K Project Season 3: What We Know So Far

K Project Season 3 might have been the most anticipated anime by GoHands Studio to return. From the eccentric story and characters to the wonderful soundtrack and lustrous animation, it’s for sure one of the anime that people have at least watched once. But it has been a few years since the last season of the anime that has aired, which begs the question if fans will ever get renewed. With that said, is K Project Season 3 possible? 

K Project, A Quick Recap

Starting in season 1, Yashiro Isana is being chased by members of the Red Clansman called Homura until he is saved by Kuroh Yatogami, nicknamed “Black Dog.” He was accused of murdering one of their clansmen, which he couldn’t even remember doing even after seeing the video of him murdering said clansman that was broadcasted throughout the city. 

Along with Kuroh and the mysterious Neko, Yashiro tries to prove himself innocent and find out who he is as he couldn’t remember who he is. Meanwhile, the Red King and the leader of Homura, Mikoto Suoh, is facing an imminent demise of the fall of his “Sword of Damocles.” If the Sword of Damocles falls, it can cause a catastrophic disaster to the city like it did several years ago. 

Moving along to season 2, it takes place a year after season 1. With Mikoto Suoh passing, Homura has disbanded. Neko and Kuroh are still trying to find any leads to where Yashiro might be missing. Though a new King, Green King, has begun their move to capture Anna for her power to overthrow the current Gold King domain. Neko and Kuroh agreed to help Anna, as it might help them find Yashiro. 

Will There Be K Project Season 3?

K Project Season 3 Visual

K Project is a manga series created by animation studio GoHands and GoRa in 2008. The anime was depicted from October 5, 2012 until December 28, 2012. Due to the popularity of the series, GoHands released another season called K: Return of Kings which aired from October 3, 2015 until December 26, 2015.  

Overall, K Project has successfully captured the hearts of both fans and critics alike, receiving overwhelming positive reviews. The first season received 7.46 among over 300,000 users and ranked 214 in terms of popularity. While the second season received 7.59 among over 100,000 users on MyAnimeList

After the second season release, GoHands has announced that the story of K Project has come to an end. Despite saying that, there’s a movie and several spin-offs released as fans couldn’t get enough of the series just yet. There’s a possibility for K Project Season 3 to happen, but that totally depends on the fans’ enthusiasm towards the series as there are cases where a series is continued due to the constant demand. 

K Project Season 3 Release Date

K Season 3

As stated above, the chances of K Project season 3 are low as the studio themselves has announced that the story came to a close. But it doesn’t mean that fans should give up just yet. There’s a possibility that K Project might release a spin off or a new movie before a new series. 

GoHands and GoRa managed to deliver a satisfying story through animation, voice acting and also soundtrack. The journey each character has is different and special in their own way, surely this anime has touched many hearts as there are some elements that feel relatable to some. The first season opening song is sung by Angela titled “KINGS” with ending song titled “Tsumetai Heya, Hitori” (冷たい部屋、一人) by Mikako Komatsu, who voiced Neko in the anime. There’s an insert song by Yuki Kaji called “Circle of Friends” and “Itsuka no Zero Kara” (いつかのゼロから) by Angela. 

Currently, there are spin off anime revolving recurring characters in K Project called K: Seven Stories. Each divided into seven parts retelling some of K Project’s notable characters whether it’s about their past or present. Each story tells a different perspective of characters and tells how they came to be to where the anime has shown us thus far. As of now, K Project and its spin offs are available to be watched at Crunchyroll

In conclusion, while the studio has yet to announce a third season for a fan favorite series like K Project, there’s still a possibility for the series to return. Though the chances are slim, if fans continue to show their enthusiasm and support towards the series through petitions and hashtags, there’s a chance the series might return. But for now, fans will have to wait a little bit longer for Yashiro and his friends’ adventures to return to the screen. 

K Project Characters and Cast

Yashiro Isana Namikawa Daisuke (Hunter X Hunter)
Kuroh YatogamiOno Daisuke
NekoKomatsu Mikako
Anna KushinaHorie Yui
Reishi MunakataSugita Tomokazu
Mikoto SuohTsuda Kenjiro (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Misaki YataFukuyama Jun (Seven Deadly Sins)
Saruhiko FushimiMiyano Mamoru