This Thanksgiving Avoid Court TV Family Drama With Judge Rhonda’s Tips

Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and an overabundance of food. However, what can start as quality family time can easily slide into arguments, a total zoo, or even worse, a legal matter. Judge Rhonda from “Relative Justice” is on a mission this holiday season to make sure that you don’t end up in a courtroom no matter your family dynamics.

10 Ways To Avoid Family Legal Disputes This Thanksgiving From Judge Rhonda

  1. Don’t use the good silverware to clear dishes into the trash – you might drop a fork or knife and be held responsible for the replacement of this irreplaceable family heirloom later.
  2. Plan ahead. Navigating conversations with those with differing views can be tough.  Best to avoid discussions on politics, and even Covid-19, with some family members.
  3. Don’t borrow anyone’s rental car after dinner – even if you’re blocked in the driveway.  As any rental car company will tell you, only those listed on the rental agreement should be behind the wheel.
  4. When hosting, try to avoid assigned seating – you don’t want to be a party to any disagreements that may arise.
  5. Don’t be stubborn. It’s okay to use someone else’s stuffing recipe this time, and less chance you’ll be blamed for someone’s trip to the ER later.
  6. Don’t gawk at grandma’s earrings or Aunt Eleanor’s bracelet.  Instead, try to compliment her privately in hopes you’ll be remembered later.
  7. Hold back on refilling drinks right away – too much alcohol tends to bring out the wrong side of some people – you just never know when the conversation will take a nasty turn.
  8. Be flexible.  It’s okay if co-parenting schedules don’t match up perfectly. Thanksgiving holiday is more than just an early dinner on Thursday.  Especially during the long holiday weekend, it can be celebrated anytime, just as long as you’re together.
  9. Don’t let any of your guests get carried away (literally) with the adult drinks, especially if they plan to drive home later.  So, like your mamma’s advice: you host = you’re responsible.

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Want Some More Tough Love in Action?

Check your local listings for “Relative Justice,” a syndicated, arbitration-based, unscripted show. It pulls back the curtain on family matters, moving the drama from the dining room to the courtroom.  Each case is brought before the honorable Judge Rhonda Wills, who presides with grace, compassion, and tough love while dispensing solid legal advice to help families put an end to current conflicts. Raised alongside four siblings and now a mother of four, Judge Rhonda has faced many of the same family dynamics and scenarios as the people who appear before her in the courtroom.  IThoseexperiences combined with her legal expertise tropels her judgments to nesolve litigants’ legal disputes bandwork towards bringing families back together in the process. “I can identify with nearly every scenario that comes before me on the bench,” explains Wills.  “It’s either something that has happened to me in my own family, to a close friend, or one of my clients.” More From

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