No Word From Kari Lake as Defeat Looms, AZ Still Counting Ballots

The Arizona gubernatorial race has been tight, and after days of counting ballots, Democrat Katie Hobbs has been declared the “unequivocal favorite” to take the victory.

One of Many

Kari Lake is one of many Republican candidates who were endorsed by Trump but fell short on Election Day.

The former President endorsed more than 300 Republicans across all forms of government that were up for election this November.

Trump has been attempting to prove that he has a gift for choosing winners and that there is still support for “MAGA politics.”

Unfortunately, the odds were not in his favor this time around. Trump needed to prove himself the most in key Senate races, but he may have made an error in choosing untested political newbies as well as candidates who openly agree with him that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

The so-called “red wave” that Trump and other Republicans predicted this fall never came, and Democrats will likely hold onto control of the Senate.

Although Lake cut Hobbs' lead by around 10,000 votes after a ballot count on Sunday, it is unlikely that she will be able to come out on top with only seven percent of the votes left to count.

According to an analysis conducted by Arizona Mirror, Lake needs 58% of the remaining votes in order to overtake Hobbs. Lake has not come close to those results in any of the post-election counts.

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Celebrating Early

Short of announcing her victory, Hobbs' campaign team stated that Hobbs is the “clear favorite” to win the election.

Nicole DeMont, Hobbs' campaign manager, was the one who made the announcement. “With the latest tabulation results from Maricopa, Pinal, and Prima counties, Katie Hobbs is the unequivocal favorite to become the next governor of Arizona. Katie has led since the first round of ballots were counted, and after tonight's results, it's clear that this won't change.”

Maricopa county is where the majority of ballot counting is still going on, and officials have said it could be a few more days before the counting process is complete.

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Doubting Kari

Lake has made it known that she doubts the integrity of the Arizona elections. In an interview with Fox News, she said that she would change how elections are handled in Arizona if she became governor.

“I consider someone's vote their voice. I think of it as a sacred vote, and it's being trampled the way we run our elections in Arizona. I've been sounding the alarm for two years. Nothing got done. Very little got done last legislative session, and we need to get in there and restore faith in our elections. We can't be the laughingstock of elections anymore here in Arizona, and when I'm governor, I will not allow it.”

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