Joe Biden’s Achievements Are Compared to Fdr, JFK, and LBJ by Chief of Staff

In an interview with Ron Klain, the White House Chief of Staff, Klain compared Joe Biden's achievements in his two years in office to those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Making History

Klain had this to say about Biden's achievements, “The president has delivered the largest economic recovery plan since Roosevelt, the largest infrastructure plan since [Dwight D] Eisenhower, the most judges confirmed since Kennedy, the second-largest healthcare bill since Johnson, and the largest climate change bill in history.”

Happy Midterm Season

This interview made it clear that the Democrats will use their achievements from the past almost 2 years as their running platform in the upcoming midterms.

Klain also pointed out that this is “the first time we’ve done gun control since President Clinton was here, the first time ever an African American woman [Ketanji Brown Jackson] has been put on the US supreme court. I think it’s a record to take to the American people.”

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Biden Studies History

The President has reportedly consulted with historians and biographers to help shape our nation.

A Real Nail Biter

The Democrats control the Senate by a narrow majority right now, but historically, oppositional parties do well in the first elections of a presidential term. While Republicans are favored to take both chambers this fall, the Democrats remain hopeful that their recent legislative successes will be enough to sway the American people.

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