20 Hot High Demand Jobs That Pay More Than $200,000 a Year

Whether you are thinking of shifting careers or maximizing your earning potential, several jobs can earn over 200k every year.

20 Hot Jobs That Pay More Than $200,000 a Year

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From capitalizing on real estate properties to building your own company, earning a $200,000 – $500,000+ yearly salary is not at all impossible. You only have to acquire an excellent level of the necessary skillset required in the job and a considerable length of experience in the field.

So if you are wondering what are the highest-paying jobs in the world right now, then here are twenty jobs that pay over five hundred thousand dollars a year.

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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First on the list of the highest paying jobs is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the highest-ranking executive officer in a company. A CEO is responsible for yielding higher gains and providing more employment opportunities for employees.

With the nature of the job, a CEO must possess excellent leadership, management, strategic planning, and decision-making skills. These crucial requirements of the position are highly-rewarded financially.

Aside from acquiring the essential CEO skills to land this position, one must accomplish the basic requirements such as earning a bachelor's or a master's degree and gaining relevant on-the-job experiences.

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2. Real Estate Developer

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You may have heard that real estate developers, especially top-tier developers, earn a six-digit annual salary.

Real estate developers earn a salary by developing new neighborhoods and communities. They also look for real estate properties with good potential for commercial development.

However, one thing you have to know about this job is that it is typically project-based, which means there may be times when there is not enough work.

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3. Entrepreneur

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If you are a natural-born entrepreneur and want to earn a six-digit annual salary, consider building your own company.

While this may come with high risk, you can increase your chances for success through doing thorough research about your business pursuit.

One good thing about having your own company is you can work on it full-time or do it as a side job from home while working on other jobs. Once you have securely built your company, it will eventually become a good source of passive income.

4. Plastic Surgeon

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A Plastic Surgeon restores, reconstructs, or alters the human body, which is why plastic surgery is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world.

Plastic surgeons are licensed doctors who spent years in medical studies and practice. Aside from the high academic standard, becoming a surgeon is also challenging because medical school is expensive.

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5. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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A Chief Financial Officer's job is to direct and oversee the business investments, debt level management, and financing options.

Depending on the level of skills and the company, CFOs can earn more than $500,000 annually.

6. Dermatologist

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Dermatologists are experts in skin treatment and surgery. They study for at least twelve years before they can practice in the field. Cosmetic dermatology is the most popular and can earn a salary of up to $150,000 to $350,000 in a year!

7. Gastroenterologist

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A gastroenterologist specializes in the treatment of complications involving the gastrointestinal system.

They provide diagnosis and treatment for people who suffer from various conditions in the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, pancreatic ducts, and gallbladder.

On average, gastroenterologists earn $397,200 in the United States. It can go up to $469,000 depending on the educational background and years of experience.

8. Cardiologist

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A cardiologist diagnoses and treats patients suffering from heart-related complications like perfusion, cardiac arrhythmias, and chronic conditions. They possess excellent medical skills, interpersonal skills, and emotional stability.

In the United States, cardiologists earn a total of $220,187 per year on average.

9. High Ticket Salesperson

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High Ticket Salesperson sells luxury goods and services and typically earns an annual salary of $383,000. This job requires skills in extensive research and dealing with people.


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Anesthesiologists work with doctors and nurses to administer anesthetics and monitor vital signs during sedation. Often, anesthesiologists are involved before, during, and after any surgical procedure to ensure that the patient is comfortable.

Typically, anesthesiologists earn salaries ranging from $352,700 to $461,500 per year.


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If you are a techie person, then you should consider creating computer programs for a living. Software developers are highly in demand, and their salaries can increase depending on their years of experience of being software developers.


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Hedge-fund managers are responsible for overseeing and making decisions on investments in a hedge fund on behalf of their clients. They study market trends and look out for potential traders to generate profit.

This job can earn around $500,000 a year based on the years of experience a hedge-fund manager possesses.

13. Neurosurgeon

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Neurosurgeons deal with the diagnosis and treatment of brain-related disorders. Neurosurgeons complete at least eight years of training before getting a license.

This job can earn more than $500,000 a year depending on where they work and the surgical procedure performed.

14. Investment Banker

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Becoming an Investment Banker is probably one of the most sought-after jobs with the growing popularity of several avenues for trading in the stock market.

An Investment Banker is responsible for issuing stocks and bonds and coming up with ideas to raise funds for the company. Specifically, they give suggestions about raising capital and building investments.


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Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the surgical and medical care of the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. They can earn a salary of more than $500,000 per year based on the type of surgery they perform.


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Real estate agents specialize in residential or commercial property sales or rental, which means they must possess excellent sales and interpersonal skills.

This job requires agents to travel a lot and work long hours. Based on sales performance, real estate agents can earn more than $200,000 a year.


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Another high-paying job in the medical field is an oncologist, a physician who diagnoses and treats cancer. A more detailed description of their job is that they design a treatment plan for cancer patients and offer supportive care to them.

This job can be emotionally taxing as you may encounter severe cancer cases. However, being an oncologist can be rewarding because you can help people recover from their illnesses and to live cancer-free.


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Investment advisors provide financial advice, especially in retirement investments. They analyze personal financial limits and risk tolerance to give a customized strategy fit for their client’s financial goals.

This job can earn over $500,000 in a year based on the years of experience an investment advisor has.


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Are you planning to take a law degree? Or maybe you already have one? If yes, then corporate law may be of interest to you.

Corporate lawyers are one of the highest-paid jobs in the market since they directly deal with the legal aspects of companies and businesses. Aside from this, most corporate lawyers experience several benefits like health care plans and paid vacation leaves.


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Executive directors make a living by overseeing a company’s business decisions and concerns. They are responsible for managing operations within the organization and planning operational strategies.

While this position can take years in the making, it is often rewarding because it earns an annual salary of over $500,000.


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It is not impossible to earn half a million dollars every year. Numerous jobs can pay you this much salary and more.

With years of study and experience in your chosen career, you can live the life you desire with a highly-rewarding job.

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