Kanye West ‘Missing’ As Ex-Business Manager Tries to Serve $4.5 Million Lawsuit

The New York Post reported today that Kanye West has been missing for weeks. According to his ex-business manager, the rapper has been missing as he can't find West to serve him with a hefty lawsuit.

Twitter user @_ItsMarisWorld_ posted the original article from the New York Post, as West started to trend.

@BlancoTarantino wanted to dispel the rumors by letting everyone know Ye was spotted at church.

@blakeflayton thinks Kanye's past ‘anti-Semitic remarks might have something to do with his ‘missing' status.

@48hours wants everyone to know that Kanye isn't the only rapper who's been reported ‘missing.'

User @K187LA thinks there are people or groups out to do Kanye in.

@shewhoelevates hopes Kanye is surrounded by people who can help keep him safe.

@Black_Bunnyyyy didn't seem overly concerned that West was reported ‘missing.'

@paulhof55507941 wants to know if anyone's checked out Mar-a-Lago for the missing rapper.

@drpenking thinks ‘cancel culture' came for West, stripping him of everything he had.

@ListenLeenda agrees with West on an issue with Hollywood.

@justanass74 thinks the whole West rumor mill is just a stunt to get his name to trend.

Whether or not Kanye West is actually missing seems to be up for debate. Some say he's been to church recently, but his ex-manager says he can't find him. It's possible that West doesn't want to be found. 

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