Jimmy Fallon Is Flabbergasted at Joe Biden’s Bill Signing Behavior

Jimmy Fallon was left speechless on Tuesday after witnessing Joe Biden's behavior at the bill signing ceremony for climate change and healthcare.

Superspreader Joe

Fallon poked at the President for showing up to the signing ceremony just hours after first lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19.

In a clip taken at the event, Joe appears at the podium in a mask, shakes hands with Senator Chuck Schumer, and proceeds to remove his mask and cough into his hand.

Find the Humor in It

Fallon joked that “After he signed the bill, everyone was like, ’No, you can keep the pen!”

Fallon also made fun of President Trump in light of the signing of this climate and healthcare bill.

[Donald] Trump heard and was like, ‘You’ll definitely want to sneak that one home when you leave office,’”

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