Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to Erick from Casa Roma?

Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to Erick from Casa Roma?

There has been no real update on what happened to Erick after he was fired from Casa Roma in the restaurant’s Kitchen Nightmares episode.

Gordon Ramsay blowing up at an arrogant or incompetent chef is certainly nothing new for the Kitchen Nightmares franchise.

But the “Casa Roma” episode marks one of the rare occasions throughout the series when Ramsay actually recommended that the restaurant’s owner, Nylah, let the executive chef go.

However, considering Erick’s “four tires and a spare” comment, Ramsay waiting so long for his meal that he actually had time to jog around the restaurant’s completely empty dining room and Erick simply writing all of this off as a “bad day”, this recommendation was not really all that shocking.

Why there has been no real update about Erick since this episode aired

Although Erick has now earned a reputation for being at the heart of one of the most explosive episodes in Kitchen Nightmares history, he seems to have kept his personal life very private after being fired from Casa Roma on national television.

And, while Erick’s lack of an online presence is probably for the best (given that this episode is still being discussed more than a decade later) it does mean that there is no real way to verify whether Erick is still working in the restaurant industry, or what he has been up to for the past 13 years.

Our ranking of the top 5 most arrogant chefs from Kitchen Nightmares

Ramsay went as far as calling Erick “quite possibly the worst in America”. Erick will almost-certainly always have a spot among the top 5 worst chef featured on Kitchen Nightmares, but he is not necessarily the worst.

Instead, our ranking for the top 5 most arrogant chefs who ever appeared on Kitchen Nightmares (this includes the shows newly-revived eighth season), can be outlined as follows:

Rank Chef Kitchen Nightmares restaurant
5. Bobby (the “Culinary Gangster”) Bask46
4. Damon Oceana
3. Eric PJ’s Steakhouse
2. Erick Casa Roma
1. Martin La Frite

Erick was not the only Casa Roma staff member who was let go

When Ramsay stopped by Casa Roma again to see the restaurant’s progress in the “Revisited No. 3” episode, which rounded out the third season, Nylah revealed that quite a few changes had been made to the restaurant’s staff since Ramsay’s previous visit.

For a start, Nylah confirmed that she had not given Erick his job back after the Kitchen Nightmares crew hit the road, but she also told Ramsay that the sous chef, Drew (who worked alongside Erick in the original episode) was also no longer working for Casa Roma.

Not only that, but Nylah also disclosed that she ended up buying her son, Jeremy, out of the business just like Ramsay had advised her to do.

Nylah also welcomed some new staff members at Casa Roma

As it turns out, Nylah ended up replacing some of the staff members who left Casa Roma after the restaurant’s Kitchen Nightmares episode aired, with a Kitchen Nightmares alumnus of all people.

When Nylah took Ramsay into the Casa Roma kitchen during this “Revisited” episode, he found chef Q working as the new head chef.

Ramsay had actually met chef Q in a previous Kitchen Nightmares episode, when he travelled to Toluca Lake to help the failing pizzeria, Sebastian’s.

Nylah then confirmed that she was well aware of chef Q’s previous work experience, and she actually decided to hire him because of how well he seemed to run the kitchen in the “Sebastian’s” episode, which had aired three years prior to Casa Roma’s Kitchen Nightmares appearance.

What Nylah has been up to since this episode first aired

Although Casa Roma seemed to have been doing much better the second time that Ramsay visited the restaurant, it  did face a few serious up and downs before its eventual closure in 2017.

During this time, Casa Roma was rebranded twice, first as AV Roadhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill and then again to CR Roadhouse in 2015.

When Nylah took to Facebook to announce the restaurant’s final closure, she added “It's the next chapter in my life and I love and appreciate all of you who have stood by me and my family and business.”

Moreover, according to her personal Facebook page, she has actually entered quite a few new chapters since then. Nylah reportedly worked as a bookkeeper and a freelance writer for a while, before finally retiring in July of 2019.

And more recently, it seems like she has been enjoying the retired life and all of the time that she gets to spend with her family, as a result.