Jobs For Retired Teachers – Best Complete List For [year]

Are there really some jobs for teachers after they get retired?

Yes there are so many jobs not related to their teaching career

Like driving Uber or Lyft but not everybody will accept that

Teachers spent long time in their career raising up generations

I believe they want to be perceived in a respectable image

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Jobs for retired teachers

That's why I decided to write this post to talk about all jobs for retired teachers

I eliminated so many low stressful jobs they can work after retirement

So I will start with the below

What can teachers do when they retire?

Teachers worked in a career full of research and studying updates in curriculum

They can present well researched topics very well

Also they can work with jobs with lots of reading, writing and typing

Best jobs for retired teachers to work on

I believe these are the best jobs for retired teachers

If you see that I missed something here you can tell me about it in the comment

I will do my best to update my list if I find something new to add

Teach English online

There are many non English speakers students that try to learn the language

I see this job is relevant to teachers when they retire

You just switch your teaching from in class to online

Anyway here is a list of online English teaching sites to check and sign up


Do online tutoring

What if you as a teacher were not teaching English or feel like you can teach any other subject like Math or Science

You still have a chance to sign up to the below sites and check all subjects and grades you can teach there online

Chegg Tutors
Aim for A Tutoring

Transcribing recorded audio or video

Being a teacher you may be adapted to write notes quickly and perhaps type fast

In this case you have a chance of turning audio recordings into written words

Transcribing job is really good fit for retired teachers

It is a decent with with an expected pay of $25 to $30 an hour

Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Again being a teacher I feel you wouldn't mind learning this course, it is called Transcribe Anywhere to teach you how to work as a transciber


I have a feeling teachers can become a good bloggers easily

There are many who wanted to start blogging face a challenge of what to blog about

Being a teacher you have a good experience to help you easily build an educational blog to teach students many things you see challenging

All you need to start as a blogger is to get a reliable webhosting

You have a head start on topics you want to write about

Data entry

Data entry is a job that can be easy for retired teachers

You spent your career writing mostly on your laptop

So typing data is not an issue for you it is part of your job

Freelance Writer

Being a teacher you read and write a lot which makes you a professional writer

Do you know you have huge demand for writers on the internet?

There are thousands of bloggers who are looking to hire writers for their blogs

You can be one of them and enjoy writing for others

Bottom line I see freelance writers a good job for retired teachers

Scoping jobs

Courts write down drafts for the official proceedings

These drafts need to be corrected from grammatical and spelling mistakes

Retired teachers are good fit to work this scopist job

And because you are a teacher you wouldn't mind watching this scoping course to show you how to do this scopist job


Being an English teacher and in case it happens to be a bilingual

Good chance you can work as a retired teacher in a translator job

It doesn't require a lot of practice you just need to start and you will catch it up


I wasn't sure if I should list babysitting as a job for retired teachers

Because being a teacher you stay with kids all day and you have enough patience to control your emotions

I see that as a good opportunity to work as a babysitter

If you are interested to work in babysitting other kids you can sign up to


Working as a librarian exposes you to a lot of visitors who ask for your help finding specific books

Definitely this is an easy job especially if you worked in the school library before

I believe this is a good fit job for retired teachers

Museum tour guide

Being a teacher you enjoy teaching so you would enjoy explaining things to others

I see you would definitely enjoy working as a tour guide

That's why I see museum tour guide a good fit job for retired teachers

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