Mrs. Biden Plays by Her Own Rules, and People Are Fuming

While Republicans have been the center of social media criticism over the last ten days, the First Lady is feeling a bit of heat alongside her husband, President Joe Biden. After considering a ban on gas stoves to combat harmful air pollutants a photo of FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) using a gas stove made its way around Twitter.

Posting a photo to her own Twitter account, @DrBiden became the brunt of social media scorn as a Federal Agency is considering a ban on gas stoves.

The issue with this photo is that it's from 2020. Of course that didn't stop Twitter from ripping into the Biden Administration for its supposed hypocrisy.

User @bigplaincircle commented a ‘slogan' that's been revolving along with the picture of FLOTUS, “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

@Samsquanch69420 thinks Jill Biden should apologize.

@mamawolf4ever thinks the least President Biden can do is inform his wife that her gas stove has to go.

User @true_sea doesn't have a problem with the Biden Administration's approach to gas stoves.

@cyaneyed7 posted a gif that fits this scenario perfectly.

Twitter user @Timtravels007 sees a double standard in the mix.

@JolineMaza thinks Dr. Biden might be a time traveler.

@MelissaTX73 thinks President Biden is having some cognitive decline issues.

User @KennethRWebster is waiting for an FBI raid to confiscate FLOTUS's gas stove.

While the photo of First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden using her gas stove is more than two years old, everyone knows the internet is forever. Most people also know that adding fuel to the fire is the way of modern American politics. This ‘scandalous' photo will now go down in history alongside President Biden's current issue over some classified documents found in his old VP office.

Since the internet never dies, people will rehash these situations every time the current administration does something they don't like or think is fair. It's an age-old system that seems to like repeating itself with consistent regularity.

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