Jobs That Don’t Suck – Where to Find This Best Job

Looking for jobs that don't suck?

Jobs that provide comfort and peace of mind

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

At same time an income that covers your living expenses

You know as a fact one third of your day you spend at work

So why don't you love the thing you do for living

jobs that don't suck

According to a statistics done by Gallup 85% are not happy with their jobs

I remember I had to spend 3 years of my life working in jobs I don't like at all but I kept doing it because I had bills to pay and money to put on the table

In this post, I will discuss below jobs that don't suck and I will begin with


Blogging as a business has always been a controversial topic

Some people claim it is a scam and used to work 10 years ago but not anymore

While other bloggers who prove they started 2-3 years ago and were able to make full time income from their blogs

Are you interested in doing blogging as a part time? yes start as a part time

First read my blog post on how to start a successful blog

After that you may be asking why blogging is one of the jobs that don't suck

Well blogging as a job requires a lot of different talents mixed together

You learn many skills but the fun in blogging is that some bloggers proved they managed to make money with few traffic

They nailed it down to creating blogs narrowed to fixing specific problems with squeeze pages to collect emails

Then selling backend products to those subscribers and controlling your income by building many products for your subscribers

There are other bloggers who are not good at creating their own products and work hard to increase their traffic numbers hoping to sell affiliate products and online ads

Again blogging is not for everyone, make up your mind before you start blogging and see if you can really make money from your blog

IT (Information Technology) Job

Information technology especially programmer and networking jobs are really interesting jobs

It is so much fun to do programming as you collect requirements, think about the code you write to make your requirements comes true

If you like to make income from using your logical thinking then coding jobs are the one you should go for

I like it as this is the job I have been working for the last 20 years – yes I am old but not too old

This is one of the jobs that don't suck as there is always new coming to the scene

I remember the old programming language I started to learn it was called FoxPro

Not being used anymore but good news is once you master one programming language your mind start to open on new opportunities

Why? simply because all programming languages share high similarities so you just learn the sense of coding


A really interesting side hustle to buy things for cheap for those who don't know how much they are worth

Then go and sell them high for those buyers who are excited to buy it from you

This job does not require any educational background or special skills

All you need is some cash and a way to get around

I know a friend Rob and his wife Melissa are expert as flippers who took flipping side hustle to the sky

They are making $100,000 a year just from flipping and that's why they put together a course on flipping things

Freelance Writer

Some people are really talented with attractive writing styles

They can write personal stories about themselves or about their friends that attract you like a magnet

Also there are freelance writer that can write very quickly

They can easily compose more than 1,000 words in less than an hour

By the way, if you have this great writing style talent, you can make 15c per word

This means you can make $150 an hour and you can end up with clients waiting for their turn

Why this is one the best jobs that don't suck for those who are into writing

Video games tester

Who doesn't like video games – I am not into animation games

But I love challenging games like Mahjong

Good news is that you can make money out of it

make money to play video games

If you are interested in working as a video games tester then sign up to the following sites below

WorldWinner from GSN
Second Life
Paid Game Player
PCH Games

Professional sleeper

Working as a professional sleeper is one of the jobs that don't suck

Who hates to get paid while sleeping

getting paid to sleep

What is really nice is that you make money while combining 2 jobs together

Yes you sleep at night and get paid for it plus keeping what you are doing for living


Working as a chef is very exciting job

You mix food together and try different recipes

What is more important if your name starts to shine and people recognize your brand

Chef is one of the jobs that don't get bored from as it is full of creativity and fun

jobs that don't suck

Food taster

Do you know that the average pay for food taster ranges between $30,000 and $60,000 a year

There is also another type of this job where you are required to go to restaurants pretending to be a regular customer and provide your feedback

getting paid to taste food


DJ is lot of fun especially if you have passion to music and enjoying dancing to the rhythm

Also are you up to date with all the new songs being released?

Dj job is one of the job that cannot be taught

You have to have a talent and also prepared for what your audience want to listen to

Remember DJ job has no salary range as you set your own price

The more you are known and people recommending you to each other, the more you will be able to set yourself apart from other DJs

DJ one of the jobs that don't suck
Jobs That Don't Suck - Where to Find This Best Job 9


Beside working as a programmer, I find it interesting to give training to my colleagues

I don't like teaching but I am interested in training people on new technology

My ego goes high when I really manage to break complicated matters into easy to understand

Anyway back to teaching, there are so many people interested in working as instructors or tutors and this field is widely open online

Yes you will teach your students online

With teaching there are 2 main categories

Main one is teaching languages like English that takes the precedence as the most spoken language across the world

Secondary is teaching other subjects like math and science to different grades

If you are interested in teaching English – there are so many sites like


I don't have to tell you that you have to be fluent

You can earn around $23 an hour

And if you are interested in teaching different subjects then the below sites are good fit for you to sign up

Chegg Tutors
Aim for A Tutoring

get 500 dollars fast free by tutoring

Walk dogs and pets

If you love pets and interested in raising dogs and cats

I know there are many people with passion for pets

But what they don't know – they can make money out of it

This is one of the best jobs that don't suck because you may walk your dog

Every time you walk your dog you can walk other dogs and make money out of that

If this is the case, sign up to Rover and enjoy walking other people's dogs

There are also sites to consider like fetchpetcare and

House sitter

I heard about this job recently just like you – no surprise

House sitter is a unique job

All you have to do is to stay in a house while owner is away

It may be this owner is travelling or got an assignment in different state or province

Unfortunately few houses are targeted by burglars especially those that are completely closed

If you are interested in this job then you can sign up to TrustedHouseSitters


Some women have strong motherhood that's even before being mothers they don't mind working in daycares or as a babysitters

They look at it as one of the jobs that don't suck because it strengthens the feeling of being a good mothers

Of course I don't need to tell you how profitable is the babysitting job

Why? because if you babysit 3,4 or 5 kids at the same time and you get paid minimum of $20 per hours – sometimes it is $25

You are easily making $100 an hour and usually babysitting sessions last for 3 hours

What are you waiting for with you can sign up and start right away

Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistant jobs have a vast scale of different online tasks to do

Most of these jobs pay really well per task

Freelance writing – discussed above
Graphic design
Data entry
Virtual assistant
Customer Service
Voice over – reading articles using your voice
Logo designers
Web designers
Web Developer
SEO consultant
Android developer
IOS developer

If you have one or more of the skills above then it is easy to make money

All you have to do is to sign up for the below sites

Free Lancer

Real estate virtual assistant jobs

This is a job that requires no qualification – if you know nothing but are a fast learner

I recommend to consider working as a real estate virtual assistant

On most of recruitment sites – you can find so many real estate virtual assistant for an average pay between $20 and $25

The image below is from

Real estate virtual assistants

Virtual Bookkeeping

Of course, virtual bookkeeping is not for everyone

Basically virtual bookkeeping is looking for a candidate with accounting background

But the good news is most of the virtual bookkeeping is looking for different levels of basic accounting skills

Few of them are looking for auditors or CPA so you have a great chance to master few of the accounting duties and get an online job as a virtual bookkeeper

A site like bookkeeper is a good fit to find jobs with simple accounting duties

There is also a free course for virtual bookkeeping business for you to check

Also the below sites are offering jobs related to virtual bookkeeping

Accounting Department

Build websites

I know so many people who are building websites and they don't have a computer science degree

All they had to do is master on or more of the website building tools and work towards building their websites portfolio

For example, WordPress as a website building tool has gained a reputation since 2003 as one of the best, easy and flexible tool to build websites

This is one of the best jobs that don't suck because it is so much fun to use components like plugins to build functionality for your clients

Let's talk about money, easily you can charge anywhere starting from $1,000 and up to $3,000 for any new website

Test websites

Some people are born with a talent of looking at details

Code or Website testers and sometimes called quality control don't require a deep IT knowledge

They start testing websites and learn easy skills

You may require to install specific software to track all the bugs you find

Sometimes you require to install webcam if you work online

The good thing about this quality control job is that it looks easy when you start up with no experience

In reality, you will build up a tons of knowledge that even software companies can pay you a competitive salary equivalent to all other IT jobs

If you are interested in pursuing a job as a website tester then consider signing up on

User Testing which pays you $10 to your PayPal
User Feel is another competitive website to look at

Drive Uber or Lyft

A friend of mine enjoys driving a lot

Sometimes if he wants to waste time all he needs to do is take his car on the road

I know it is nonsense enjoyment but driving your car with Uber or Lyft have made driving really fun

What if you don't have to meet any target to qualify to work for Uber or Lyft

If you have free time on the weekend, go ahead and turn on the Uber or Lyft on your mobile app and you will get customers right away

If you don't want to drive customers, no worry turn off the app and you will not lose your Uber or Lyft job


Do you have a passion for photography?

And obsessed about your camera carrying it everywhere looking for the perfect shot

Even if it is a hobby and you want to strengthen it by taking online courses then consider to search Udemy for many online courses on photography

The good thing about photography as a job is that it is not a traditional 9 to 5 job

It is all about inspiration and the talent of finding the perfect shot

Of course you need to practice a lot but your hard work can be sold online

Conside the following sites to sell your photos online

Getty Images
Can Stock Photo
Adobe Stock

Makeup artist

If you really enjoy doing makeup for yourself and not doing it as a routine

Good news, you can apply makeup on others and make money out of it

Being a makeup artist is one of the jobs that don't make you get bored

You have many variations on applying makeup on different faces

Also you have a good chance of exploding it on social media

For example Instagram are Pinterest are visual social media and a great fit to what you are working at

Again you could take your makeup business to the next level by opening a YouTube channel where you will definitely get new clients calling you for sessions

Or even better by getting makeup brands asking you to feature their brand on your YouTube channel

Interior designer

Interior designer is so much fun

It reminds me when I was a kid and playing with Lego and making many shapes from the same set

This is exactly the job of Interior designer who works around your house to arrange the space to fit many things

You act here as your own boss but again if you are not confident or need to gain experience then your best bet is to work for a company

It is so much fun and again one of the jobs that fit well under visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest

Event planner

This is the job I wished to work in if I was not a programmer

Event planner is someone you hire to arrange everything related to your events like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries

It is one of the jobs that don't suck because you have so many things to do to engage your senses

It can never be more fun that that

You start with the decorations and then the music and songs which are going to be played

Then the food and how to arrange it on tables

Beside event planner is really a fun job, it also fits well in visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest

Finish small tasks around the house

Being a handy man is really good thing even knowing one handy job can really make you a good money

I remember I hired someone to install my new garage door opener and within 1/2 an hour job he earned $100

Because he is doing it over and over, it became an easy job that he even doesn't think while doing it

The good news is by using site like TaskRabbit you can register online for the things you really know and customers can hire you for things to do around their houses

Actually it would be better to sign up on many of the below sites


Social Media manager

Working as a social media manager you are entitled to represent a specific company for their social media promotion

Of course nowadays, nothing is manual and their are so many social media automation tools that can do the work for you

Like TailWindPro, you can automate posting all of your Pinterest pins and Instagram photos for the next 2-3 weeks in advance

Why this job particularly is one of the best jobs that don't suck?

Well there are so many people (I am one of them) cannot get enough from social media sites – it is like addiction, yes that's true

Social media turned out to be an addiction for many adults and sometimes they lose their jobs because of being reported using their social media sites all the time at work


Transcriber jobs refer to those who are able to type recorded audio or video

It is not only require good command of English to avoid any spelling mistakes

But also it requires someone with a fast typing speed

As you see it doesn't require educational background so anyone can work this job

Keep in mind that you have to work under pressure to meet deadlines

You can expect to make between $25 and $30

If you are interested then you can apply on the below websites

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Scoping jobs

Scoping jobs require a candidate called scopist

This person is required to edit the transcripts of official proceedings created by court reports

This job requires a lot of attention to grammar and punctuation

Keep in mind that you will be working under pressure too

If you feel you are interested in this job then I recommend to take this scoping course

Get paid completing micro jobs for business

This is really one of the best jobs that don't suck because you can do it while keeping your current job

How? well, some companies require someone to work on a project whatever small or large project

It can be designing or testing their website or auditing their accounting system

Whatever it can be, they don't want to hire someone in a contract and go through the hiring hassle so it is win win situation

If you are interested in this type of work then consider signing up to Gigwalk

What is the most boring jobs?

There are so many boring jobs

You have to differentiate between jobs that require to be all by yourself and jobs that don't get you engaged at all

Being a programmer, I am all by myself but it is so much fun

I am referring to these jobs below as the most boring jobs

Security guard
House keeper
Worker in a factory line
Customer care representative
Nursery teacher

What jobs have less human interactions?

Unfortunately I hate it when I work from home forever

Although I am not very social but I like being around people

Working as a programmer is a typical kind of job with no interaction with humans

Although these jobs are less stressful, less travel, more flexible and more focus jobs

Of course there can be time where you are required to attend meetings but overall you are all by yourself

Not only programmers, but these are all jobs having no interactions with people

Writer or freelancer
Software developer or tester
Lab technician
Data entry
Film or video editor
Scoping jobs
Social media manager
Virtual bookkeeper
Dog walker
Truck driver
Delivery driver
R&D engineers

Also read my post for jobs that you work alone

Jobs with a lot of social interactions?

I am not a social person

It was a surprise to me finding some of the jobs that I really liked require lot of social interactions

Public relation
Event planner – one of my dream jobs
Customer care representative

What is the easiest job ever?

Although I love software development but it is not an easy job

There are really so many easy jobs that anybody can do without formal education

Below is a list of the easiest jobs that anyone can work

Scale operator – person who measures weights on different scales
House sitter – you live in a house while owners are away
Dog walker
Video game tester
Ice cream taster
Swimming pool technician – monitor pH balance of the water
Data entry

What is the laziest job in the world?

Are you lazy and don't feel like you want to work

Yes I know someone who are really lazy where he managed to work just for the minimum hours that qualifies him for 42 weeks of unemployment

I am referring to working in Canada as Canadian government will pay you up to 42 weeks if you get laid off

Anyway, below is a list of the laziest jobs around the world

Hotel sleep tester
House sitter – you live in a house while owners are away
Video game tester
Food or beer taster
Ice cream or chocolate taster
Data entry

What is the hardest job to get?

On the other side, there are so many jobs that are very hard to work or even get in

Below I will list all the hardest jobs in any order

Lorry driver
Scaffolder – staggering temporary structure to support construction on a building
Mountain guide
Stuntman/Stuntwoman – replaces actors/actresses in critical scenes
Water transportation worker
Police officer
Landmine remover
Brick mason 
Prison warden
Cell tower climber

Final thoughts on jobs that don't suck

It is really hard to come up with common agreements for all jobs that don't suck

We are human beings with different backgrounds and experiences

Some people believe in earning money by doing hard labored jobs while others believe in using their mental skills to make their income out of it

While others believe in using their talents

At the end of the day everybody will be looking to maximize their incomes so why don't you open up to new ideas and explore opportunities around you

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