Jobs That You Work Alone – 21 Jobs To Pursue And Make Money

Looking for jobs that you work alone without interaction with people

You have a reason either you're introvert

Or you feel productive working by yourself

At the same time you pursue a job that makes you earn good money

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Jobs That You Work Alone

Working alone doesn't deprive you from having a decent job

So jobs that require socialization are not a measurement for success

That's why I am going to discuss below jobs that you work alone and make money


Blogging is always a dream for so many bloggers who don't want to work anymore

Why it is a dream because blogging doesn't require any investment

It is cheap to start blogging all you need is a reliable webhosting

Some bloggers believe blogging is fun and cultivates your imagination

What's more important is blogging is one of the jobs that you work alone

That's what I listed it on top of all jobs below

Blogging is challenging but the job itself has no guidelines

Some bloggers managed to make money with great products or eCourses

Just writing great sales pages and taking leads as email subscribers

Then convincing those subscribers to be buyers

While bloggers who don't possess this creativity talent tend to drive traffic to their blogs and make some money from advertisement and affiliate marketing

IT (Information Technology) Job

What comes to your mind when I say an IT job

I know the answer, you would think about the word “Programmer”

Actually programmer has so many bad reputation

Some people think they are nerd and introverts

In reality I am a programmer and I bet you I've met so many peers in my career

They posses sociable personalities and really cheerful

This misconception about programmers came from the old programming languages

What is called first generation like machine languages

Nowadays fifth programming languages generation don't require all this hard mental skills

Programmers are normal people, it is an open career for everyone to learn and join

I am also a programmer and it is now a normal job like any other job

Actually programming job is really fun and requires you to use your mind to think about logic when writing an piece of code

In fact, programming jobs tend to be one of the jobs your work most of the time alone

Keep in mind, you have to interact with people during any project

Sometimes in big software projects, the software code is split between many programmers to work on

In other words, I can say expect 80% of your time working on your laptop

While 20% you have to work in a team


Flipper is a term that was emerged recently especially with the born of the internet

Simply you buy things for cheap from your own sources and sell them for high prices

This is similar to buying cigarettes where they are sold cheaper in some US states then sell them with high price in some other states

This flipping business doesn't require any degree you just need some cash to start with

I have a friend called Rob who with his wife manifested this flipping money

He became expert at making $100,000 a year

That's why they decided to teach what they know and put it in a

They are making $100,000 a year just from flipping

That's why they put together a course on flipping things to teach you their experience

Freelance Writer

When you hear freelance writing jobs it means hiring someone online

I could say 99% of all the freelance writer are ghost writers

Meaning they have never met their clients

This is one of the jobs that you work completely alone

Even your prospect client don't discuss his task with you

What happens you keep a sample of previous writing tasks on all freelancing sites

What if you don't have previous clients and so no previous work

In this case, write many topics and upload it for clients to decide if you are good fit to hire you

Again freelance writers make good money

I have seen some charge up to $350 per article which takes 2-3 hours of their time

Video games tester

Although I myself don't like playing games especially animation ones

I see lot of peers fascinated about playing video games for long hours

video games tester is a job you work alone

Playing video games will enforce being alone

So if you decide to work as a video games tester expect a job that you work alone

Anyway if you are interested to try working as a video games tester then you can find many video games to be tested listed daily on the sites below

WorldWinner from GSN
Second Life
Paid Game Player
PCH Games

Professional sleeper

Working as a professional sleeper is one of the rare jobs to find

What happens is that from time to time mattress companies would ask for volunteers to try their mattresses for 3 to 6 months

In this job you don't interact with anybody while sleeping

professional sleeper works alone

Food taster

Food taster has many types of jobs that you work alone

For example, you go to restaurant as a customer and provide your feedback

The average pay is between $30,000 to $60,000 per year

food taster most of the time works alone in this job

Sanitation worker

Sanitation worker is someone who drives truck to collect garbage

Sometimes your jobs requires you to work alone

Nowadays to save time while collecting garbage you drive the car

And another person sitting on the end of the trunk opening picks up the garbage


Working as a photographer can be one of the jobs that you work alone in case you take pictures of your personal sightseeing

At the same time, if you work as a photographer taking pictures of models then expect to work in a social groups and it won't be a good fit for you

In case you decide to work as a personal photographer uploading your work on websites then you can use the below sites for your pictures

Getty Images
Can Stock Photo
Adobe Stock

Walk dogs and pets

If you love dogs then you can work as a dog walker

Definitely you are walking with a good companion

Dogs won't bother you so your job is almost working alone

Beside you earn around $15 to $20 per hour for each dog

You can walk with multiple dogs together

The good thing about walking dogs is the flexibility to work anytime

To find walking dogs opportunities check Rover, fetchpetcare and

House sitter

I knew about this house sitter job recently

Some houses require people to live in for seasonal period like 3 to 6 months

It is not related to getting these houses targeted by burglars

The reason may be related to maintaining these houses

This is a job that you work 100% alone not seeing any person at all

By the way you may not see even the owner

If you are interested then go and check TrustedHouseSitters


I was hesitant to list babysitting as a job that you work alone

You may babysit toddlers that keep talking during your stay

At the same time, babysitting infants will be more caring less talking

What is important is that this babysitting career is very rewarding especially if you accept families dropping off their kids

In one session, you can babysit many kids together and multiply your earnings per babysitting sessions

Actually this is possible with the use of

Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistant jobs as the name imply are online jobs

But what you can do online to help your clients

Actually there are so many jobs more than you think of

Here is below a list of all you can do online

Freelance writing – discussed above
Web designers
Web Developer
SEO consultant
Android developer
IOS developer
Graphic design
Data entry
Virtual assistant
Customer Service
Voice over – reading articles using your voice
Logo designers

All these jobs you complete your duties by yourself

Below is a sample of some of the freelancing sites to sign up

Free Lancer

Virtual Bookkeeping

Do you have an accounting background?

If yes, there is good news here as so many accounting work is waiting for you

All of these accounting jobs you can do it alone

At the same time, you can have your own business dealing with multiple clients

There is a free course on virtual bookkeeping business for you to attend

The good thing about this type of accounting work it is a long term committment

Anyway if you are interested in working as a virtual accountant then you can sign up below for working with real clients

Accounting Department

Websites builder

First, don't panic as building websites does not require you to have an IT degree

There are so many folks who mastered few technologies attending courses on Udemy

You job here is to work alone so you can take orders online through freelancing sites

The pay should be the same or similar to meeting with clients

Any new websites can be built with WordPress and you can charge starting from $1,000 up to $3,000

Websites Tester

If you remember earlier I discussed programming and how it may involve working 20% within a team

On the other side, when it comes to testing websites especially the one you do it online for client you expect to work completely alone

At the same time, it requires good attention to details

You don't need any IT background as you build your experience with more testing websites tasks you complete

Anyway to start testing websites you can find work on

User Testing which pays you $10 to your PayPal
User Feel is another competitive website to look at

Finish small tasks around the house

I am not sure if finishing small tasks around the house is kind of a job that you work alone as you have to deal with the clients before you start

The rest of doing the job itself you are completely by yourself

There are so many tasks around the house like installing new flush in your washroom, installing new garage door opener, painting your home, fixing your leaking pipes and many more

If you are interested in working on these small tasks you can really make good money

Anyway the top best website for find and posting tasks around house is TaskRabbit

Beside that there are so many websites to find jobs in your area to complete


Social Media manager

If you are like me who feels addicted to social media sites

You can work as a social media manager where you even don't have to see your clients

There are so many companies that would like to hire someone who can take care of all their social media profiles

Of course you don't do it manually you use automated tools

For example, Pinterest has so many tools but the famous one is called TailWindPro

By using that tool you can automate pins for months to come


Transcribers are those who work to transform audio and video into text

You need to have good command of English and fast typing speed

This is one of the typical job that you work alone

The good thing about transcribing jobs they don't require educational background

Also you should expect to work under pressure to deliver projects on time

To find transcribing tasks then you should check the below websites

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Scoping jobs

I would call it as best job where you work completely by yourself

You take the official draft reports created by courts

Then manage to transform them into a text corrected from any grammatical and punctuational errors

You have to listen to details and be able to work under pressure

I recommend to take this scoping course to prepare you for the scoping job

Get paid completing micro jobs for business

Nowadays there are so many companies that are looking to hire employees on a contract basis

But they don't want to hire in a formal ways

They see that the kind of tasks are kind of micro jobs that can be done anywhere

Like working without even seeing the office

Once you complete your micro job you are released without any obligation from the company side

Think about it as working in a freelancing sites but you are always hired by companies and not individuals

The parent site for completing micro jobs for companies is Gigwalk

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