Christmas in July? Joe Biden Says Capitol Incident Occured on July 6th

President Joe Biden appeared to misspeak during his most recent speech on Friday, and social media is having a field day.

During a ceremony honoring the men and women who defended the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021, Biden told those in attendance that “history will remember your names.” Unfortunately, although history may remember those names, it seems that Biden could not remember the date at that moment.

At one point in his speech, he said: “What happened on July the 6th had international repercussions beyond what I think any of you can fully understand,” which predictably sent Twitter into a tailspin.

With any political gaffe or misstep – whether from left-leaning or conservative politicians – comes immense scrutiny and criticism. On Friday afternoon, it was no different on Twitter.

For this account, a clown emoji added to the end of Joe Biden's quote is all that's needed to amass thousands of likes:

This straightforward tweet takes Biden's slip of the tongue and turns it into a tongue-in-cheek rallying cry:

This user theorizes that the President must truly hold July 6th in high regard – due to the fact that fireworks can be bought at a discount:

Not all users are piling on the bandwagon – Twitter user pragmaticsliver points out that conservatives are focusing on Biden's “momentary slip” instead of the vote for the Speaker of the House that is ongoing:

Users like ImMeme0 admits that they never liked July 6th to begin with, despite Biden's accidental slip of the tongue:

User TimRunsHisMouth points out that if something is important enough, it should never be confused with something else:

This particular user seems to be counting down the days until Joe Biden's first term as President comes to an end:

User DollarsignMLB brings the funny with a play on words based around Joe Biden's slip-up earlier today:

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