Joe Rogan Net Worth: What Does He Get in The Spotify Deal?

You may know him from his podcast – one of the most downloaded and infamous podcasts of all time.

Or perhaps you saw him back in the day on TV in Hardball or on shows like Fear Factor when he still had hair.

He's a mixed martial arts junkie who commentates ringside at UFC main events and he is also a stand up comedian. By now you already know (and based on the title of this article) that the only person who fits the bill for all of this is Joe Rogan.

The uber successful podcaster/commentator/comedian is also the recent recipient of a $100 million dollar deal with Spotify for the exclusive licensing to his podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE).

But how much does he get in that deal and what is Joe Rogan's net worth now, after the deal?

Today, we will answer just that.

Joe Rogans Life

PowerfulJRE - YouTube

Joe Rogan has had a very interesting life. He was born in New Jersey and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. 

From a very young age, he was a martial artist and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. During his childhood, Rogan once noted he was bullied which is why he began practicing various martial arts. Rogan was so good at martial arts that he had won numerous tournaments. He started doing stand up comedy in Boston in 1988 and was performing in comedy clubs all across America. 

He made his first TV appearance when he appeared in the show Hardball and his first break was in 1995 when he played the handyman Joe Girella on an NBC sitcom.

Then, in 2001, he became one of the hosts of the reality show Fear Factor, a show where Rogan made contestants do various disgusting challenges for cash (while he got in a few arguments too).

This success brought him to become a color commentator for the UFC where he would do several interviews. He quickly became one of the “best fight announcers who has ever called a fight in the history of fighting,” as some would say.

Coupled with the rise in popularity with UFC and being that fighting commentator, in 2009, he hosted his own podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The show gained over 10 million listeners and is estimated to bring in $200,000 per episode!

The short list of guests that have been o the podcast include the likes of:

  • Entrepreneurs Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Elon Musk
  • Infections disease experts
  • Boundless athletes such as Mike Tyson
  • And just recently, Post Malone (here is that link)

This is the same podcast that had licensing rights sold to Spotify in May of 2020 (three-year deal) for the aforementioned amount of $100 million and launches in September 2020 on Spotify!

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His Path to Earning Wealth

Joe’s breakthrough happened at the age of 34, when he hosted the new TV show Fear Factor. It was a blockbuster hit, and it brought him to immediate fame as he convinced unwilling participants to get in pits with snakes or eat worms.

From there, that’s when he was offered a position as a ring-side commentator for the UFC. His first incredibly successful stand-up comedy special was in 2006: Joe Rogan: Live, which made him a pot of income. When the UFC grew from nearly bankrupt to a $4.2 billion-dollar company, Joe was a multi millionaire. From there on, he released very successful standup comedy specials on Netflix and on DVD.

The Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast)

His current podcast is estimated to make $200,000 per episode, which is thousands more than what the average American family makes in a year. He’s done over 1,500 episodes – do the maths and the number get pretty big.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, thanks to his podcasting and commentating, he now has a fortune of $100 million. 

In other words, Joe Rogan Net Worth = $100,000 million +

What made him so successful? He launched his podcast in 2009, when podcasts were still pretty new. He just wanted to have some fun, but now it’s one of the top 5 most downloaded podcasts in the world. He received around 7-10 million downloads per episode, and since the typical advertising rate of a podcast is around $25 per 1,000 listeners, it completely makes sense that he’d be making $200,000 per episode.

If he’s releasing 200 episodes per year, it means he’s making around $40 million per year, however conservative estimates as of 2020 say that Rogan is pulling in $30 million per year with the podcast!

Joe Rogan’s Net Worth:

Based on the numbers above, Rogan's net worth was estimated to be higher than $25 million and probably closer to $40 million prior to the Spotify deal.

When the three-year deal was announced with Spotify, it was estimated that Rogan was bringing in $30 million per year. Since the deal and with his popularity increasing, that number is expected to keep growing too. 

Tips to Be Like Joe Rogan

While becoming the next best podcaster might seem like a long shot, there are ways to make money in the online space and that starts with how you go about things.

What are some habits and thoughts that Joe Rogan implements? Here are some of them: 

Prioritize thoughts

Rogan explained on The Daily Wire that he pushes for positive thoughts. He believes: you are what you think. If you want your life, career and relationships to be doing well, you need to be thinking positively about them. This is one of the reasons he says he stopped fighting; he says it had a negative effect on his consciousness and would affect his thoughts. 

Learn from criticism

Joe Rogan believes that he can learn something even from the haters. On The Alex Jones Show he explains why he finds people hating on him beneficial since it helped him learn from criticism as well as develop a thick skin. Whenever he receives some negative feedback, he looks at it and determines how much it will affect him. Then he decides how much positivity he’ll be throwing back at it.  

Don’t make excuses

Rogan makes a point to never let excuses get the better of him. 

He is committed to succeeding and not letting excuses get in the way of it. When he wants to achieve a goal, he forgets the excuses and looks to maximize every second, minute, and hour of his life. 

That’s how he got to where he is now. Instead of just saying that “I might try this goal”, he actually pulls through with it.

Final Word on Joe Rogan’s Net Worth:

The chances of your $30 million per year deal with Spotify is a long shot, yes.

Rogan has 10 million + followers on Instagram and over 9 million subscribers on YouTube. He has also been at it since before I was born in 1987.

So while the chances of you becoming an overnight podcaster or blogger who is worth $100 million are slim, that doesn't mean you can't take some of the tips from above and try the following:

  1. Look at ways to make $1,000 per month on the online space
  2. Start a blog and podcast using these steps here

Remember no one is an “Overnight Celebrity.” Rogan got his $100 million dollar deal after 33 years of being in the acting/comedy/broadcasting/MMA industry and starting his podcast 11 years ago.

However, simply taking ownership of your net worth begins with tracking, and there are plenty of tools to do just that (read my full Personal Capital review here) that should help you stay motivated and notch a few small victories!

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