Keysearch Review : Best Cheap Alternative to Moz

I will discuss below my Keysearch review
Which I am currently using it for a month

I recommend it to everyone on a tight budget
Especially if you are a new blogger
Who has no income from your blog yet

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Can we compare Keysearch to Moz and Ahref?

To be honest, I don’t know
If Keysearch Competes with Moz and Ahref
It has a different purpose compared to them

I believe it is designed for someone like me
Who really wasted some time on blogging
Without doing keyword research
Also writing a very detailed epic blog posts
Unfortunately not enough for Google to consider
Ranking them even in the top 100

keyword research tool - keysearch review

In reality I realized finally without any doubt
That Keyword research task is the best starting step
Before writing any article

Before knowing about Keysearch
I checked all keyword research tools
They are completely out of my budget
I tried Moz one month trial standard plan
I had to cancel before the renewal

It starts with a plan for 99$
So I was planning to cancel by all means
I tried also Ahref one week trial for 7$
By the way I think they are not doing it anymore

I fell in love with Semrush
Their Pro plan is 99$
Unfortunately no free trail on full features

By the way before knowing about Keysearch
I was not against doing keyword researches
I just got the impression that
keyword research tools are damn expensive

Is Keysearch considered Semrush alternative

Although Keysearch is one of Semrush competitors
In my Keysearch review here
I cannot consider Keysearch really competing with Semrush
Because Semrush offers a broad range of features
Keysearch offers a subset of these features
But these are all the features
You really need as a startup blogger
You cannot compare a research tools
Where you pay around 11$ as a blogger per month
Using my discounted link listed below
Against 99$ monthly or 83$ if you pay annually

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What made Keysearch tool so unique

Keysearch comes with 2 plans
The starter plan which I am currently using
It gives you 200 daily credits
Not carried over so you have to use or lose them
Starter plan allows you to track up to 40 keywords

Pro plan gives you 800 daily credits
It allows you to track up to 100 keywords

Now I will discuss in my Keysearch review all Keysearch features
After you log on
You see 6 parent menus after home menu
Those are Keyword Research, Explorer,
Competitive Analysis, YouTube Research,
Rank tracking and More Tools

What is Explorer menu under Keysearch tool?

I thought that I should start with Keyword Research tool
I realized later Explorer menu is where you should start
As shown below, using Keysearch Explorer
You submit your website or any competitor
It will show a score as shown below in the red square

Explorer menu under keysearch tool
Keysearch Review : Best Cheap Alternative to Moz 14

This score value is the number
You should aim when targeting for your keyword researches
For example in the screenshot above
The score is 25 as this is a new blog

I have to look for keywords equal or less than 25
This can be challenging but you will definitely find some keywords
I will show you some tricks on how to do that

When your DA as known as Domain Authority moves higher
Your blog score will move higher
This means you can find more keywords to target for your blog

What is under Keysearch research menu?

Now go to Keyword Research menu
Select Keyword Research as shown below

Keyword research menu under Keysearch

The search box comes with the location
I always select the United States
I consider it a buying market
It is up to you to set it to all locations

Locations under Keyword research in key search tool

The search type beside the location
That’s what is really exciting
You get different type of keywords result as shown below

Types of searches under Keyword research om Key search tool

Related Keywords uses keyword related to your seed keyword
Gathered from a few different sources including google adwords

Database uses their own internal database of over 1.5 billion
Keywords to find keyword suggestions for your seed keyword.

Competitors keywords uses their SERP and traffic database to
Find keywords your competitors are ranking for.
So for this option you would enter a domain rather than a seed keyword.

Those that are listed as
Google Suggest
Bing Suggest
YouTube Suggest
Amazon Suggest
eBay Suggest
They all use the suggestions listed at
The end of the search engine return page (SERP)

How to use the Import keyword tool under Keysearch tool?

Import Keyword List is an amazing feature
I use it with combination of Competitors Gap or Organic keywords
Where I collect keywords from my competitors’ blogs
Then I export it to CSV
I sort them to only keywords greater than 100 searches

Then I go and select Import Keyword List

Using Import Keywords for bulk import in key search

Now all the above searches bring keywords with volumes and scores
To reveal the score, you have to use your account daily credit
In my starter plan, I have 200 daily credit
It is more than enough for me
​That’s why it is recommended to select only Keywords related to your niche
Those that have some volume

After selecting your keywords from the right panel
The total selected keywords show up on top
The Bulk check button gets the selected keywords scores
It deducts one credit for each keyword from your credit

Using Bulk check on selected keywords in key search

Moving to Competitive Analysis menu
Let me start with first option
The Backlinks Checker
Type your URL or competitors' URLS
As shown below

Backlink Checker under Key search tool

The upper left corner displays the Domain strength – DA
Also known as Domain Score
This number represents from 0 to 10
The quality and quantity of your links

Next to Domain strength, Anchors
If you click on the green Show All button
You will get a list of the top 20 Anchors
As known as the text names for backlinks

Followed by the backlinks total
Listed as NoFollow and DoFollow
Of course DoFollow backlinks should be
The kind of links you aim to collect

Then followed by Referring domains
You see there are 2 values

Keysearch rank and Keysearch DS
If you hover your mouse on them
You will read a description for them

Right below the 4 squares on top
Comes the most important section
That is the Backlinks
Showing where all the backlinks coming from
With the Domain strength of this website

How to use the organic keywords under Keysearch tool?

Next under Competitive Analysis menu
Comes the Organic Keywords as shown below

Using organic keywords

You can put any website and
You will get up to 3,000 keywords for
Accurate SEO rank tracking in the 100 positions

If you click on the title for
Position, Volume, Traffic, CPC and URL
It will sort that column in ascending/descending order

Search for a keyword and
It will filter this searched keyword
Within all long tail keywords
Also the best feature the ability to
Export these keywords in multiple formats

I spy on competitors' blogs
Then I export their keywords in CSV
I open them in excel
Do some filtering and then
I copy the keywords column
I use them in the Import Keyword list

How to use competitive Analysis tool under Keysearch tool?

Next under Competitive Analysis
Comes the Competitor Gap as shown below
It is similar to Organic keywords
But it shows you the keywords
Your competitor is ranking for
Up to 3 competitors maximum and
That you are not

Competitor gap under keysearch

Next under Competitive Analysis
Comes the URL Metrics as shown below

URL metrics under keysearch

Comparing up to 20 URLs together
Also I noticed just now
While writing my Keysearch review
I noticed If you click on the title
It will sort ascending/descending alternatively

What is page analyzer under Keysearch tool?

Next under Competitive Analysis
Comes the Page Analyzer as shown below
It will provide you with step by step analysis
Covering all details related to any specific pages
Including the page speed insights

Page analyzer - keysearch review

Also you can export the report as PDF
The report layout is very professional
I think it can be used by SEO consultant

What is rank tracking under Keysearch tool?

Next menu is the Rank Tracking
With Starter plan
You can track up to 40 keywords

Next menu is More Tools
Which has Content Assitant
This tool I tried it and I think
It gives you guidance of your content
Against the top 10 SERP

What is opportunity finder under Keysearch tool?

Then comes Opportunity Finder

Opportunity finder under more tools

You can search for Guest Posts
Also searching in Forums and Blogs

Final words, don't take my Keysearch review literally
Go and sign up, check it yourself
Start with the Explorer to see
What keywords score you can target

How accurate is Keyword score under Keysearch

I tried to compare it with other tools
Most of the keywords that are listed as
Easy and very easy to rank for
They are also on the lower scale on
The other keyword research tools

Remember keyword scores are different between
Different keyword research tools
But Keysearch made something extra by showing you
Your desired website score for keywords to target

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Finally I hope I was fair in my Keysearch review
This is my best keyword research
I use it daily and I will keep using it
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