Kiznaiver Season 2: Is it Released Soon?

Kiznaiver Season 2 will be released soon? Kiznaiver is an original serial anime produced by Studio Trigger collabs with Aniplex and Crunchyroll. Kiznaiver’s first season aired in 2016 directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and written by Mari Okada. Kiznaiver succeeded in stealing anime fans’ hearts by their sci-fi actions. With futuristic scenes, cities, and technology, they deliver new ways to capture lots of emotion, especially pain and suffering. There are lots of people waiting for Kiznaiver Season 2

It has been almost five years since their first seasons came. Fans internationally are still wondering, is there any sequel or Kiznaiver Season 2 coming out? But before that, let us go a quick recap in season 1 

Kiznaiver Season 1

Kiznaiver Season 2

Kiznaiver came to a fictional city called Sugimori where lots of innovation and progressive ideas came. As a result, this city successfully made and implemented laws where everybody lives in the perfect systemic interaction. For the sake of new innovation, there is a new project launched to get samples from the people. This project can turn bad and terrible because they will share others’ pain and suffering. To make it simplified, it is the communist idea in the emotional version

The main characters Katsuhira Agata and Noriko Sonozaki with their friends are part of Kiznaiver or sample people in the Kizna system. This Kizna system was probably created by the creator of the city that allowed them to share the pain and sufferers. But Noriko herself is a type of quiet, emotion-ness girl. She usually stares blankly at others. Agata on the other hand sometimes shows empathy and care toward his friends but like Noriko, he also has an emotion-ness type of face due to his loss of ability to feel pain.

The story starts when Noriko pushes Agata down the stairs. After that, Agatha, Noriko, and 5 other friends connected via the wound and gained a scar on their right wrist because of the Kinza system. Their job or more likely “forced” is to complete the mission of Kinza System. But even if they connect to each other and grow empathy towards each other, things can get pretty messed up. Are they willing to share anything? How far is their connection between each other? And can they hurt others beyond physical wounds?

This question is answered in Kiznaiver where the dynamics of the plot, character development, and their story become more and more deeply touched by anime fans. Even though they live in a futuristic time, they are just a group of young people. Their struggle comes one by one and at the end of the day, these people become more mature and bigger people where they started.

Kiznaiver Season 2: Release Date

Will There Ever Be Kiznaiver Season 2?

Kiznaiver Season 2

Trigger Studio is famous for not producing sequels even though its most popular anime does not get a chance to return to people’s screens. Kiznaiver is also not adapted to other forms such as manga so we are still left with our own imagination of how these kids, the Kiznaiver will continue their story. 

There are also a couple of considerations that we must look at in Trigger Studio. First of all, there are problems in Japan about Bluray/DVD selling that stated it can’t really profit. It can be really a burden on the financial side. Second, even with the online platform Kiznaiver from the start is not a commercial blockbuster. Third, Trigger Studio is still in their project with renewed SSSS. Gridman. So it’s very unlikely there will be Kiznaiver season 2 coming up.

Sadly, there will be a small percentage for Trigger Studio to make a sequel for Kiznaiver Season 2. Fans internationally are still waiting for the next chapter of Kiznaiver. But there is an open possibility for Kiznaiver to have a spin-off or special episode. We will keep you an update on the Kiznaiver Season 2