Kim Kardashian Spoke at Harvard Business School. Here Are Twitter’s Sanest (And Wildest) Takes.

When Kim Kardashian breathes, she elicits a range of responses that run the gamut from adoration to loathing. It's no surprise, then, that her presence at the prestigious Harvard Business School has sparked a typical range of responses ranging from hysteria to should shrugs:

Many See Kim as a Speaker Worthy of an Ivy League Audience

In fact, some pointed out the fact that Kardashian, at least partly because of business acumen, will out-earn the typical Harvard Business School graduate by an astronomical margin:

Another commentator pointed out that Kardashian's Skims is an important case study within the modern business landscape:

Yet another noted that, whether you love Kim K, hate Kim K, or are indifferent towards Kim K, the woman has built a massively successful brand, and that is worth discussing:

Other Commentators Are Off-put by The Trend of Celeb-speakers at Prestigious Universities

More specifically, they're wondering what the “catch me outside girl” could possibly say to enrich the lives of Oxford university students:

Critics did not pull punches when it came to the Kim-Harvard pairing in particular:

And Some Were Simply Happy To Revel in The Madness of 2023

Oh how things have changed since even the 90s:

We can hear from TikTokers and Kardashians without the cost of an Ivy League degree, right?

Say what you will about Twitter, but don't say it is a monolith of opinions. From doom and gloom to proclamations of triumph and good-hearted humor, we get it all when a news story captures Twitter's collective attention.

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