Kakushigoto Season 2: Will It Back Soon?

Kakushigoto is one of the anime series that continuously bring people a heartwarming and adorable plotline. Kakushigoto Season 2 was expected to be the same. This slice of life anime brings out all the bittersweet vibe and character development from the start until the end. We served a simple and heart-touching anime that brought everyone together. 

Kakushigoto is one of the newest series in the anime world. Kakushigoto is a Japanese anime series that was produced from the remake of Koji Kumeta’s manga series of the same title. The studio Ajia-do Animation Works debuted the first season of this series in April 2020 and continued to impress the audience until the last episode aired in June 2020. Now everyone needs to know if there are possibilities for Kakushigoto Season 2 and will it come soon?

Kakushigoto Season 1: Plotline

Kakushigoto Season 2

Kakushi Gotou is a popular manga artist whose works are known for ecchi content. When his daughter Hime was born, he vowed to keep his profession hidden from her, believing that she will be disillusioned if she finds out. Basically, he wants to protect her from his dirty world. His paranoid belief and thought lead Kakushi into hectic situations. 

Despite being a single father, he does his best and often leads to strange ends just to protect his secret. Such a unique and heartwarming plotline as we saw of everyday lives consists of father and daughter. Kakushi will be embarrassed when Hime somehow finds her way to his workplace.

An accident happened when Kakushi lost his manga artist job and was forced to do labor jobs. Later, he accidentally got into an accident that put him in a coma for the whole year. Meanwhile, Hime who has turned 18 receives the key to Kakushi’s workplace where she discovers the secret of the father which he has been hiding since her birth. When Kakushi finally wakes up, he has lost 7 years of memory and can’t acknowledge his grown-up daughter. The story continued from there.

Kakushigoto Season 2: Material Resource

Kakushigoto Season 2

Kakushigoto Season 2 was an anime adaptation from its manga. But the narrative structure of the anime was quite different from the manga series. Unlike the manga, each episode of the anime has its independent plot. They used a prologue to interlink the episodes with each other. Surprisingly, they adopted the manga’s ending as well in the final episode, which was also the best episode of its series.

The manga series has a total of 12 volumes, and the anime used content from all of it. It goes without saying that a lot of chapters were skipped in its making. The manga concluded last year in July. Besides the difference between manga and anime, the story that is skipped from manga to anime was not a significant plotline of Kakushigoto. It was an everyday scene between Kakushi and Hime.

Kakuhsigoto Season 2: Release Date

Kakushigoto Season 2

The debut season of Kakushigoto received overwhelming and lots of positive responses from fans. It’s also not exaggerated to say that the expectation of the viewers with its heartwarming content will make this anime become one of the top anime in 2020. The comedy, with a warm father-daughter relationship, managed to get favorable reviews and high ratings. Now we need to know if the studio might bring back this anime series.

The anime that already used all volumes of the manga might have some trouble coming back for the next sequel. The manga series and the production company won’t get any new chapters. The lack of source material might become the reason for the cancelation of Kakushigoto Season 2

There are possibilities that Kakushigoto Season 2 might use the skipped chapter from the manga for the next sequel but it is more than likely to happen because it can’t stand alone without the main story and the story itself already resolved in Kakushigoto Season 1. Therefore, besides all the positive responses from fans all around the world, the chance for the studio to release for next season will be very slim. But our best guess is Kakushi will come with OVA episodes