaning towards the theme of ‘gothic wedding.’ You might have been deliberating over your chosen theme for a while now, or perhaps you’ve wanted a Gothic wedding since you were young. Either way, you’ve made a great choice.

There are so many ways that you can showcase your theme; one of them is through the subtle art of jewelry. That is something we are going to explore today – how to integrate jewelry into your wedding.


The type of jewelry that screams gothic is antique jewelry, namely Victorian jewelry. The Victorian era is known for its bold style of jewelry, which could seemingly be described as gothic. Yellow gold was typically present in Victorian jewelry, as were rubies and diamonds – a brilliant nod to the gothic.

Brooches were a big hit in the Victorian period, think ruby and diamond crescent brooch possibly worn on your wedding dress, or on bridesmaid dresses. A Victorian statement ornate necklace, with intricate metalwork design, would also be a great option to display the gothic theme through your jewelry.


Steampunk fashion comes from the steampunk movement that is present in science fiction. It is a mixture of the romanticism found in the Victorian era, paired with the literature and scientific elements found in the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s. It has a bit of a post-apocalyptic feel to it – perfect for those who enjoy all things gothic.

Often steampunk jewelry includes cogs, perhaps a time-piece (think pocket watch style), keys, and different mystical ‘arcane’ elements. These could be incorporated into a showcase pendant or bracelet. A great subtle nod to this style could come in the form of people wearing pocket watches on elaborate watch chains, perhaps hanging from their waistcoats.


Often when we think of a gothic theme, we think of black and possibly even red. So, how about accessorizing with some gemstone jewelry which furthers that color scheme? The perfect gemstones for the job would be rubies, black onyx, red coral, black opal, red spinel, or Tahitian pearl.

These gemstones could come attached to a pair of chandelier earrings, or an intricate bangle or bracelet. There are many options to choose from here, and often it is merely whatever your style is, as to whether you would prefer to don a gemstone necklace, gemstone bracelet, gemstone ring, or gemstone earrings – or all of the above.


So above, we have explored different types of jewelry that would help with your gothic theme. All of the above are quite ornate, but perhaps you want a bit more of a subtle nod. The type of jewelry you are after in that case, is Celtic jewelry. Typically Celtic jewelry incorporates intricate knot style designs, such as the eternity knot, the sister knot, or even a cross that is designed using knots.

A lot of people lean into Celtic jewelry, either because of their heritage or that they like the simple and yet stunning designs. A Celtic wedding band, for example, is a very popular type of wedding ring, and would undoubtedly nod to your gothic theme. Or perhaps, as mentioned, you would prefer a pair of platinum, silver, or white gold knot drop earrings, or even a beautiful knot bangle to wear during your big day. The Celtic jewelry style is certainly worth exploring, especially if you have chosen the Gothic them for your wedding.

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