Jonathan Rose: An Informed Investor Is a Better Investor

The path to successful investment can be narrow and fraught with pitfalls.

To prevent getting hurt in an investment gone south, investors must apply diligence in making decisions concerning their 401(k) and IRA retirement savings.

Jonathan Rose's Background

And that's what Jonathan Rose CEO of Genesis Gold Group, is all about –educating investors on the benefits of allocating a portion of their investment portfolio to precious metals.

Born and raised in London, England, Rose's journey into the world of investment began when he worked for notable companies like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Prudential-Bache Securities.

But while working at London Metal Exchange, his interest in the precious metals industry was forged.

When moving to the U.S. in 1998, Rose consulted for HSBC & AIG on an Asian tour covering Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, establishing gold depositories for these banks.

Since then, it's been about 20 years of consistent involvement across the industry, investing and playing advisory roles to companies and individuals regarding corporate and personal investments and establishing their portfolios, 401(k)s, and personal investments, especially concerning precious metals.

401(k) and IRA investor's Common Problems

Throughout his career, Jonathan Rose notes that a common problem for most 401k and IRA investors is that they haven't paid attention to the details of their investment portfolio.

“When I speak to investors or clients and ask them, ‘Well, what's inside your IRA?’ many of them don't know.”

This lack of information is rarely the fault of the individual investor. Most have been told to trust the person in charge of their portfolio blindly or have trusted the brand name of the establishment managing their account.

However, as the economic winds have changed, now is the time to better understand where your hard-earned money is invested.


Rather than waiting til you're taking losses to initiate change, Rose encourages investors to empower themselves by taking control of their money, with proper guidance.

Most Americans are aware of the economic storm brewing in the country, and that market positions will likely struggle significantly over the next few years. Rose indicates that this increases the need for a properly diversified investment portfolio, including physical precious metals.

From mid-2008 to the beginning of 2012, we saw gold and silver increase over 300% and 400%, respectively, Rose points out. At the same time, we saw the S&P 500 fall 55.4% from its peak.

Precious Metals Stability

The stability offered by precious metals makes them extremely attractive during a recession. In addition, they hold their value very well during inflation and have proven more stable than other alternatives, like cryptocurrency.

When inflation is rampant in the economy, most dollar-linked assets lose value. However, despite the dropping value of the U.S. dollar, the value of metals like gold has maintained some relative stability.

“One thing for sure, gold has never been worth zero,” he points out. “But we've seen many of these cryptocurrencies lose 97%-98% of their worth. Retirees who look at allocating their retirement nest eggs to cryptocurrencies within an IRA or 401(k) can be extremely volatile, and high risk.”

With 20 years behind him as an expert in the industry, Rose knows the ins and outs of the economy and has helped many people manage their 401(k) retirement accounts over the years. Given his experience, he believes there is a strong case for allocating at least a portion of an investment portfolio to physical precious metals.

Financial Literacy Education

In addition to being a global leader in managing Gold IRA retirement accounts and precious metals, Jonathan Rose is a staunch advocate for early financial literacy education. He is a Co-Founder of Genesis Gold Group, a precious metals investment firm he founded alongside two premier precious metals brokers, Brad Garrett and Jacob Diaz.

His company provides new and experienced investors with the knowledge and trust to use alternative strategies to preserve and grow their wealth. Furthermore, Rose believes in cultivating strong relationships with clients, and his firm aims to inspire more Americans to consider adding physical gold investments to their retirement portfolios.

Experience Matters

Being a certified industry expert and a leader in precious metals investments, Rose has what it takes to impart the proper education to anyone on the subject matter.

“When people speak to us, the first thing they realize is, ‘We are knowledgeable’,” he says. “And obviously, our background has paved the way for us to be leaders in our industry, and that gives our clients comfort.”

Stewardship is the core value at the center of Genesis Gold Group’s foundation, and that trust gives them something in common with their clients. Having the right values that people can relate to has been fundamental to the growth and success of our company, ”Our core values align with many of our clients,” he explains.

So far, Rose has appeared in multiple publications and other platforms discussing the importance of proper portfolio diversification.

He’s been featured on interviews, live streams, podcasts, and online outlets where he shares insight and expert views about the economy against the background of its impact on the average American worker’s 401(k)’s or IRA’s.

His goal, and that of Genesis Gold Group, is to ensure that the American worker has the tools they need to plan their own financial future properly.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.