Timeless Tokens: 12 Coolest Childhood Keepsakes We Can’t Let Go Of

For the sentimental person, keeping certain things from childhood is quite common. For them, these keepsakes are precious. On a discussion board, many people ask what the coolest keepsake others still own is. Their answers are fun, sweet, impressive, and relatable.

1. Lunchboxes

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Multiple individuals share that they have lunchboxes from their childhoods. One mentions they still have their 1966 Batman lunchbox and thermos, and another speaks of a Beatles lunch box. This is cool alone, but some might also be worth a lot of money. I often wish I had kept my Aladdin lunchbox from elementary school and delight whenever I see vintage movie lunchboxes in antique stores.

2. Barbie Dolls

barbie dolls
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Barbie dolls are still as popular as ever. Multiple people save their dolls, including someone who still takes out their 1977 Hawaiian Superstar doll. These Barbie fans are not alone. I kept many dolls, including Teen Talk Barbie, Western Barbie, and her little sister, Skipper, and I love collecting other toys I may have missed out on as a kid. 

3. Daniel Boone Teddy Bear

teddy bear
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One person talks about an incredibly unique keepsake they have kept from a very young age. This person notes they still have the Official Daniel Boone Teddy Bear with a coonskin cap. The now 70-year-old has had this toy since they were four. That's devotion.

4. Baby Quilts and Blankets

Baby Blanket quilt
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Some of the most common items folks keep from childhood are quilts and blankets from when they were babies, especially if an older relative made them. One individual shared they still have the quilt their great-grandmother made for them when they were born. Crocheted blankets, hand-stitched quilts, and other hand-made textiles are usually of the finest quality and are made to last. But it's the sentiment behind them that solidifies their true value.

5. MAD Magazines

MAD Magazine
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MAD Magazine was a widely humorous popular publication that began in 1952. Given that it's no longer in production, some are worth a great deal. One person says they still have “about 30 years' worth of MAD Magazines. Another reader said their dad gave him his MAD Magazines when he was 16. The oldest one is from 1958. Passing down keepsakes is fantastic; it could prove lucrative in this case.

6. Nancy Drew Books

Nancy Drew Books
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Classic detective novels geared towards young readers are fun and a common keepsake from many generations. Several contributors talk fondly about these books and how they could never party with them. My mother loved and read them in the 1960s, kept every book, and gave them to me as a child to enjoy and continue the collection. And I still have them all.

7. Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornament
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Christmas ornaments are like precious pieces of treasure, especially delicate ones. They become family heirlooms. So many people have kept this tradition alive. I feel a kindred connection to this mindset and share the love of one sentimental individual. They discuss their “beautiful glass-blown Christmas ornaments.”

8. Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

raggedy ann and andy dolls
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Raggedy Ann and Andy are lesser known today, but the once-popular dolls and toys are so adorable. One commenter still has Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made for her as a child by her great-grandmother. They've been with her through every move, and while they weren't always out on display, she always knew exactly where they were. 

9. Fisher Price Rolling Drummer Boy

drummer boy toy
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Another sentimental user speaks about a toy from Fisher Price: a rolling drummer that was a birthday gift in 1968. The poster says the toy is a little beat, and he lost the pull-string, but he still loves the little guy. A worn-out toy means it's well-loved.

10. Clay Hand Prints

clay hand print
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Children often make things for their parents in school or a specialty shop like ceramic or clay pottery. One such example is a clay handprint. Someone speaks of the one they made in kindergarten. “It has somehow survived multiple moves and remains in perfect condition 53 years later.” 

11. Stuffed Animals

family with stuffed animal toy
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Stuffed toys are undoubtedly the most common item we will keep from when we are young. They will hold sentimental value even if they look worn out and old. Several discuss retaining stuffed Teddy bears, lions, lambs, pelicans, and dogs. 

12. Disneyland Official Guidebook

Vintage Disney Brochure
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Disney collectibles are a precious commodity. It's a miracle in my eyes to save anything from the early days of Disneyland. But that is precisely what my father did with the guidebook he got from a trip in the 1960s. It remains one of his most cherished mementos.

13. Dollhouses

Wooden Dollhouse
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When I was younger, my dad built my sister and me a beautiful wooden dollhouse. We played with it constantly, and when we were no longer using it, we carefully packed it away into the attic for safekeeping. When I moved out of my parent's house, I brought my childhood dollhouse. While I haven't found the perfect place to display it just yet, it is extremely important to me, and my dad's gift fostered my adult love of toy and doll collecting. 

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