Kid Rock vs. Bruce Springsteen, Who Is A Better Musician?

Musician Kid Rock has made headlines today, finding himself in the middle of a public discourse surrounding his merits in the music industry.

It all started when a Twitter user posed an intriguing scenario to the world, writing “You win concert tickets to see Bruce Springsteen and Kid Rock – but you can only choose one.” The tweet quickly went viral, amassing over a million views.

While many Bruce Springsteen fans commented to show their support, they were outnumbered by the overwhelming amount of Kid Rock supporters who took the opportunity to stand by their favorite artist.

Kid Rock recently was in the news thanks to his touching tribute to the late Lisa Marie Presley last week, and it looks like his faithful fan base has come out in droves to support him in this unexpected grudge match against Bruce Springsteen!

Trooper_91 reveals that he believes Bruce Springsteen is overrated – and many Twitter users have agreed with him:

Even though Twitter user ACTBrigitte can't figure out what the current discourse is all about, nevertheless she seems adamant about her feelings for Kid Rock:

This particular user doesn't “understand” how a Kid Rock vs. Bruce Springsteen debate is even a discussion, since Kid Rock more accurately captures the essence of America:

However, Kid Rock has plenty of detractors – like this user, who is clearly not a fan of Rock or his music:

User AdequateEmily openly wonders why people are “pretending” to enjoy Kid Rock when there are much better musical talent on the conservative side to be fans of:

User tonyposnanski has a strong opinion on the fact that both Kid Rock and Kyle Rittenhouse are trending on Twitter:

This user took advantage of Kid Rock trending worldwide to tell a story about the man himself:

Finally, this Twitter user puts everything in perspective after admitting he doesn't “get” Bruce Springsteen:

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