“Ugh”: 17 Mistakes That Will Instantly Ruin The Vibe at Any Party

What happens when someone does something that kills the vibe at a party? You know, the little things that can instantly turn a fun atmosphere into a lame one? It's those moments that we all dread. We've all been there — a party that starts with high hopes and excitement, only to be brought down by a series of unfortunate events. Here are 25 things that make people go “Ugh.”

1. Police 

Police emergency lights
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Unless your friend works as a cop, the police force stopping by a shindig is not usually received well. Cops show up to parties for a few reasons, a neighbor had enough of the boisterous ruckus, someone got hurt, or the stakes are about to change. 

2. Talking Politics

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Nobody cares what side you're on. You don't sound as smart as you think you do. It's a party, have fun; don't try to start a debate.

3. Please Don't Stop The Music

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When the guy with the guitar turns off the music at the party to start jamming, it's a total buzzkill. Don't be that guy!

4. Disney Music

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If you are a Disney person, you may get down to some princess music in the evenings. However, don't start playing Disney music at a party! Why do people do this?!

5. Turning a Bright Light On

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The best way to drive a crowd out of a party is by flashing a fluorescent light on a previously low-lit space. If you've ever gone to midnight bowling, you know the disco lights keep the party going, but when it's closing time, the main lights snap on, and the crowd flutters. 

6. Those Who Had Too Much 

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Imbibing at parties is great for some, but imbibing too much, not so much. When party guests don't know their limits, their behavior ruins the vibe for other individuals hanging around, and someone always becomes a babysitter. 

7. Switch From Recorded Music To Live Music

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Many people on the internet said the guy with the guitar puts a damper on the mood and ends with an out-of-tune cover of an overplayed song. 

“Hey now, I've been playing guitar for decades, and all I can say is, you're absolutely right. I never play at a party unless I am specifically asked to, and all present are in on it. It's just goofy posturing otherwise,” a guitar player writes.

8. The Sad Person That Needs All The Attention

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Every party has one of them. Someone crying in the corner requires everyone to stop what they're doing and flock to their needs. The sad party-goer tends to bring up everything negative in the world, their life, and how they shouldn't even be at the party in the first place.

9. Couples Fighting

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You know the awkward feeling when you're in a public space, and a couple starts getting verbally aggressive with one another. At first, the comments seem playful until you notice the look on their respective faces, and the room grows quiet. Nothing kills a mood quicker than a couple fighting over something inconsequential while others want to chill and dance. 

10. Bad DJ

Bad DJ
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DJs who switch the song before the beat drops, those who cannot read the vibe of the party and play the wrong genre of music, a drunk person who gets ahold of the aux for too long, queuing their favorite breakup songs, bad DJs populate the party scene. 

11. Avoidable Injuries

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Have you ever attended a party where someone indulged too much in libations and thought they were the next Tony Hawk? Several party-goers say they know the party is ricocheting downhill when Ricky hops on top of the roof, shouting his plan to triple-flip into the pool's shallow end.

12. The Judgmental Guest

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With social outings come the obligatory judgmental guests. Those who sit in the corner and look down on everyone around them while airing their criticism to whoever will listen, or worse, in silence. The captious party observes everyone in the room, tilting their head slightly higher.

13. Foul Smells 

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Party aficionados claim foul smells and odors kill the mood really quickly. With flatulence, body odor, and sockless shoes, parties serve as hotspots for unpleasant smells. 

14. Uninvited Guests

Americans Are Partying Again. Avoid These Party Fouls to Snag an Invite!
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The random, uninvited guests who wander into the party house or strangers who stumble into the event on their way elsewhere. Some say the uninvited take advantage of free food and beverages, while others claim they disrupt the mood of the get-together. A few partiers state it's time to go when the strangers show up. 

15. Using A Party To Pitch Your MLM

MLM Manager
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There's nothing worse than being invited to a party over false pretense. We want to come and have a good time, not listen to your sales pitch for a junk product you can't sell.

16. Not Enough Food or Drinks

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Few things can kill the vibe when a party gets going than running out of food or drinks.

Sometimes people can quickly run to the store, but when everything is closed, the party is usually over earlier than anticipated.

17. Getting Sick

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There's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself if you do it responsibly. No one likes a party foul.

Source: Reddit.