Jooble Reviews : Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

This is a Jooble review. It does answer questions like: Is it worth it? Do I really get these high paying remote jobs? I want you to take a wild guess.

I mean even before I answer your burning questions which I am pretty sure I will hint on; you must think either positively or negatively about this.

So, keep your ideas or skepticism to yourself for now. This review will satisfy your curiosity. I’ll give an honest review and lay down all the information I have researched on before you.

Then, you can make your own decision. We are going to see what Jooble is, its features, who founded it amongst many other things about the website.


What is Jooble?


Jooble is a job- post aggregator that collects jobs from many websites all over the internet and presents them in one searchable web database.

It is a website that offers remote job vacancies in over 24 countries worldwide. It is however very popular with the United States of America audience.

I mean these jobs are ideal jobs. The search engine is very flexible and covers a wide range of jobs from professional to non-professional jobs.

It even has remote jobs. I mean these are ideal jobs. You don’t get to wake up early, go into work every day, sign in or clock in everyday, smile every day.

I do recommend sticking to the smiling though. Anyway, remote jobs are highly flexible. Once you finish your assignments for the day, you are free to log off unlike jobs that require physical presence.

With a non-remote job, even if you are finished, you must pretend until the end of the day, such a drag!! Anyway, this website has it all.

Jooble is available at You can log in anytime and try your luck I suppose.


Who founded Jooble?

Roman Prokofiev is the co – founder of Jooble and is its current Chief Executive Officer. He is Ukrainian.

He was born in 1985 in Kherson, Ukraine. Roman launched Jooble in 2006 with Eugeniy, his business partner. Roman created his first company, TeamSoft in his second year of university which was 2003.

Teamsoft was about the development of corporate solutions for pharmaceutical companies. While working as the head at Teamsoft, he faced a lot of problems trying to find new developers. He realised that job sites gave out the same positions without filters to optimize the search. This is where the idea of creating Jooble was born.

Roman invited his friend, Eugeniy to develop a search for resumes and vacancies.

So, Jooble was thus launched in 2006 and it has been up and running for over 15 years.


Features of Jooble.

It is a job website. You can create an account if you want and share your email address where you can receive updates of available jobs from time to time.


You can however opt to go incognito each time you visit the site. This is also okay. It is not a requirement to log in to access the content on the site.

It is free of charge. You do not pay any subscription fee or anything to see the available jobs.


How Does Jooble Work?

Okay. Here’s how it works. First of all, I need you to know that Jooble is a middle person. It is simply a vessel connecting you to potential employers. It’s a bit like Amazon.

We all know how that works, right? A vendor pays the company to sell his/ her/ its products on their platform.

The buyer sees it and buys not from Amazon but from the vendor. See where I am going with this? So, all Jooble does is allow people or companies seeking employees to have their adverts on their website and the employees see the advertisements and then apply for the jobs.


That is the dynamic of the website.

So, you go to the website and there is an area where you can search for specific job openings. It shows the employer and the range of payment per hour or per month.

You can create an account which can make your searches easier with a filter according to your search history, preferred selections etcetera.


How Much Does Jooble Cost?

The cost is zero. All the services Jooble offers are free of charge as ii earlier mentioned. All the job seeker needs is a data connection and time because the data base is pretty expansive and wide.

As I earlier mentioned though, Jooble is a search data base. So, if they pick up your job advertisement by chance, good for you.

However, if you want to directly post on Jooble and you want to be sure your job post appears on the search engine, you should post the position on another job board and then pay Jooble to promote your posting in response to certain search key words.



The internet is filled up with very many people. Some get satisfied by the services they are offered and some don’t. It is the way of life I suppose.

No one experience can be the same for multiple people. Even if it is averagely good, some experience better service than others.

It is on this basis that I want you to keep an open mind here. So, Jooble reviews are mixed. Users of the website can post their reviews on Trust Pilot where reviews of websites are posted. Jooble has an average of 3.3 stars.

Over 51% of the users state that the site is excellent and another 44% rate it as bad. I know we are used to 4.5 ratings and above but this isn’t so bad.

It is exceptionally easier to search for a job in the comfort of your own home or in whatever area you chose rather than walking up and down from city to city, street to street.

The availability of this search engine is amazing for job seekers.

The positive reviews state that the website has helped them find qualified job candidates. There are close to none positive reviews from job seekers themselves even if they are the primary users of the website.

Not to play the defense in this case but maybe this is not so bad. I mean some people do forget to thank people that helped them make it especially if they feel they do not need them anymore. Something like “I have a job now so whatever.”

Anyway, it is a bit weird though because I mean out of the thousands of people who use the website, there is no single satisfied job seeker who wished to give a review?

It is quite a stretch to assume they are all ungrateful.

But, on the other hand, the 44% that had purely negative reviews of Jooble are job seekers.

They say a lot of bad things about the website like receiving overwhelming spam emails, allowing fraudulent posts to be posted on the site, old job listings that are still on the site.

So, the information is there. You can decide if you want to use the search engine or not.


Pros of Jooble.

The pros are obvious.

Search for a job wherever you are. All the information is provided before you online. The best part is that you can search for a job on the search engine and the best options are provided for you using the keywords.

So, it is pretty easy to use Jooble rather that going to every single website of potential employers and stalking them from time to time to see if there is an opening.

Secondly, the search engine is not restricted. Even people who are searching for jobs in the United States but do not live there yet can also easily access the site.

A site with an international audience, stellar!

Jooble operates in over 71 countries in about 24 languages. It is available to an international audience.


Cons of Jooble.

According to its negative reviews, the website does send a lot of spam emails to job seekers and even when they try to unsubscribe, they still get emails from different email addresses.

Jooble also still displays jobs on their search engine even after their deadlines have reached. They do not take them off the site which confuses job seekers.

It is a website meant to help jo seekers so a wastage of their time and energy is surely not the way to go.


My Opinion on Jooble: Is Jooble Legit?

I believe Jooble is a good website that provides a free search engine to job seekers to find the jobs of their choice. It focuses on the key words you put in it and boom!

All the jobs are there according to your resume with the pay available and the area it is in. So, there you have it. Jooble is a great website and I know it is extremely hard to make a perfect search engine.

You cannot perfectly censor whatever is uploaded on there. It is important that you realize that the founders did something good. This obviously does not mean that the website will be perfect.

Also, their customer service is pretty good. There are replies to all the reviews made on Trust pilot.

The good ones and the bad ones. It is pretty rare these days to find companies dedicated to proper service.

They try to improve their service delivery in one way or another. That is dedication and it is good enough for me.

I hope you found this Jooble review helpful.

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