Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to the Capri twins?

Kitchen Nightmares: What happened to the Capri twins?

Jeff and Jim Thiel, the ex-owners of The Capri Italian, sold their restaurant in 2019, but they seem to be doing well, except for some continued health struggles.

There is no doubt that the celebrity chef and expert restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, has been confronted with some very strange scenes whilst filming for his hit business-rescue show, Kitchen Nightmares.

But between all of the disgusting freezers, strange dishes and questionable décor choices, one episode still stands out as one of the strangest in Kitchen Nightmares’ history.

The “Capri” episode from the fourth season of the show not only featured all of the above, but also a pair of twin owners: Jim and Jeff Thiel.

The duo seemed to be more interested in pulling off every practical joke in the book than running their restaurant.

What happened after Gordon Ramsay left the Capri

But even though it initially seemed like Jim and Jeff would never be mature enough to keep their business going, The Capri Italian actually became one of only a few restaurants featured on the show which stayed open when all of the publicity died down.

In fact, Ramsay even paid the twins another visit in the season five “Revisited No. 7”, where these recovering jokesters shared that their business had picked up quite a bit after Ramsay left.

Sadly, however, this success did not last, and the twins were ultimately forced to sell their restaurant just a few years later.

And even though the Thiels fell on some hard times after they had to let go of their beloved Italian restaurant, they do seem to be doing fairly well again, now.

The Capri Italian’s closure explained

All in all, The Capri Italian did fairly well after Ramsay’s initial Kitchen Nightmares intervention.

In fact, the Thiels managed to keep the doors open for over eight years, until they announced on Facebook that the restaurant would be getting new owners in 2019, as follows:

Date Event
January 2011 Filming starts for the “Capri” episode from Kitchen Nightmares
May 6, 2011 The “Capri” episode premieres
January 27, 2012 The “Revisited No. 7” episode premieres
September 9, 2019 The twins share a post on The Capri Italian’s Facebook page announcing that it was their last day at the restaurant.

How the Thiels came to own the Capri Italian

If you have watched the “Capri” episode from Kitchen Nightmares, you may recall that one of the main reasons why the Thiels decided to run their restaurant is because they wanted free pizza.

However, their family actually owned the restaurant for a few decades before Jim and Jeff took over.

The twins’ parents purchased ‘The Capri’ in 1999 from the previous owners, who had opened the restaurant in 1963. Jim and Jeff only took over as the managers of the establishment when their parents decided to retire in 2009.

What happened to Jim and Jeff after they sold the Capri?

It is always sad to hear that one of the restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares was forced to close its doors, after all the hard work that went into saving these businesses.

But what made The Capri Italian’s closure even more sad was that it seemingly left Jim and Jeff in such a bad place.

The twins even started their own gofundme page after the restaurant’s closure, which read:

“We made a mistake. I used all my money to save our business, our dream.

So instead of keeping money for our self's. We kept feeding money into the company to keep the dream alive with hopes of getting paid back later.

Unfortunately; I am now getting evicted from my apartment & will lose my car if I don't get some $$$ ASAP.”

What Jim and Jeff are up to now

When Jim and Jeff announced that they would be selling their restaurant, they cited both declining sales and their personal health struggles as the reasons for their difficult decision.

And although avid Kitchen Nightmares fans will be happy to hear that these thick-as-thieves twins still seemingly spend every moment of every days together (in fact, Jeff’s Facebook page reveals that they even still set out to find their best local pizza places together, to this day), it seems like they are still plagued by a myriad of health issues.

Jim had to visit the emergency room earlier this year after falling off a horse and Jeff seemed to  be in and out of the hospital quite frequently, for some time.

However, if this Facebook Live video from October 2023 is anything to go by, it seems like the Thiels are still singing whenever they get the opportunity and are “so happy” with where they are in life.