Kino’s Journey Season 2: Adventure will Coming back Soon!

Kino’s Journey Season 2 was one of the next series that people are eager to wait for. Kino’s Journey or also known as Kino no Tabi is a Japanese adventure sci-fi anime series. Kino’s Journey was an anime adaptation to a sci-fi light novel serial with the same title by Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrator Kouhaku Kuroboshii in 2000.

Not many people know, this anime series actually already aired in 2003 that consists of 13 episodes and an OVA episode. But later, Kino’s Journey followed up with two 30-minutes movies released in 2005 and 2007. In October 2017, Lerche Animation Studio was deciding to make a reboot for Kino’s Journey, but it can’t be said as the sequel. This reboot story has almost the same plotline as the previous one. So when exactly Kino’s Journey Season 2 will be aired on our screen?

Recap Time!: Kino’s Journey Season 1

Kino's Journey

Kino’s Journey was an anime adaptation directed by Ryutaro Nakamura and aired on satellite television in 2003. The first series contained 13 episodes. Later, Kino no Tabi or Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World became the next title for the reboot of Kino’s Journey in 2017 and was directed by Tomoshisa Taguchi.

Kino, our main character, is a traveler and is accompanied by a motorcycle named Hermes. She travels to a lot of different places, countries, and forests. Kino tries to find the unique customs in each place and swears only to spend a maximum of three days and two nights in each place to avoid attachment that holds her from traveling. Kino believed three days was enough for her to know everything about those places.

Kino also always brings a .44 single-action revolver that she named Cannon and a .22 automatic pistol named the woodsman. Sometimes Kino catches using a pump-action shotgun and a semi-automatic sniper rifle called the Flute. Kino brings the guns and other tools such as knives for protection and hunting. So, she was capable of protecting herself during the trip.

The main theme for Kino’s Journey revolves around the phrase “The World is not beautiful, therefore it is”. What we can extract from there is, we need to sense the beauty of the world and by that, it doesn’t always mean the positive one. The world consists of brutality, loneliness, nonsense, oppression, tragedy but also cheerful, happy, cherished moments. Her journey looks like a fairy tale atmosphere.

Kino’s Journey Season 2: Next Update

Kino's Journey Season 2

Fans all around the world are in urgent need of Kino’s Journey Season 2. Why? Because there are many more possibilities for the next season. After the reboot in 2017, both the first and second series had positive responses from the fans. The studio actually has not given us any update yet but they don’t cancel the second season of the anime. Fans are waiting for the next project.

Kino’s journey is also an adapted light novel series. The novel has released a total of 22 volumes and the anime debut both from the first and second series only contains 5 volumes from the novel. So there is plenty of material for the Lerche Animation Studio (Given, School Live) to make Kino’s Journey Season 2 or probably even season 3 and so on. We don’t need to worry about the material, and for now, we just need the announcement for the next sequel!

Kino's Journey Season 2

The debut season of Kino’s Journey has pretty good feedback, rating, and viewership. Therefore, for almost four years, fans are still waiting for the next announcement. There is a chance for the next sequel of Kino’s Journey Season 2 because of the popularity and continuous demand. Don’t put our hopes low, we need to beg and ask for Kino Journey Season 2 so the studio will soon give us the final call for Kino’s Journey anime adaptation destiny.