45+ Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free by Days of The Week!

At one point a trip to Chipotle cost me $6 and some change.

Then, before I knew it, my pilgrimage each Saturday to Chipotle was $15 with the addition of my amazing wife. And that is when it hit me:

When we have kids, they will need food… and that costs money!

Eventually, cutting off a few pieces of your burrito and spoon-feeding them will turn into them wanting to order their own custom burrito I thought to myself.

Which led me to write this article for all the parents (Or soon to be parents) who want to go out to eat somewhere kids eat free!

Here is a complete list of over 45 restaurants and places where kids eat free, listed by days of the week!

How To Find Where Kids Eat Free:

The quickest way to figure out if a local favorite restaurant offers free kids meals is to simply do the following:

  1. Hop on your cell phone,
  2. Pull up a Google browser
  3. Search “Kids eat free near me”
  4. Review the results

Another option is to pay attention to the signage on your favorite restaurant's table or windows. Typically they promote their “Kids Eat Free Night!” next to their wings Wednesday and taco Tuesday promotions.

That being said, the following places offer kids eat free options every darn day of the week!

Kids Eat Free Everyday!

Here is a list of restaurants and fast food joints where kids eat free (or almost) every day of the week. Just be sure to always double-check as some national level chains allow for local promotions to vary!

Boston Market: Kid's meals here are always cheap – under $5 – and if you're a VIP member you get special perks on their birthday, like free dessert!

Cafe Rio: Do you like burritos topped with cheese and salsa? Well pick one up after work and you can get a little kid quesadilla for free!

CiCis: One adult entre, and one free child, please! When you purchase an adult pizza buffet, kids under three eat for free!

Frickers: What the FRICK? I have no clue, but apparently, when you eat here your kids eat free!! Might be enough of an incentive to go get some Frickers!

IHOP: The “International House of Pancakes” is known for its…. well pancakes. That being said they also serve lunch and dinner (Which I have never tried). So in order to incentivize a dinner rush, kids eat free from 4 pm to 10 pm DAILY!

On the Border – Free dessert with a kid's meal. Not sure if that is enough to convince you… also not sure if you want your kids getting a free sugar rush!

Smash Burger – Check with your local Smash Burger as promotions can vary, however typically an adult burger means you can get the kids something for free too!

Steak n Shake – Not to be confused with Talladega Nights (that is Shake and Bake) Steak n Shake offers a free kids meal for adults who spend $9… which isn't hard to do with their amazing fries and shakes!

Update: As of 2020, kids eat free ALL WEEKEND at Steak n Shake!


Some of these promotions may vary by location and are subject to change. With anything you read on the internet, it is always best practice to contact the restaurant prior to going to confirm their deals. This list is created to help you save money, however, deals may change based on location!

Kids Eat Free Sunday

My favorite day to eat out happens to be Sunday and sometimes Friday after a long week of work. Here are the places where your kids can eat free on Sunday:

Baja Fresh – Haven't seen a Baja Fresh in some time – even though I loved their burritos in high school! That being said if you can find one, on Sunday kids eat free – just be sure to call ahead!

Chipotle (On Sundays in September): As of 2019, Chipotle's most recent kids eat free promotion occurred on each Sunday in Septemeber. Be sure to always check in on Chipotle as their promotions come and go quickly!

Side Note: If you're looking to save money on food, as an adult, you can cash in on the semi-secret kid's menu at Chipotle! It's what my wife does!

Dickey's BBQ – Amazing BBQ, check. Spend $10? Check. Well, now you get a free kids' meal… just like that!

Hooters – Not sure why anyone would take their kids here… but if you like wings every Sunday from 11 am-11 pm, get free kid’s meal! Just be sure not to let your kids open their eyes…

Skyline Chili – Kids eat free on Mondays at Skyline Chili. Locations can be found in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida.

Qdoba – On both Sunday and Wednesday, get a free kid’s meal with an adult purchase of enchiladas!

White Castle – Spend $4 on Sunday and you will get a free kids meal. Be sure to check for time restrictions on this one!

Kids Eat Free Monday

These are locations where kids eat free on Mondays:

Chili's – Not many people eat out on Monday, so when you buy an adult entree, you get one free kid’s entree.

Coal Fire Pizza – If you like oven-baked Pizza, check out Coal Fire Mondays after 4:00 and you can get your pizza AND a free kids meal!

Fuddruckers – Purchase an adult entre and your kids will eat for $1.99 from 4 pm to close! Go load up your burger…!

IHOP – They make the list again! Well, that is because they're free every day, including Monday!

Texas Roadhouse – Grab a steak, salad and loaded baked potato for yourself, and your kids will eat free on Monday at Texas Roadhouse! Dine-in only and this is also available on Tuesdays! Adult purchase is neccessary.

Kids Eat Free Tuesday

Tuesday might be the go-to night out for you and your family if you're looking for free kids food!

Perhaps the beginning of the week is slow for restaurants, but kids night at popular places like Chik-Fil-A and some of the casual American fare seems to clamor to Tuesday.

Here Is a List of Places Where Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays:

Bob Evans – On Tuesdays after 4:00, kids eat free at Bob Evans with the purchase of an adult dish!

Chick-Fil-A – Check with your local Chick-fil-A but most offer a “Kids Night” on Tuesdays, or at least 1x per week. They also do a lot of different kids' promotions around the holidays!

Denny's – From 4 pm to 10 pm every Tuesday kids eat free so long as you purchase an adult meal!

Eggspectation – Check your local Eggspectation, but the location by me has their kids eat free promo on Tuesdays!

Famous Daves – Perhaps the funniest on this list, if you happen to have a kid named Wilbur, your child can get a free “Lil Wilbur” meal on Tuesdays. If you didn't torcher your child with the name Wilbur don't worry, kids under 8 eat for free on Tuesday!

Genghis Grill – Got some Mongolian stir fry cravings?

IHOP – You know the drill by now – kids eat free here for dinner!

IKEA Yeah not, kidding. Evidently you can get Get up to two free kid’s meals for children under age 12 with the purchase of one adult entrée. I won't like. I didn't know they sold food…!

Miller's Ale House – Kids eat free on Tuesday at Miller's! Kids Eat Free!
Get one Free Kids Meal with the purchase of 1 regularly priced Adult Entree. Dine-in only for kids age 12 and younger.

Ruby Tuesday – If you're craving some salad, then be sure to check out Ruby Tuesday after 5 pm on Tuesdays (Hmm) so you can get your child a free meal too! Must purchase an adult entree.

Shari's – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (pie) – that is what Shari's is known for. According to Shari's website, kids eat free on Tuesdays from 10 am to 11 pm!

Uno Chicago Grill (Formerly Uno Pizzeria) – Kids eat free on Tuesday at Uno's with the adult purchase of an entree. I recommend the deep dish!

Kids Eat Free Wednesday

Hump day! Here is a list of some of the top places to find free kids meals on Wednesday!

Buffalo Wild Wings – In addition to free wing Tuesdays, Buffalo Wild Wings incentivizes wing lovers to come in Wednesday with $1.99 kids meals! Just be sure to always check your local BWW for promotions!

Chevys Fresh Mex – Craving some Mexican food? Every Wednesday, kids can get a kids meal for just $1 with the purchase of an adult meal at Chevys!

Firehouse Subs – Got two kids and you're free between 5-8 pm? If so you can get up to two kids meals with the purchase of an adult entree at Firehouse Subs!

Jason's Deli – Get a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree on Wednesdays!

Logans Roadhouse – If youre children are under 12, get a free kids meal on Wednesdays at Logans with an adult purchase of an entree.

Qdoba – Similar to the IHOP, Qdoba makes the list again! On Wednesday, get a free kid’s meal with an adult purchase of enchiladas!

Kids Eat Free Thursday

Johnny Rockets – Kids eat free on Thursday when you buy an adult entree and drink, 4 pm-8 pm only.

Piccadilly – For once cent is less than a dollar, you can get an entire feast for your kids, as long as they don't mind eating cafeteria food twice in one day 🙂

Red Robin – As an adult, you will already get your bottomless steak fries, but on Thursdays and Mondays kids eat free under age 10. (Note: be sure to check as this deal can vary)

Ryans – Sometimes known as “Old Country Buffet” on Thursday, the Ryans buffet is available for just $0.99 for kids 11 and under, with a maximum of two kids!

Kids Eat Free Friday

The selection isn't good when it comes to national chains and kids eating free on Friday night!

If you're not in the mood for pancakes or cafeteria-style food, your options are a little limited. Always make sure to check local places and websites to see where else kids eat free in your specific area!

IHOP – At select locations on Friday, IHOP offers free food from the children’s menu (1 kid’s meal per adult entree purchased).

Shoney's Maybe it's just me, but there are quite a few options for pancakes on this list. Shoney's casual American food is free for kids age 4 and under on Friday!

PiccadillyAll day every Friday, kids eat free at this cafeteria-style restaurant. Don't worry if you miss, every other day kids' meals start at just $1.99!

Kids Eat Free Saturday

The following restaurants offer discounts and special offers including free meals for kids on Saturdays:

Maggianos – Kids under five eat free all day! Don't worry, if you like Italian you will make up for the difference here (They're good, but they're pricey!)

Which Wich – Kids subs for .99? Thank you. Must purchase regular sub to qualify!

Mexican Resturants – Chances are, there is a local Mexican restaurant near you that serves FREE chips and salsa. On top of that, they often offer a “Kids Eat Free” offer at some point during the week or even every day of the week! Just be on the lookout or hop on Google before going to get your chimichangas!

Final Word:

I always heard growing up nothing is free in life. This seems to be true for the whole “Kids Eat Free” thing in that most deals require an adult purchase.

However, with this list of places where kids eat free, you can pretty much avoid every buying food for your kids when you go out to eat – no matter the day of the week!

On a final note, I love Brixx Pizza. I scoured the internet looking for kids eat free deals and I found that it pretty much varies by location. Sometimes it's Monday, sometimes it can be all summer.

Here is my final word when it comes to kids eating for free:

There is a high likelihood that your kids can eat for free if you plan accordingly.

Simply call ahead or hop on your cell phone and always be sure to check your specific restaurant location! The extra 25 seconds can save you $5 which will add up over time!


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