Kiss Him Not Me Season 2: Everything You Should Know

Are you one of the many fans who are waiting for this anime that carries a comedy story along with a reverse harem, Kiss Him not Me Season 2? Tells the story of a girl who is a fujoshi-that is a term for anime or manga fans who like romance stories between men.
This animated series has managed to grab the attention of fans whether they have followed the manga or are just animation connoisseurs. In addition to the presentation of good graphics, the story described in this show has conflicts and a fun plot to follow. Therefore, many fans are hoping and waiting for Kiss Him Not Me season 2.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2: When Will It Release?

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2
Kiss Him Not Me Season 2: Everything You Should Know 4

The first season of the animated series aired in October 2016 and concluded in 12 episodes. The show has gained immense popularity and has high ratings on several anime viewing platforms.

The anime’s story line itself really covers the story in detail like the manga. So that this makes the manga readers feel happy because there is no story that feels like it’s been missed. Even viewers who don’t follow the manga will still be able to watch this show because this series has a story plot that is easy to follow and worth watching. For those of you who like anime with reverse harem stories, then this show is worth watching.

The first season of the series which aired in 2016 and it’s been almost 5 years since the broadcast of the first season, fans often ask when Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 will be released. Studio Brain’s Base itself has yet to provide an official statement whether this series will be continued or not.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date

To continue Kiss Him Not Me Season 2, actually Brain’s Base (Blood Lad, Spice and Wolf, To Your Eternity, Gakuen Babysitters & In/Spectre) studio has pocketed enough material to be animated. Considering the 12 episodes in the first season only includes 8 volumes out of a total of 15 volumes in this title. This studio is also a place that makes animations from films with stories that manage to touch and make the audience cry, entitled Hotarubi no Mori e and the shoujo series, Tonari no Kaibutsu kun.

Until now, neither the studio nor the author of this title have provided any news about Kiss Him Not Me Season 2. So we certainly cannot provide a release schedule for the next season.

But don’t worry because we always provide the latest information, so if in the future there is news of the release of Kiss Him Not Me Season 2, we will inform you as soon as possible!

Kiss Him Not Me: Characters and Cast

Serinuma KaeKobayashi Yuu
Shinomiya HayatoMatsuoka Yoshitsugu
Mutsumi AsumaShimazaki Nobunaga (Free!)
Nanashima NozomuKoumoto Keisuke
Nishina ShimaSawashiro Miyuki
Igarashi YusukeOno Yuuki
Characters and cast of Kiss Him Not Me

Where to watch Kiss Him Not Me?

Kiss Him Not Me Storyline:

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2

The plot of this anime series is an enjoy story to follow. It revolves around several men who over time realize their feelings for the main female character. While the main character, Kae is a female main character who is very obsessed with the fictional character she likes. This show will be filled with the daily life of the boys trying to slowly approach her and spend time together. Not only presented with an easy-to-follow story, this series also provides a sense of comedy, romance, and light conflict typical of teenagers. Therefore, the continuation of the story of this anime is highly anticipated by fans who always expect the release of Kiss Him Not Me Season 2.