Kevin David Review 2023 – Is Kevin David Legit?

What is Kevin David about? Is Kevin David a scam?

If you have been asking these questions for some time well you are in luck because today you will find all the answers to all these questions in this in-depth Kevin David review.

As thrilling as entrepreneurship can be, it is not so much fun when you lose all your investments.

For this not to happen, one needs some form of guidance when venturing out into ecommerce.

More often than not, we look to the people that have already made it in the sector we want to enter.

Personally, I do not have a lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs in my area.

So I had to go online and try to find one to guide me in this journey.

When I came across an entrepreneur that had found an alternative to his day job, I was interested in finding out how he did it.

For those that watch TV shows, you might recognize him from the show “Marrying millions” where he stars with his girlfriend Kattie.

Kevin David had created multiple income streams and he was now a TV personality.

I decided to take on Kevin David as a mentor.


Who is Kevin David?


To understand who Kevin David Husle is, you have to know where he comes from.

He was born on the 20th of July, 1991 in Eugene city that is found in Oregon a state in Northwestern United States on the Pacific.

Not much is known about his mother and siblings if he has any. However, he has a close relationship with his father. Kevin David earned a university degree from Oregon state university.

He worked as an accountant with one of the giants in the accounting world, Price Water Coopers, also known as PWC.

He later on switched jobs and started working as a private consultant with Facebook.

At some point, he started searching for an alternative to the 9-5 mode of work.

While digging for opportunities on the internet, he came across the Amazon FBA model.

This signified the start of a very illustrious career he enjoys to date.

After starting up various businesses, he started teaching people the skills and tools that were instrumental to his success.

Kevin David claims that he has taught more than 500,000 people to do online business and about 21,000 people to become entrepreneurs after quitting formal jobs.

Kevin David targets specific market groups which were successful as they provide immense value to his audience.

Such a mode of marketing ends up working in favor of the seller and buyer.

The buyer knows that if they raised issues to do with the services they expect, the seller would attend to them thus achieving value for the money paid.

On the other hand, the seller has all the time in the world to study this particular market groups in order to make a product that is synonymous with the needs of the market groups.

He has a very large following on various social media applications that total up to just under 5,000,000 across all platforms.

Kevin David has greatly utilized Facebook. This social media application has a lot of users that could be a target market.

He started a Facebook group where his students could engage him one on one through question and answer sessions on a wide range of topics including those beyond business.

Using this platform, you can interact with other entrepreneurs using Kevin David’s groups.

These added advantages made it easy for him to grow his Facebook group in turn increasing income from students.

He is also an author with one book to his name. The title of the book is “The Unfair Advantage: The underground Blueprint to creating a massive movement by turning your knowledge into income” which was released in 2019.

The book covers the essential aspects of starting and marketing an online course business.

You get to learn how to structure your course, how to promote your course and how to use sales funnels to increase your course registrations.

The eBook version is priced at $1.24. However, if you need a hard copy delivered to you, you have to pay $19.95 on Amazon.


Kevin David’s net worth

This entrepreneur is quite secretive about how much money he actually has. According to various websites, he is estimated to have a net worth upwards of $10,000,000.

These estimates were made basing on the number of students that he has and the expected value of the software businesses he owns.

You will come across various sites that estimate his net worth to be close to $300,000,000. Maybe we shall wait for when he is ready to disclose this fact.


Deep dive into Kevin David’s business life.

Kevin David’s businesses

Kevin David’s undying need to pursue entrepreneurship has led him on a journey to start multiple businesses online. At the moment, he owns four businesses. They include;

1. Zonbase.

This is an all in one software tool designed to help sellers on Amazon.

Zonbase is a web based tool that helps Amazon sellers research products, find profitable niches, estimate sales, perform keyword research and track product rank in the Amazon search.

These tools are designed to help Amazon sellers looking to find their winning products on Amazon.

You can see our in-depth and comprehensive review of the Zonbase software here.


2. AMZ done for you.

This is an automation system created to help Amazon users. It was created by David Arnett and Kevin David.

This automation system that is used to run an automated Amazon store for you.

The biggest advantage of this system is that you get help from a team that has accumulated over 10 years of experience in building, scaling and selling Amazon ecommerce businesses.

This experience is always needed in order for you to get the best possible results.


3. Shop Inspect.

This is an online tool that searches the internet for specific keywords that you type.

You can use this tool to search for products or shops, and then the tool will give you a report.

This report contains interest over time, the trend showing the number of people searching for that keyword over time, other words used by people relevant to your search and products that you can sell on your store.

This software helps you to get information on the trending products people want to buy thus fast tracking your chances of making money.


4. Marketer magic.

This is a marketing and conversion tracking platform that helps you maximize your profits.

It is a software suite that has 6 much needed marketing tools built into one platform.

These tools include many leads email template, chat bots, mini me link shortener, click proof for social proof, work hub and email verifier.

All these tools make it easy for you to do anything from lead generation to social proof as you turn your leads into paying customers.


5. Amazon FBA Zon Ninja masterclass course.

As a successful online entrepreneur, Kevin David created courses that he could use to teach you how to make money online.

The most prominent course is known as Amazon FBA Zon Ninja masterclass course.

This course is designed for customers using Amazon FBA program.

As explained earlier, the Amazon FBA program does the work in the order fulfillment cycle.

Therefore, you are left with choosing your products, finding suppliers, keeping inventory, promoting your product and advertising. This is where the course comes in handy.


How does it work?

Kevin David created teaches this course with in-depth video walkthroughs and clear step by step action that will help you dominate every aspect of your Amazon business.

It contains 6 in depth modules covering Kevin David’s system for selling on Amazon in a detailed manner.

The modules follow the order below;

1. Introductory module.

In this module, Kevin David explains to you how the course works and what you should do to get the most out of every session.

The module starts explaining how you can start making money from day one so that you can have some capital at hand one the course is complete.

This is just to get you on the same page with your tutor.


2. Module 1

This module covers product research. You get to learn about the Amazon software that has helped Kevin David become successful on the platform.

You also get to learn how to properly implement it into your product research strategy to find winning products every time.

You also learn how to use Amazon’s internal data to find the best products that you can bundle with your private labels.


3. Module 2.

This module covers suppliers and shipping. When you master how to find the best product, the course takes you down the road to find the most trusted suppliers in the world.

These suppliers will greatly determine the products you get to deliver to your final consumer.

Therefore, you must select them with absolute care.

Having good products is important but the quality and consistency of delivery is greatly affected by the supplier you choose to buy from.

In this module, you are shown strategies that you can use to avoid dodgy dealers.

You also learn the failsafe shipping strategy that will show you how to save money and add value to your shipping process.


4. Module 3

This module covers listing optimization. After you have your products and your suppliers, you get to learn how to rein in the power of Amazon listing optimization.

Listing optimization is a fundamental part of any product launch on any platform across the online business community.

It determines whether your products will get the reach you want to generate the desired revenues.

This is done by using special keywords to improve your Amazon ranking.

This section teaches you how to build organic keyword ranking quickly and effectively, how to create fully optimized product images, how to maximize conversions and other proven tactics that will help you find success fast.


5. Module 4

This module introduces you to product launch strategies. With an ecommerce platform like Amazon, you need to get good reviews at the start of your business so that you have a chance of being seen by Amazon shoppers.

That is why it is important to get to know the best possible product launch strategy that will give your business the best possible start.

Kevin David teaches you all he knows about product launches including how to get good reviews, how to promote your products, how to run giveaways and how to create follow up emails.

With these tips, you will be in position to run a perfect product launch.


6. Module 5

This module covers Amazon pay per click ads (PPC), click funnels, Facebook and Instagram training.

Here, you will learn about the importance of Amazon pay per click and how to leverage it to maximize product sales conversions during every campaign.

You will cover all the different ways to increase your pay per click profitability to put you ahead over your competitors.

Kevin David also covers the click funnel strategies that earned him the two top seller awards he has.

Another section of this module covers how to use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase brand awareness, maximize growth, improve conversion rates and differentiation by engaging with your customers.


7. Module 6

This module covers the Amazon seller central hacks. This comes in as the last area to work on after perfecting the core elements of building a great Amazon FBA business.

In this section, you get to learn the secret hacks used to maintain top Amazon seller ranking.

You will learn how to remove negative seller feedback, how to open multiple Amazon accounts without risking suspension, how to outsource your Amazon customer service, how to get featured in popular blogger gift guides, plus much more.


How is the course priced?

Kevin David’s Amazon FBA ninja Masterclass course costs $1997. Payments for this course can be made once or in five equal installments of $599.

The beautiful thing about the course is that payments can be made using various methods including PayPal, credit card and PayPal credit. This amount of money is high for any course.

In terms of access, you have lifetime access to the Zon Ninja masterclass.

This includes the new course content and exclusive access to the private Facebook Zon Ninja family student group.

When you pay for this course, you also get access to the following services:

  • Review and the green light of your first product, even before any purchase is made.
  • Private access to the exclusive VIP student group for Ninja black belts
  • Exclusive tour, training, and discounted access to Zonbase, a market leading tool for finding hot Amazon products and keywords
  • Extensive library of 50+ proven success templates that you can fill in and use to approach suppliers and/or customers with confidence
  • Exclusive free access to our Amazon agency course that teaches you how to make money on Amazon from day 1 with zero capital.
  • Access to live monthly Q&A with Kevin David, and library of all previous Q&As
  • 40+ hours of implementable strategies

In addition, Kevin David offers you a chance to get back your money back.

If you are not fully satisfied with the service after 14-days, you may be eligible for the money back guarantee.


Can you make money using Kevin David’s course?

The information you get from the course is intended to be a guide for you to start up an Amazon FBA store.

This guide if used well can help you make profits with your ecommerce business.

In my opinion, you can make money using this course.

As an entrepreneur, you have to acknowledge the fact that a lot of work goes in to a business for you to turn a profit.

For more elaborate information on the matter, you can log on to


Kevin David’s courses

Aside from the Amazon FBA course, there are many other courses that are taught by Kevin David.

They include;

1. Digital course secrets.

This is a course meant for entrepreneurs who want to start a business selling online courses.

It covers choosing your course niche, building your community, creating and structuring your course, automating your sales with funnels and advertising with Facebook ads. It is currently priced at $1997


2. Facebook ads course.

Here, you get to learn how to use Facebook ads to fill up your sales funnel and improve your sales.

It will show you how to setup your sales funnel, use Facebook pixel and lookalike audience, create enticing lead magnets and optimize your ads. This course costs $1997


3. Shopify drop shipping course.

The course covers drop shipping training, advice on product and supplier research and tutorials for your store.

You will also get access to his community. The course costs $997.


4. Marketing agency program


5. Amazon agency program


6. Affiliate boot camp


7. Infinity mastermind


Is Kevin David legit or a scam?

According to the information I have gathered, you should not consider him a scam. He is not a scam. Kevin David has been building his brand for a while now.

In my opinion, I believe that someone that puts in this effort to teach and grow his community is not a scammer.

The attention to detail and the number of tools he has created to help his students to make money online are immensely useful.

No way a scammer will offer such great value for money.


Conclusion: Kevin David Review – Is He a Scam?

According to what I have found out about Kevin David, he seems to be a pretty good entrepreneur.

He has led a few people to opening up their own ecommerce businesses.

In my opinion some of his courses are a bit expensive.

However, as we have explored, you will get value for your money and all the support you will need to create a successful business.

He has been in the business for a long time now and experience counts.

I have enough information for me to take him in as a mentor.

I recommend you to follow his guidance so that you can start an ecommerce business with Amazon FBA.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this Kevin David review.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Have you taken any of Kevin David’s courses?

What do you think of Kevin David?

Let me know in the comments below.

Also share this review of Kevin David with your friends and family.