Kitchen Nightmares Italian Restaurants

Kitchen Nightmares Italian Restaurants

More than 20 different Italian restaurants have been featured on Kitchen Nightmares so far and the eighth season has added one more to the list.

Kitchen Nightmares has always been one of the most popular shows in Gordon Ramsay’s string of reality television programs – and for good reason.

In this show, this esteemed and sharp-tongued chef travel all across the United States in a bid to try and save failing restaurants with a last-minute intervention and makeover.

Throughout the show’s first seven seasons, Ramsay visited and overhauled 77 different restaurants, ranging from small casual cafés and large steakhouses to relaxed seafood eateries and fine dining establishments.

The running total of Italian restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares

Fans of the pizza, pasta and all-things-cheese range of restaurants will also be happy to hear that Ramsay has set out to help several Italian restaurants over the years and that Kitchen Nightmares has showcased the turnaround of just over 20 Italian restaurants in  its first seven seasons.

And now that the series has officially returned for its eighth season (after an almost decade-long hiatus) fans can expect to see Ramsay work his magic in even more family-run businesses which find themselves in need of his expert advice to save their eateries.

In fact, season eight has already added one more Italian restaurant to the show’s lineup.

A rundown of all the Italian restaurants featured in Kitchen Nightmares

All of the Italian restaurants profiled in the first seven seasons of Kitchen Nightmares, and the cities to which Ramsay travelled in order to find them is summarized in the table below:

Season Italian restaurant Location
Season 1 Peter's Babylon, New York
Campania Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Season 2 Giuseppi's Macomb Township, Michigan
Trobiano's Great Neck, New York
Sabatiello's Stamford, Connecticut
Season 3 Bazzini Ridgewood, New Jersey
Lido di Manhattan Manhattan Beach, California
Casa Roma Lancaster, California
Anna Vincenzo's Boca Raton, Florida
Season 4 Davide Boston, Massachusetts
Café Tavolini Bridgeport, Connecticut
Capri Eagle Rock, California
Season 5 Leone's Montclair, New Jersey
Luigi's D'Italia Anaheim, California
Charlie's La Verne, California
Chiarella's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Season 6 La Galleria 33 Boston, Massachusetts
Mama Maria's Brooklyn, New York
Levanti's Italian Restaurant Beaver, Pennsylvania
Nino's Italian Restaurant Long Beach, California
Season 7 Mangia Mangia Woodland Park, Colorado
Bella Luna Easton, Pennsylvania

 Not included in this list is Sebastian’s (season 1, episode 6) and Pantaleone’s (season 7, episode 2), which the show technically described as pizzerias and not necessarily Italian restaurants.

The Kitchen Nightmares season that has featured the most Italian restaurants

Although Kitchen Nightmares has generated quite the cult following of loyal fans over the years, the series has not always been that consistent on paper.

The number of total episodes per Kitchen Nightmares season range from 10 episode (seasons one and seven), to 16 episodes (season six), and even 17 episodes (in season five).

And as a result, there is a three-way tie for the season that features the most Italian restaurants in its lineup. Season three, season five and season six all have four Italian restaurants each.

But since season three only had a total of 13 episodes, it means that it has the highest proportion of Italian restaurants across the board for the show (over 32 percent).

The Kitchen Nightmares Italian Restaurant that stayed open the longest

Kitchen Nightmares has never really had the best track record in terms of keeping restaurants open after their episodes aired, but the show’s Italian restaurants have actually faired quite well.

A few of the restaurants like Casa Roma, Capri and La Galleria 33, even managed to stay operational for several years after Ramsay’s visit.

But the winning spot in this category goes to the four Kitchen Nightmares Italian restaurants which have managed to stay open to this day. This includes Lido di Manhattan, Leone's, Luigi's D'Italia and Mama Maria's.

The Italian Restaurant profiled in season eight of Kitchen Nightmares

While you may have missed the news, if you have not been keeping up with the new news in the Kitchen Nightmares franchise – Ramsay has now revived this ever-popular series for another season, and the first few episodes of this new season have already started airing.

So far, Kitchen Nightmares season eight has seen Ramsay travel to a variety of New York- and New Jersey-based establishments, including Da Mimmo.

In this episode, Ramsay meets Melissa, her husband, Vito Sr., and her three sons, at their restaurant in Dumont, New Jersey.

But, even though Melissa though that this business would help to bring their family (which includes the social media-stars known as the Gigante brothers) closer, its slow failure has sadly actually driven them further apart.