Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to Peter’s Italian Restaurant?

Kitchen Nightmares Italian Restaurants

Unfortunately, Peter’s Italian Restaurant closed down shortly after its Kitchen Nightmares episode aired in 2008.

Although Chef Gordon Ramsay seemingly gave the restaurants that were featured on Kitchen Nightmares a second chance at success, few of them survived in the end.

Peter’s Italian Restaurant was the first-ever restaurant featured on the show, it unfortunately, Chef Ramsay’s changes did not help the restaurant, and it closed its doors in 2008.

The reality of Kitchen Nightmares

Most people who tune in to watch reality television shows like Kitchen Nightmares know by now that not everything that they see on screen is real.

However, most people do not expect to find that Chef Ramsay’s years of expertise in the culinary and restaurant industry does not help most of the restaurants on the show to stay in business.

In fact, over 70 percent of the restaurants that were featured on the 92 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares in the United States are no longer open for business.

Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to Peter's Italian Restaurant?

Peter’s Italian Restaurant’s (aka Peter’s) episode has always been one of the Kitchen Nightmares episodes that stuck with fans of the franchise.

Not only was this restaurant featured in the very first Kitchen Nightmares episode that ever aired on 19 September 2007, but it is also one of the most dramatic episodes from the show’s history.

Like many of the other restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares, Peter’s started out as a successful family-run business in Babylon, Long Island.

However, when siblings, Tina and Peter Pellegrino, took over as the co-owners of the restaurant, business started dwindling. Before Chef Ramsay even arrived at the restaurant, the problems were very evident.

Things at the restaurant only escalated when Chef Ramsay actually arrived. During his inspection of the restaurant, Chef Ramsay was served rotten food, saw multiple broken appliances in the kitchen, and got a glimpse of Peter’s explosive anger.

Throughout the episode, Peter’s wannabe mobster attitude was one of the biggest hurdles that the restaurant had to overcome in order to be successful again.

Of course, before the episode ended, Chef Ramsay managed to get Peter to see the error of his ways. Ramsay also replaced the broken appliances in the restaurant to ensure that the re-launch of Peter’s would be a huge success.

However, the novelty of the re-launch was short-lived and Peter’s closed down permanently in 2008.

Was Peter really a mobster?

When the “Peter’s” episode of Kitchen Nightmares first aired, the sous chef at the time, John made a joke about how Peter tries so hard to act like a mobster that he looks like he is auditioning for the “Goodfellas” movie.

As if to prove John’s point, Peter quotes a line from the movie later on and can also  be seen asking customers about the movie.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle was more than just an act and in 2011, Cosa Nostra News reported that Peter had real-life ties to the Bonanno crime family.

Peter has since stated that he has been “disowned” by the Bonanno family and by his own.

What happened after Peter’s closed down?

Peter’s closed its doors for the final time in 2008, just a year after the restaurant’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares first aired.

It seems as though Chef Ramsay’s attempt to revive the business was just too little, too late and many reviews from people who visited the restaurant after the episode aired claimed that the food and service was  as bad as it had always been.

Yogi, Tina, and Peter's father, who were featured throughout the “Peter’s” episode also sadly passed away in 2009. Furthermore, the space where the restaurant used to be has since been occupied by a Post Office Cafe.

What happened to the other restaurants from season 1 of Kitchen Nightmares?

The first season of the American version of Kitchen Nightmares featured nine other restaurants following the “Peter’s” episode.

However, every single one of the restaurants featured on this season of the show have since closed down, with the exception of The Olde Stone Mill.

This means that this season of the show currently has a 90 percent closure rate, as shown below:

Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode Restaurant name Restaurant status
Episode 1 Peter’s Italian Restaurant Closed in 2008
Episode 2 Dillon’s Closed in 2009
Episode 3 The Mixing Bowl Closed in 2009
Episode 4 Seascape Closed in 2017
Episode 5 The Olde Stone Mill Open
Episode 6 Sebastian’s Closed in 2008
Episode 7 Finn McCool's Closed in 2012
Episode 8 Lela’s Closed in 2007
Episode 9 Campania Closed in 2011
Episode 10 The Secret Garden Closed in 2010