Kari Lake Told to ‘Grow Up’ After She Calls Arizona a ‘Banana Republic’

Republican Kari Lake is in a neck-and-neck race for governor in Arizona. It might not be helping her, though, to be insulting the state she is running in. She reportedly called Arizona a “banana republic” because not all of the votes have been counted yet. “Banana republic” is considered to be a racist term directed towards black and brown individuals.

Not The Best Campaign Strategy

According to a Twitter user, “Banana Republic” is a “racist term of imperialist white supremacy.”

Kari made the alleged derogatory comment in an interview on Newsmax on Thursday.

“This is just an embarrassment. People of Arizona are just sick and tired of elections being run like some banana republic.”

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A Message for Kari

A local news columnist thinks that any GOP candidates who are complaining about the election results need to “grow up.”

Kari has been confident through this election that she would emerge victorious. “We’re going to win this, everybody in this state news we’re going to win it – I was running against a basement candidate who didn’t even campaign,” she stated.

Speaking about her opponent Katie Hobbs, Lake claimed that Hobbs “didn’t debate, and the people didn’t vote for her; there was zero excitement.”

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Another Election Denier?

Kari allegedly claimed that her election was fraudulent, but so far has not provided any evidence or reported anyone to authorities. She was almost scolded by MSNBC's Vaughn Hilliard for suggesting that the election was being tampered with.

This isn't the first time Lake and Hilliard have gone head-to-head. Back in August, Hilliard challenged Lake in an interview to provide evidence of election fraud, which Lake did not.

Laurie Roberts with the Arizona Republic said, “Oh, grow up, candidates. There’s a reason Arizona election results are taking forever.”

“Kari Lake was vowing to call the Arizona Legislature into a special session because she didn’t get a balloon drop on election night,” Roberts added. “Do you need a timeout? That’s what I used to ask my toddler sons when they’d throw themselves onto the floor, kicking and screaming, because they didn’t get their way.”

Roberts also claimed that Lake does not know how the government in the state she wants to run works.

“Kari Lake was on Fox, complaining about ‘shoddy elections that are run by imbeciles’ and vowing a special session of the Legislature – though I’m not sure why a special session would be needed given that the Legislature will convene just seven days after our new governor takes office. For the adults in the room, what’s happening now with the delay in counting was entirely expected. It’s the product of close races and an early ballot system created by Republicans and run by Republicans.”

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